T-Mobile Talks Android Stats


T-Mobile, being the very first carrier to bring Android to US shores, knows a thing or two about it. From the G1, MyTouch, Motorola Cliq and the forthcoming Behold 2, T-Mobile is rolling in Android goodness. T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman, with whom we are beginning to closely associate all things T-Mobile and Android, spoke at the Open Mobile Summit in San Francisco today. Discussing T-Mobile’s Android commitment, Brodman shared some statistics regarding the Android Market:

  • About 50% of MyTouch users visit the Android Market at least once per day.
  • Nearly 50% of myTouch users say they have “completely customized” their myTouch.
  • More than 40% of myTouch users access social networking sites multiple times per day.
  • 80% of myTouch users browse the web at least once per day, and 2/3 say several times per day.

Noticing all of stats reflect the MyTouch, we believe that’s due to the MyTouch being billed as the Flagship Android phone for 2009.

The Android market has grown significantly since T-Mobile launched the G1 last October, from 50 applications to more than 12,000 today. T-Mobile is interested in showing a continued and increased commitment in the Android game by helping customers discover the Android market in a new light.

In order to better to serve up a better customer experience T-Mobile is aiming to improve the market experience:

  • With the introduction of the T-Mobile myTouch 3G, T-Mobile created T-Mobile AppPack on Android Market, which features select 3rd party and T-Mobile made apps.  T-Mobile recently refreshed AppPack with new, suggested applications – 34 apps in all, including a mix of free and paid apps.
  • Later this month, the company will take this a step further by introducing a T-Mobile Channel on Android Market (that will be live by Thanksgiving), and Android Market (including the T-Mobile Channel) will soon feature carrier billing making it easier and more streamlined for customers with T-Mobile Android devices to purchase their favorite applications.

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  • Geraldine

    I wish Robert Dotson would commit to higher end Droid handsets.

    The myTouch is cute, but come on now. We got Android first yet are getting embarrassed by another huge US carrier who knows how to market their products much better.

    T-Mobile needs powerful sexy looking devices to sell. Not cute plasticy toy like ones.

    I love T-Mobile for many things, but I hope they wake up and realize we’ll spend more if you give us more.

  • tasha0587

    Cant wait for the calls about WHY is my bill 1,000 dollars for one line. well ma’am you downloaded 900 dolars worth of applications. **rolls eyes*** now the t-mobile channel i hope will b tv bc that would make this phone so much better AADDDNNNDDD the app pack rocks. From the tech standpoint i can recomend taht to every cust and have them happy!

  • abi

    Carrier billing sweet and tmobile channel thats what’s up LOL. Now all we need from tmobile is a dragon breathing android phone and the N900 then I’ll be happy again with the beloved magenta

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Geraldine

    i agree with everything you said.. Robert D needs to start lookin into higher spec’d Android phones.. hopefully 2010 will be BIG.. and i’m not sayin ONLY high-end, but if they want more customers (especially with the new EM+ no contract plans), they need to give up some more $$$ and i guess ask DT for more $$$

  • Ritchie

    So whats up witht the updates on the Moto CLiq? Are we gonna det them for android?

  • abi

    ok u no what iam pissed again……. I was fine with sprints hero saying with google on it and running htc sense ui. Now the droid eris from verizon is also with google on it and running sense ui………….. WTF is going on who has the deal with who???? Is it htc and google if it was that then all htc android phones would have sense ui. Or is it sprint and verizon saying no the only way we sell ur phone is with sense ui. But it can’t be that cuz they have regular android with google phones the samsung moment the droid. They not htc but still. So some one explain to me what’s the deal and with who and how much money did they pony up cuz this is just stupid confusing right now and dumb. The mytouch can run sense ui and fine like the hero I mean look at the magic same phone but with sense ui. The whole with google…….. The whole legal stuff they just like whatever don’t matter no more. Idk someone needs to dig deeper in that whole thing

  • abi

    what a min I got it. It doesn’t matter if it sez with google. It matters if its sold as htc. Ok follow me here yea with google can’t run htc sense ui cuz of the legal rights of it saying with google but if the phone is being sold as htc and sez with google they both have rights so It can have htc sense ui running. So sprints htc hero with google it has rights to run sense ui. Verizon htc droid eris with google has the right to run sense ui. The htc magic doesn’t say google but its htc so it gets sense ui. That leaves the tmobile mytouch 3g with google no htc in the name fully tmobile branded with google so no right to run htc sense ui…….. So I guess it don’t matter if the mytouch does say htc on the phone it self its not being sold with the htc name. Wow if thats it then idk what to say. Someone has to confirm that as being the reason

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Abi

    HTC= Sense UI
    Moto= MotoBlur
    Samsung= TouchWiz
    SE= Rachael

    but yea, the G1 and the Magic/myTouch was made BEFORE SenseUI was finished.. thats why they don’t have SenseUI.. but hopefully from now on, EVERY HTC Android phone should come pre-installed with SenseUI with the option to turn it off like TouchFlo3D/MediaFlo

  • MishkaGreen

    I’m glad that Tmo is really embracing Android as a platform rather than just being a company that sells Android phones.

