T-Mobile Introduces New Payment Option For Android Market


Just over a month ago, T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman was speaking at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco and promised carrier billing for the Android market. In an effort to streamline the purchase process and increase Android Market sales, T-Mobile hoped carrier billing would increase apps purchased on the go. As of yesterday, December 9th, this option is now live via an “invisible” update to the Android Market that requires nothing other than owning an Android phone to receive. As per usual, T-Mobile is staggering this “invisible” update now through December 30th and once received, you will have the option of purchasing apps via credit card or billing to your wireless account. Using a credit card is so old school ya heard!

Since the update is “invisible,” you can verify that you have received the update by checking out which version of the Market you have; anything over 1660 means you are good to go. We applaud T-Mobile for enacting something so simple yet so streamlined as enacting carrier billing for app purchases.  Apple, you listening? Hit the jump for instructions on how to check your market version.

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New Payment Option or Android Market Purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I received the update?

Since the update is invisible you will not be proactively advised that you have received the update.  The easiest way to verify that you received the update is to attempt to make a purchase.  If you see the following payment options you have received the update:

You can also check your Android Market version using the following procedure:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Click Manage Applications.
  4. Scroll to and click the Market application.
  5. Verify that the Market version is greater than 1660.

Can I get the update early?

The Market update will be released in phases with everyone receiving the update by 12/30/2009.  T-Mobile does not have the ability to deliver the update on demand.  The Market application will request an update periodically when it is launched to ensure that you have the most up to date version.  In order to guarantee that your Market application is requesting updates always close the market when you are finished using it.

Why can’t I purchase an application that’s in Euros or Pounds?

You can still purchase an application that is not in US Dollars but you need to use a credit card.  T-Mobile and Google are working on a solution to properly convert these applications into US Dollars.  Until then you can only bill applications that have a US Dollar amount to your T-Mobile account.


  • FILA

    Welp Im still on version 1620, so I guess sometime soon. Its great they give you the option now. now you dont have to worry about where that extra dollar went out from your checking account or whatnot.

  • jkspike3

    i dont see it

  • John

    “We applaud T-Mobile for enacting something so simple yet so streamlined as enacting carrier billing for app purchases. Apple, you listening?”

    Why David? Would you be pulling for the iPhone to make it’s carrier supported debut as well?

    • sorandkairi

      He saying that android has been around only a short time and are doing simple thongs like that the apple probably wont do!

  • manus

    what about the 24 hour refund policy is that still in affect.

    • David

      Yes very much so!

  • JinKazama

    That’s all good and well but TMobile Needs to focus more on getting some Good Devices. The iDon’t or iCrap as I like to call it, isn’t going to cut it. That old technology having crap will never pass my inspection. TMobile needs to get something up-to-date instead of getting a famous piece of trash (iPhone).

    • lensovet

      ha, that’s funny. must be why it’s selling so well and bringing so much good press for at&t.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Spot on. It’s nice to see someone else who is not in love with the iPhone. Fact is, even if T-Mobile got the iPhone and only charged $100 for it without contract, I would NOT want it.

      I don’t like that it is about the only smartphone on the planet without a MicroSD slot and it has a non-removable battery. Both those things show what a bunch of creeps Apple is.

      They don’t put in MicroSD capability as part of its planned obsolescence strategy (want the latest and greatest iPhone whose only new feature is 16GB instead of 8GB, you have to fork over money for a new phone. Want a 32GB model, more money please). And it’s battery being the only phone with such, that’s Apple keeping control over its users, forcing them to buy Apple and only Apple.

      Really, Apple is not a nice company. They fit right in with AT&T’s way of doing business.

      And you are so right. T-Mobile getting the iPhone is not going to do anything in terms of saving the company or improving its bottom line. T-Mobile needs some new, fantastic and unique devices.

      In addition, T-Mo needs to market the hell out of its new plans and any devices it might get. I know many, many people who are not aware of T-Mobile’s new plans or that they can buy a phone on a payment plan. There’s only one reason for that, T-Mobile’s lack of getting the word out.

      I don’t know what it is, maybe Germany has the U.S. on a tight budget and won’t allocate sufficient funds for advertising.

  • phlash

    Any word if this is taxable on my monthly bill?

  • fez


    you can automatically get it.

  • Taylor

    Omfg really that’s like the only reason I haven’t bought anything only the free stuff, I’m just 16 I’m Sure there’s tons of ppl like me with no cc. So yes ty tmobile so being smarter.

    • Danny

      Yeah and lots of angry parents when they see all the charges you rang up on your bill!

  • Secret

    When I started working for tmobile that was actually the credit card system we used. Exact picture.

  • LPF

    I can see the update, (or an update) but I can’t download it… lame. I’m at 1660; and can see 1.7, but for some reason it won’t let me pull the trigger. I’m on a G1. Anyone else have this problem.

  • CJ

    Phlash has a point – purchases added to your bill are taxed. There is no tax if you pay with your credit card.

    I will not be adding purchases to my bill.

    • Garret

      What am I missing then? Any CC purchases I’ve made have been taxed…It even shows up on the itemization.

  • just some dude

    id rather use the google check out process