November Launch Date Fun


Well with all the Project Dark news going on,  questions have surrounded what handsets we might be seeing? One of the more anticipated devices is the Samsung Behold II, the very first Android powered phone from Samsung and T-Mobile USA. Dropping in that AMOLED touch-screen for better viewing angles, along with Samsung’s “exclusive cube menu” system giving you quick access to all the features you care about most. Combined with user customizable home screens, support for both WiFi and 3G networks, the Behold II is certainly an Android offering worth considering this holiday season. Expected to hit the street November 18th, we hope T-Mobile, combined with its rumored Project Dark offerings will be making a serious marketing push showing off the nation’s largest Android selection. Combine this launch, Project Dark, Black Friday and the rest of the Holiday season and we know that T-Mobile has a winning combination shaping up here.

Want to see more of the Behold II? Hit the link.

Take the jump for T-Mobile Tap launch info!

The T-Mobile Tap on the other hand comes in with the same touch screen goodness but with a little less “oomph” behind it. Looking to combine a “full feature set” with low price, the T-Mobile Tap is expected to drop November 11th. We know it includes GPS, real web browsing with web2go over T-Mobile’s 3G network and a 2-megapixel camera. Drop in stereo Bluetooth and a hope for a sub 100 dollar price tag and this little bad thing is sure to move this holiday season.

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  • Alex

    You really want to become a competitor?
    Get me a Dragon now.

  • ag

    All the android phones on tmobile are still a little too “kiddie” for my tastes. If that Droid is what they say it is, I would have no problem switching carriers.

  • Yaniv

    So sad that ill probably be leaving Magenta for the Droid.
    I LOVE Tmobile…. but they constantly drop the ball when it comes to devices.
    I want that droid… would have taken an N900 if it werent so damn big!

  • 30014

    Two words “Motorola Droid”

  • Brent

    The N900 looks amazing. Of course now there are rumors of an virtual keyboard only N920 out there. I would definitely wait for that just because of the presumed size savings. And with a 3.5in screen the keyboard should be plenty big for me.

  • pecoy

    tmo should of gotten the droid.this sucks..

    im hoping they come with an equally impressive phone for themselves..maybe an HD2 with android and slide out qwerty

  • TehAndroid

    I got to play with this phone last night and looks are deceiving. This phone is awesome, the screen is amazing and the touchwiz ui is great. Droid is a hideous looking phone but the specs are nice. Oh well everyone who says they are leaving will be coming back when dark project launches.

  • Pedro

    Are the videos of this phone turned ON? Cause I’m still siding with the Cliq for now.

  • CMK

    TehAndroid, which phone did you get to play with? The Behold 2? If so, what is the processor speed and RAM on the phone?

  • Rochester

    David, does T-Mobile has any plan to counter the beast knows as DROID. They need a comparable phone that will keep T-Mobile ahead of everyone in the Android game.

  • Oh give me a break, What does the Droid have that the Motorola Cliq doesn’t?! Spec wise they look the same besides the 2.0 upgrade which I’m sure the Cliq will get in time. If you want to go to Verizon because of the “cool” phone go for it, but have fun paying up the ass in your monthly bill. In fact I hope you go for them right now because when Project Dark drops you will be crappin yourself for not staying. :)

  • TehAndroid

    @CMK I only got to spend a few minutes with the phone but it ran really smooth. I asked the samsung rep what the specs were and he said he didn’t know. But if I had to guess it runs the same chip as every other android phone out there, the qualcomm 528. It seemed a lot snappier than the G1 and the myTouch so I would say its similar specs to the Cliq, 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM. The most impressive is the screen, it looks amazing, the AMOLED screen is 100x better than the standard TFT LCD screen. The cube ui seemed really snappy and no lag. Didn’t get to try out much else but this will be a really nice phone imo.

  • CMK

    Thanks, @TehAndroid. I’m looking forward to checking it out.


    That’s the problem all the Android phones…they look nice on the outside….have crappy specs inside. I really wish these handset makers would stop putting the ever so sluggish 528MHz Qualcomm chips in their gear. Use the Snapdragon. Give us gigabytes internal storage to install and run Android Market apps…..not the mircoSD slot reserved only for photos and music. The cameras and screens are getting better but processing speed and storage are key.

