Looking To Save Some Cash? Wirefly To The Rescue


The Motorola Cliq is the phone of the moment for T-Mobile and should you be looking to pick it up, why not save some money? Our friends at Wirefly have alerted us to some savings going down for T-Mobile customers, to the tune of $119.99 for new activations. Looking to upgrade? Perfect, save 30 bucks and go with the Wirefly discount of $169.99. Listen, I’m all about savings these days as the holidays are around the corner and the gift lists start stacking up. If I can save myself a little cash while getting me a shiny brand new Motorola Cliq, I’m going to do just that.


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  • Bill48105

    Wonder if add a line or upgrades count.. Is always a drawback on some of the reseller sellers because they usually save best deals for new customers. And sometimes you get stuck paying $35 activation fee where TMobile direct usually waives it especially with AAA discount.

  • kaio

    Still a better deal over time to buy from tmobile with bing cashback at the no contract price, get the 20 off (80 vs 100) a month. :)

  • laCandela

    There is always a catch. I tried when they had the BB special and it was very expensive since u have 2 do it online with no humans no getting around connection fees. Talking 2 TMO u can at least try to negotiate a price

  • Bill48105

    NICE! I keep forgetting BING usually works on TMobile’s web site. One time it was like 35% cash back!

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Bill

    whats all this BING stuff on Tmo’s site gettin like 35% cash back?

  • Bill48105

    Go to bing.com (used to be live.com which now redirects to bing.com) and search (Like you do with google) for t-mobile. Look carefully at the ADS (instead of the search results) and there should be one that says T-Mobile Official site or such with “Exclusive Online Offers at T-Mobile. Save 35% Instantly With Cashback!” If you click on that ad it will explain the cash back part a bit & ask you for your email address. Once you activate cash back browse cell phones & you’ll see the gold coin. That means Microsoft/Bing will give you 35% of the phone price back in cash! It is a very cool program & I’m not sure how they can afford it but hey if you are buying a non-free phone it rocks and can save you a lot of $. Of course like anything there are rules/restrictions etc (for all I know they restrict which phones it is for & definitely doesn’t save on monthly fees etc) but read the fine print and enjoy your cash.

  • Bill48105

    FYI I just tested the bing cash back thing & it shows up for the Cliq so I’d assume it’d work. It’d end up as $129.99 on Plus plan or $259.99 on non-Plus, after you get your cash back 60 days later of course. So only $130 difference between having a contract or not. Wirefly still ends up $10 cheaper but hey you get to deal directly with T-Mobile instead which I’d say is worth $10 than dealing with a 3rd party.

  • james

    is there an activation fee on this for a phone upgrade?

  • MonJackson

    Wirefly is a real good website. I got my Sidekick 08 free when it first came out. It was $150 but they waived it.

    • Daro

      woa really?!?! how?! I REALLY WANT ONE BUT THEIR EXPENSIVE!! BTW i have a 2yr contract. how did they waive it?

  • kaio

    Indeed, its a good deal. The bing rep told me it’s good on upgrades, also, so if they try to deny me I have that. Bigger cashback if you get the non-contract price, plus that 20 savings over 24 months ($480) and yourein a pretty good deal. vs $130 for the phone then paying that extra $480.

    I’m pretty tempted but I keep thinking theres a better one coming.. stuck on my blackjack2 for now.

  • Bill48105

    Verizon early term fees jumping to $350?!?

    Seems funny that TMobile adds the Plus plans with no contract & it seems Verizon does a huge F-U to everyone & does the opposite seeming to double their early termination fees to $350 according to this:

    That is $1750 for someone like me with 5 lines!

    Suddenly the Plus plans seems so much better. Now TMobile, quickly expand 3G coverage and get them great phones out already & let the fun begin. I imagine this must be related to their Droid release but hopefully people have enough sense to not fall for it. Unless Verizon gives $300 off each phone with 2 year contract I really don’t see how they can justify it.

  • JBLmobileG1

    This seems like a great deal and all but why go through all the hassles when you could just goto your local Wal-Mart? They have the Cliq for $148.88 with a new or eligable 2 year contract/upgrade. That’s $50 less than Tmobile and it instant savings.

  • Does anyone know how to get around using Bing and logging into mytmobile.com. I do not want a new number, just the phone at regular price. When I use Bing.Com and log into mytmobile i no longer see the gold coin for the 35% discount. Also, with mytmobile, i believe I can spread the cost out over 22 months due to my postpay credit status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, any comments on the Cliq compared to the MyTouch? I am not sure which to switch to after a long marriage to BlackBerry.

  • Bill48105

    Wow didn’t realize Wally World carried them. TMobile should increase term fees to $350 like Verizon & make it free! /me runs

  • souljourney

    I have bought phones from Wirefly in the past. Had huge problems… for example evidently they were originally meant for a non-US market so Motorola wouldn’t warranty them, nor would the carrier. One phone I even had to find the language and set it to English… it was in Arabic!

    Question… can Wal-Mart sell it outright, and for how much? Or just with new activation?

  • kaio

    Touche on the Walmart bit, but man.. I really hate Walmart.
    Also, I think prices vary from store to store.

    @Goofy393: This is true. The reps say it works for upgrades. Worst case scenario you have to email Bing saying you didn’t get your cashback and they’ll have to add it. I don’t know that the spread out pay of the phone would work with cashback, I think it’s 35% of what you pay in that transaction, not parts of your bill.

    I like the Cliq over the myTouch (5MP Camera, physical keyboard). But there are drawbacks. It has nearly the same specs as the other T-mo Android offerings, and updates come from Motorola since they use a custom UI in there. Who knows if they just want to dump support one day? I haven’t seen the Cliq rooted yet either.

  • FILA

    just wait for the G1v2 :-)

  • JBLmobileG1

    WalMart can sell the cliq outright but its not cheap (don’t recall the price). I also don’t know if all WalMarts carry them yet or if its just certain ones but I do know at my store we sell it for $148.88 with a 2year contract or upgrade. We offer good prices and there isn’t a catch to it all so why not goto WalMart? No mail in rebates and still really good prices. And for anyone who’s saying they are refurbs… we received them the day before launch. I have heard that before and its usually from customers coming from other stores.

  • Bill48105

    Yeah must be just upscale walmarts, if there is such a thing. lol Any WalMart I’ve been in has poor selection of phones & thought they were full retail but been awhile since I’ve looked for anything besides groceries in there though.