Sidekick Data Restoration To Take Place This Week


Well here we go again! Another update from Microsft/Danger. Microsoft says they still continue to work around the clock on restoring sidekick users data that was lost and apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. They claim they’re making steady progress and hope to have all personal contacts restored by this week and the remainder of the personal info (photographs, notes, to-do-lists, marketplace data, and highscores) shortly after. Statement from Microsoft/Danger below:

The Danger / Microsoft team is continuing to work around the clock on the data restoration process. We apologize that this is taking so long, but we want to make sure we are doing everything possible to maintain the integrity of your data. We continue to make steady progress, and we hope to be able to begin restoring personal contacts for affected users this week, with the remainder of the content (photographs, notes, to-do-lists, marketplace data, and high scores) shortly thereafter.

This data restoration effort is only necessary for customers who lost data from their Sidekick devices. We appreciate your ongoing patience.

I guess if this all gets sorted out, T-Mobile won’t be handing out those $100 gift cards. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts/opinions in the comments!


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    They should just forget about the Sidekick and discontinue it, the phone sucks period, you cant even download ANY free apps or games, and the phone lags so much, pathetic!

  • bryant

    btw. i lost all my data and got the 100 dollar gift thing put toward my bill. so some people have gotten it. just like some people got free phones and etc. it sucks because i kno that plenty of people didnt get a thing because.

  • Genise

    FAIL! I’m a current sidekick owner (since 2002). Just ordered my Cliq at 1:29am this morning. There is NOTHING Danger could do to RESTORE my faith in them. This is one loyal customer who is walking away and never looking back.

    My heart breaks but I’m done

  • rockprincess101

    how do i get back my data that i lost. and if i dont get it back then can i get the $100.00 gift card?

  • JDean86

    Lol at dropping a p.o.s phone for another p.o.s social bullshit phone. Can’t wait for the Cliq crash of 2010 when Moto fucks up somehow and gets everyone’s twitbookspaces mixed up. World ender right there!

  • Kickstar13

    If you don’t get all your data back T-Mobile will send you the $100 by mail. You don’t have to do anything.

  • According to TMO, they are hoping to have our contacts, notebooks, calender and so forth back within a week. Keep your fingers cross and I, personally think tmo should still give us a $100 gift card anyway. This is no excuses for them not having a backup in the first place and be up and running in a timely manner in case it happens again.

  • Kickstar13
  • oBeE

    Blehhh they better get my shit back!!!!



    but hey atleast the cliq can do alot more than the sidekick!