T-mobile And Samsung To Announce Behold 2


Oh Samsung, how we wait to see what Android goodness you have in store for our beloved carrier. Having already seen what the device looks like, we’re still waiting for a few details, a launch date not being one of them. However, Samsung and T-Mobile are set to officially announce a terribly kept secret in the Behold 2 November 12. Sadly, we’re still hearing that $249.99 price for a 2 year punishment contract on T-Mobile, though we’ll be doing a little rain dance for a drop in price. Spending your money will get you Android (duh), a 5 megapixel camera, WiFi and 3G love. Anyone else excited about this phone? I really want to get a hands on.


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    Why waste our time with these stupid announcements?? Just release the phones!!

  • abi

    wait what secret??? There’s a secret about the phone I wonder what it is

  • Ernie

    I am torn between this one and HTC HD2!

  • Bo

    been waitin a min for this phone, cant wait..

  • Ritchie

    The secret is that it will cost you lots of money and wont be as good as promissed. Think of the secret as Project Dark. Your phone will freeze up and crack the battery causing you and your loved ones to a firey explosion….

  • WXman

    I think he was reffering to the Behold II as the secret…because they have been tight lipped about the phone in general.

    In any case the Behold was a disaster last year…didn’t live up to any of the hype and wasn’t nearly worth $400. Hopefully the Behold II will be a decent phone.

  • I got to play with the Samsung Moment at a Sprint store today. They keyboard was akward but the screen was really nice! I think I can learn to live without a physical keyboard if the rest of the phone is as nice as the build of the Moment.

  • Pat

    Speak for yourself I happen to own a Behold and have not had ANY TROUBLE!!!!!
    Love the screen, never freezes up and easy to use the virtual keyboard! Sound better than the G1. Sorry guys I found it to be a good phone.

  • Ray

    Using the behold 2 to type this comment.. Its pretty sleek. The layout is not unlike the first behold besides the android elements. The touchscreen is not as responsive as i am used to with the mytouch. Noticing lag on the soft keyboard as i type. Sure doesn’t seem like an 800mhz processor.. :(

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Ray

    check the specs inside the phone.. i should guess somewhere in Settings

  • thguy

    I got to play with the demo that came in our store today and must say with the 10min i spent with it i was impressed with the speed and fluid motion when it moved through applications. No lag when going into email but it took awhile to activate the camera.Touch wiz and the cube looks awesome and android was a great addition to this phone. i like a actual keyboard so i will be skipping this one but i think its a nice phone. I do agree that the pricing on some of these phones are way out of wack when you position them against others but remember this phone has a 5.0 camera with an actual flash. so thats why they might be charging a little more.

  • umaluver

    Are you saying it doesnt seem like its 800mhz like they said it would be? or are you saying it doesnt seem like 800mhz because you dont know the mhz of the processor and were hoping for 800?

    Have the specs for this been posted on any of the blogs?

  • moondog

    Hey! ANOTHER over priced old chipset T-Mobile phone.

  • Anand

    So is the cube thingy customizable or do you have to settle for whatever 6 things Samsung decides you need to have quick access to?

    If it’s customizable, then it might be useful. If it’s not customizable, like some posts I’ve read have stated, then it just seems like a stupid gimmick.

    I’ve been trying to decide between the Cliq and the Behold II. If the CPUs are the same, I’d go with the Cliq for the physical keyboard but if the Behold II finally uses something better, I might be willing to go with it instead.

  • rushmore

    Old chipset? Not sure the chipset has been published yet. Does seem over-priced considering Droid is $200 for two year. Rates are not so bad either considering 3G in a lot more areas than Tmo.

    Still N900 kicks all the other phone’s butts including Droid ;)

    Man the camera sucks (for now at least) on Droid. Makes the G1’s seem real good ;)

  • 30014

    I’m really interested in this phone, but I think tmo is setting it up to be a flop if they drop it at the 249 price point. Tmo has to be aware that the competition is offering some kick ass phones(pre,iphone,hero,droid) at lower price points.

  • onwaitinglist

    I know the answer, but still couldn’t help to ask.

    Does it support UMA?

  • rushmore


    Sammy is probably clocking the cpu down. Even the Droid is sluggish in places. I saw it myself and the reviews say same thing. Android can be a hog.

  • rubi76

    Rushmore- why would they clock the CPU down? What purpose ?
    As far as I see it, this is a Samsung Galaxy minus the 8gb plus the cube.

  • Bill48105

    Increase battery life, keep cpu/phone cooler, increase lifepan, justify Verizon’s $350 early term fees, all of the above. :D

  • mattymatt72


    $249 price ( with contract) more then the droid or the droid eris on verizon, also more then the hero on sprint. This is a lesser phone for more money. Tmobile management is just stupid

  • maxxcooner

    Its dropping at 249. Because tmobile wants you in the EM+ plan and at 450 full price it will look like a steal and very well might be considering u have no contract. At least we know this one will actually hit TMO as for the hd2 we still have no facts that the 1700 band is truly for TMO USA. BUT WE CAN DREAM about the hd2.

  • John

    It does not support UMA, which I was really hoping for as I live in a poor reception area for T-Mobile. As I posted on another site, I am unable to find any area in the menus that show build #’s, cpu or anything of the sort. That being said, it certainly seems faster than the other three android phones (g1, MT3G, Cliq). The screen is great and the keyboard is slightly better than the standard android build keyboard.

  • FILA

    eh give us a G1v2 announcement already!!!

  • Cameron

    I don’t understand why every android device for Tmobile is completely ugly and severely limited in its hardware…

    I’m a faithful Tmobile user and I have a G1, and its alright…I use it every day and it works…but someone please answer me this:

    How is it that Tmobile was the first carrier to have Android, But the first truly well done Android phone, the DROID, is NOT coming to TMOBILE?! I mean honestly? how does that make sense at all?

    All i want it an Android powered device that actually has the hardware to run the system the way its meant to be run.

  • rushmore


    They do this to conserve battery, rather than a common sense thing like offer dynamic scaling so the device uses the power when it needs it.

  • SEFan

    OK, so this is looking more like the Galaxy, so I’m pleased. Pleased, but not ready to jump if they’re asking $249…

  • NiiDiddy

    $249 or no $249 – I am sure people will still line up to buy the phone. Personally I would go for it if the screen was larger, but I will patiently wait…

  • Hi..
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