    Once again T-Mobile has been upstaged by the competition. The Droid is a better featured and better looking phone than both of T-Mobile’s Android offerings.

    T-Mobile has given us some exclusive and they’ve all been exclusive pieces of junk. I’m trying to be a optimistic as possible that Project Dark will bring to light even better phone. Don’t get me wrong, the news of the Behold II is promising but we need ‘Even More’. The Pre, iPhone, HTC HD2, Storm 2 would all be great phones to show off the speedy network and awesome plans T-Mobile is slated to offer. It’s time for T-Mobile to be the company to be the disruptive factor in the wireless carrier market. And another thing……stop leaving us in the Dark.
    All the best T-Mobile.

  • Jeremy

    My guess is that this has the 528mhz Qualcomm chip. No thanks. My G1 will be replaced by an N900.

  • Tremor

    I heard it had an 800 Mhz processor.

  • Rochester

    @Homotechual. Take it easy. Cliq is for a segment that is compatible with iPhone or Droid. Cliq is social network centric, While Behold 2 is promising it is still lacking the juice that Droid has. Droid’s processor is faster than CLIQ or Behold 2. Drioid’s screen is bigger. It is running ANdroid 2 which I am hoping behold 2 will also run. Apart from that Driod will cater to everyone looking for a smartphone.

    No need to get that defensive about phones and carriers.

  • artiepants

    yeah, it really feels like the Droid has completely taken the wind out of Tmos Android push.

    nearly double the horsepower? and we get the Cliq? (which i still think is a tasty device)

    I’d also argue that in one day Verizon did more to “market’ Android to consumers then anyone else has in the last year.

    i mean, i think the Droid is wicked-ugly and would never go to Verizon, but dang, man, Where is Tmos phone with specs to match? and how did they let Motorola use Verizon to totally upstage them like this???

  • If the behold ii ships with the 528mhz processor, there’s nothing to distinguish it from the mytouch besides the UI. I sincerely hope this isn’t the case and the 800mhz rumors pan out. Now I’m reading that the n900 won’t be going to tmo officially… I’ll wait to see what’s true or not before I declare the black project DOA for me.

  • FILA

    eh, Sammy, thou november will be a very powerful month for T-Mobile, its gonna be tough with Verizon releasign the Droid with Android 2.0, wtf, crazy. Anyways, thats ok, cuz they can have the Droid, we gonna get the G1v2 early next year, and I have a real good feeling about it

  • NG in MN

    what is Magenta going to have to rival the HTC Hero???

  • axeaholic

    Someone asked what the Droid has the the Tmobile Android phones do not. #1, sufficient processor speed. The Tmobile Android phones feel like you’re running vista on a 4 year old PC.

    The mytouch, g1 and new Moto suck wind. Display size…

  • axeaholic

    There was a press release today about the N900 being delayed again. After 7 years with Tmo, its time to move. I shouldn’t have to use a AA league phone to save a few dollars a month.

  • mattjtmofan

    Wow u guys are dumb, 2.0 will soon be on tmo’s phones. The prices are sweet. Enjoy Verizon and goodluck, Verizon markets to make everything look amazing. Remember the storm. Lame, remember most reliable? Have fun with Big Red. Seems great at first just like the gum, more hidden shit and then all the sudden ur sick of it, the only difference is u can’t just spit them out without paying.

  • StupiFication

    The droid is lame. T-Mobile’s Cliq has the exclusive MotoBlur which makes it much better than the Droid. The droid looks ugly and is very utilitarian in design. I got to play with the Behold II today and it was awesome. Sure there will be Android phones with the snapdragon in them i.e. the Rachael and HTC Dragon but how long are we going to have to wait for them. Until then the selection on T-Mobile makes them superior and their rates plans are ridiculous, Unlimited talk text AND web for 80 bucks sign me up. Go ahead and pay out the ass at the big V but I will stick with the all around better company and better phones.