  • John

    I have to agree with a lot of the comments above. I have the myTouch and it’s a great PHONE. The form factor, the 3G speeds, call quality – all great. But this being 2009, they should be. What the myTouch doesn’t do is match the quality of other carrier’s smarthpones. I could go into the reasons why, touchscreen is bad, email sucks, etc but it’s all been said before. I’m glad to see that the 9700 is just around the corner and I can’t even believe I’m going to say this but the new HD2 looks fantastic, and I vowed never to go back to a WinMo device after the horrible Wing. Come on T-Mobile, bring us the handsets we really want and yes we will spend BIG $$$. Look at AT&T, they spent the money to bring the iPhone and people put up with 30% dropped calls and horribly over priced plans. Tie in the new EM & EM+ with a real game changing phone and you’ll have Big Red & The Death Star running scared.

    -But of course that’s just my opinion.

  • JakeMG

    +1 to carrier billing. Good for the devs because they will sell more and get more donations due to more convenient billing method. Hooray.

    I kind of also wish I had the option of SenseUI on my MyTouch, but I’m ok with it now, seeing as how I will get updates much quicker than those with Sense running. Still, if the Hero on Sprint, which is similiarly spec’d can run it, then we are capable of running it, too. :)

  • abi

    I no the thing between the ui for the differnt phones but the magic has sense already and they said the mytouch won’t be getting

  • maxxcooner

    I Like the idea of carrier billing for apps, just ask blackberry how many apps they haven’t sold with no carrier billing or a frigging credit card. Might have bought a few apps, but a buddy of mine got burned by paypal and I will never use that form of payment. Now if they could bring the n900 on board asap. There has got to be people in line with newegg at 550 for it and they flat tell u in specs that it has a tmobile US 3g band, the only unlocked phone they carry that states tmobile 3g. Now to just get that peorder button outa they way…

  • Galen20K

    I agree with the Majority of people here. I LOVE T-Mobile and I’m glad they are saying they are Committed to Android but yes PLEASE bring in the High Spec phones, we WILL buy them! That’s the ONLY way we will bring in more customers. As John said LOOK at how many people put up with Crappy ATT Service to have the BEST Phones. Please do the same. Imagine if we had a KILLER Phone Line up AND Killer Service WITH Competitive Plans, People would FLOCK to us!

    Just put all this into motion like I know you’re planning for 2010. Please just make it ASAP!

    Much Love.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Abi


    now where in the hell do u see SenseUI on a Magic?? it completely shows u stock Android.. your probably talkin about HTC Hero.. but like i said,, HTC wasn’t finished with SenseUI when G1 and Magic/myTouch was released.. They’re FIRST SenseUI phone was the (Euro) HTC Hero

  • TK421

    How can I get one of those figurines?

  • FILA

    I want one of them little Android dudes!

  • pororo

    Tmo sucks ass. They are one embarrassing company.

    Who comes out with a 1 yr head start on Android and only produces 2 phones? Not to mention they are both the same!

    What an embarrassment! That head start has done nothing special. They only produce these stupid stats that gets these Tmo Execs high. Please tell me what have they done with Android?

    Verizon has come out with two amazing devices and killer marketing plan. Watch Tmo get put in there place and all this Android crap they had 1 year ago go for nothing.

    Yeah they have these stats. Big deal! Anybody can download these apps. Of course its going to be big just look at the iphone!

    Tmo Execs are a bunch of idiots who all lack vision. Besides lacking vision for phones and marketing, they lack the vision for 3G.

    Phones sucks! Marketing sucks! Vision sucks!

    Watch…now that Verizon and ATT will have Android, Tmo will be last in coming out with any Android devices that are similar to Verizon and ATT because 1700 sucks! Which cell phone maker will let Tmo come out first with their phone when the rest of the world uses 1900 frequency and Tmo’s customer base is half of Verizon’s.

    Its sad to see other companies just kick Tmo down but they have done it to themselves.

  • archboy

    If MyTouch is such the ‘flagship’ of the android phone for TMo why is it being out gunned and out classed by every other carrier that is bringing the android phone to market?

    Where’s Android 2.0…where’s the social integration for contacts, or allows the ‘google’ experience phone to play nicely with other email accounts other than gmail…where’s the Sense UI that makes android so awesome as we can see from countless reviews.

    Maybe it is more like 50% of the users are trying to make the MyTouch UI better by trying to download apps that make it workable and 50% are wanting the functions that everyother carriers seem to understand which is why they ‘customize’ it.

    TMo is so clueless. Their saving grace is that they are the cheaper of the 2.

  • BGK

    If it weren’t for ‘project black’, I’d be one of these statistics. Sadly their new “bargain” has priced the device out of my league.

  • Galen20K

    Pororo you are an Imbecile, but I’m sure you already know that. ; D

  • pororo

    @ Galen20K

    Don’t get me wrong but I root for Tmo. I get a pay check from them. I hope Tmo does well but they have failed and never lived up to my expectations. All Tmo’s phones get trumped by other companies. The Android phones are a great example. All the phones share basically the same hardware with the exception of RAM. I looked forward to the Cliq but it gets trumped by the Droid. I haven’t seen 1 good review on the Cliq yet. The MT3G….well its old hardware and I’m sure it got beat out by the Hero. Also, please take a look at the marketing Tmo did with Android? I don’t think there is even one I can even think of or remember. Yes it saddens me to see this company not even have a strong flagship phone let alone have crappy marketing. There is a reason Tmo’s Q3 numbers were horrible.

  • NiiDiddy

    Some people on this blog have major issues…

    I bet if T-Mobile should listen and do half the stuff people rant and rave about, the company will cease to exist with bad decisions. Y’all (…you know yourselves) think you got it all figured out, while having no clue to running a business. I stay out of it because I have no idea what T-Mobiles bottom line is, and I have no clue what their plans are and who they think their target audience it. Now we can assume all we want, but until we have all of those rightfully answered by the Carrier, let’s get over ourselves and either support them or get out!!

    Personally, I choose to support them regardless of what my opinion is about current smartphone selection.

    This is what is wrong with America…we think we always got it figured out in everything…If we paid a little more attention instead of ranting and raving, maybe we’d learn something…my 2 cents! Peace out!!

  • @Geraldine If you pick up a Cliq, you will realize its anything but plasticy and toy like. Its a solid, nice feeling phone. I do agree with you on them needing to market better and get some nicer phones. Hopefully they will soon

  • bob

    tasha: app downloads do not get billed to the wireless bill. You need a Google Checkout account and a credit card.

    and I do agree with some of the others. TWO Android phones? Lame. Now Verizon is completely upstaging everyone and getting Android 2.0 first. Gee thanks Google.

    Android sucks with email. Really. There are a ton of bugs and serious problems with the email app. (code.google.com/p/android if you don’t believe me) k9mail is nice but it too has a laundry list of issues. i can’t even send an email from my android phone. :|

  • davis

    Are you guys serious about sense ui on mytouch? To abi- The HTC Magic has 288mb RAM and was given the sense ui update, but thats not a U.S. phone.

    It came to the U.S. as TMO’s version of the HTC Magic and is called the MyTouch 3G and for whatever reason they took almost 100mb ram out of it. The MyTouch only has 192mb ram just like the ancient G1, this is why the MyTouch cant run sense ui. The cliq has something like 256mb ram so it is capable of running the sense ui

  • davis

    TMO completely blew their android opportunity, and its pretty clear whats going on, instead of making each new phone better than the last TMO is making each phone worse than the next. They will soon have 5 andorid phones out, NONE of which will be better or even AS GOOD as the ONE Verizon Android or the TWO Sprint Androids.

    In other words, TMO knew it would drop the G1, the MyTouch and the Cliq in that order. The Cliq has 256mb ram. Well the The MyTouch overseas had 288mb ram, the cliq would have nothing on the MyTouch that way, so they decrease the MT3G’s ram. Well now the MY3G’s ram is the same as the g1 so what makes the mt3g better than the g1? Well they give the G1 only around 250mb ROM, that way the mt3g has more ROM than the g1 and the Cliq has the same ROM as the mt3g but more RAM. Its sad and i hate them and i cant wait to get out of my contract

    TMO goes for quantity over quality and they think their customers are stupid. At this point im literally ashamed to take my MyTouch out of my pocket in public. Thanks a lot TMobile, I guess you forgot that at some point our contracts end and then its up to us which carrier we want to pay.

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  • JD

    Everyone here is complaining about the hardware, which tmobile doesn’t build, and yet no one is praising the service plan pricing, which tmo is in charge of, and happens to be HALF OF THE PRICE of verizon and at&t for unlimited everything! Sprint’s unlimited plans are comperable, but anyone who’s ever had sprint knows that the cust svc is the worst in the industry. So quit raggin on tmo, if you compare, you are much better off with tmo. And the nexus one will blow away every other android device on every carrier, and only has 3g with tmobile.