Sidekick Outage ’09: A Resolution


While we have been following the recent Sidekick data outage rather closely, there seems to still be some loose ends.  Well, with this, T-Mobile hopes to knot everything up and bring everything back into a circle.  In addition to a free month of service, Sidekick customers will also be receiving a $100 gift card.  They are also saying that some more data may be salvaged (but I wouldn’t be holding out for that).  Can we just forget about this now and look to the future (YAY! Project Dark!).  Full statement after the break.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Dear valued T-Mobile Sidekick customers:

We are thankful for your continued patience as Microsoft/Danger continues to work on preserving platform stability and restoring all services for our Sidekick customers. We have made significant progress this past weekend, restoring services to virtually every customer. Microsoft/Danger has teams of experts in place who are working around-the-clock to ensure this stability is maintained.

Regarding those of you who have lost personal content, T-Mobile and Microsoft/Danger continue to do all we can to recover and return any lost information. Recent efforts indicate the prospects of recovering some lost content may now be possible. We will continue to keep you updated on this front; we know how important this is to you.

In the event certain customers have experienced a significant and permanent loss of personal content, T-Mobile will be sending these customers a $100 customer appreciation card. This will be in addition to the free month of data service that already went to Sidekick data customers. This card can be used towards T-Mobile products and services, or a customer’s T-Mobile bill. For those who fall into this category, details will be sent out in the next 14 days – there is no action needed on the part of these customers. We however remain hopeful that for the majority of our customers, personal content can be recovered.

Sidekick customers can continue to visit T-Mobile Sidekick Forums ( on a regular basis to access the latest updates, as well as FAQs regarding this service disruption. The Forums also offers tips and suggestions for rebuilding content on your device.

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  • ~G~

    its crazy how it went out and still isnt fully restored……$100 giftcard thats wassup tho….. lot of money to give away tho..

  • Pedro

    Yes, I think that’s good enough. I’ll put it towards my Cliq. Do we have to tell them that we permanently lost our stuff?

  • WIlliam

    OK, question: are all Sidekick customers getting the $100 card, or just those whose data was permanently lost? The official statement says one thing, the blog entry here and at saying another. Can this be clarified please?

  • Kyle

    As soon as I switch from the old LX to the Samsung Behold (piece of crap phone btw) this happens. Damn.

    Can’t wait till this hell 2 year contract ends in October of 2010.
    Android or iPhone here I come baby.

  • L.G

    whAT about Pre-Paid??

  • Tony

    Wait, can I get free month of data and $100 if I have a sidekick slide?
    Its been sitting there and i don’t use it, but can i use it in this situation?

  • TRobshi

    Prepaid sidekick customers get a $10 credit instead of a $100 gift card…..

  • JL

    I don’t think you can just forget about something like this. I also don’t think a $100 gift card is enough. T-Mobile absolutely shattered the trust of a significant portion of their customers. It doesn’t even matter that this wasn’t even primarily T-Mobile’s fault. T-Mobile shares the responsibility, for better or worse. If I were a Sidekick owner, I would be demanding blood. For many people, the lost data is practically priceless. It’s irreplaceable, and $100 of band-aid money (which conveniently assures that you’ll continue to spend money with T-Mobile) would absolutely not satiate my appetite for justice. They should offer at least a year of free service to affected customers, or, alternatively, they should release you from your contract and pay all the costs of switching carriers, including paying for a new phone. And I expect to see a large number of unemployed executives at T-Mobile and Microsoft. Anything less than what I mentioned would be incredibly insufficient for the absolute insanity to which T-Mobile and Microsoft have subjected Sidekick owners. Boy, it’s a good thing I’m not a Sidekick owner.

  • Dom

    what if you didnt lose all of your contacts? do i still get that gift card??

  • TheViper


    Seriously? I don’t even see how this can remotely tie to T-Mobile being at fault (I realize you wrote they weren’t the primary) – other than being the provider that provides the infrastructure to connect to Danger’s servers. THAT IS IT. They weren’t responsible for the backups, or ensuring when the upgrade job was outsourced that they were doing their job right. As long as the Sidekicks have a line to the servers – that is it.

    T-Mobile obviously is seen as the face of this and as such is in this position to be doling out some compensation if they want to save face (for something not even close to being their fault). But year of service? Pay for costs of switching carriers plus new phone? Please. I say, though, T-Mobile should turn to Microsoft/Danger and get some serious dough and pass that straight along to the Sidekick owners.

    It’d be an entirely different story if T-Mobile had something on their own servers. I also don’t see how anyone at T-Mobile could be fired over this – who at Tmo would have been at fault? Unless you believe that the service provider should send out a representative every time any thing is worked on over at the server side, such as backups, upgrades, things of that nature.

  • jjo

    how will they determine who qualifies for the 100 dollar gift card and who doesnt?? cause it says certain customers not all of them….

  • TmoFoSHo

    i just think they should have applied tmobile mobile backup to the sidekicks it redundant but for people switch from sidkick to other devices offten it would be an amazing item to have most of the basic phones have it even android devices have an app for it.

  • hg

    I cant believe how some people are acting about this situation. Being a a sidekick user and also a tmo employee Ive dealt with this on both ends. Yes I lost my contacts and my info but im not complaining, BECAUSE PART OF IT IS MY FAULT!(do to not saving my info) why is no one recognizing how easy it is to save contacts to the sim card? i mean its something you should be doing anyways. how come i havent seen anyone bring this up?

    People are demanding way too much out of a company, for what? i cant tell you how many people i have talked to since this happened that wanted everything and more due to this issue, a month of free service is enough, dot demand a new phone for free or anything else. i mean really yes it wasn’t fun dealing with no internet or contacts but its not enough to be given a year of service. that’s just asking for too much

    ant to clear up questions…the 100 credit is only for customers who lost off all their data, and yes t mobile can see if you have lost it or not, so dont call up asking for it.

  • Ell

    I also think that this isn’t entirely T-mobile’s fault, though the general public only sees T-mobile as the poster child in the issue. Microsoft hasn’t been known for being the brightest computer software manufacturer in the box, so it didn’t surprise me if they didn’t even backup their servers. T-mobile is doing their best to compensate their customers that they feel is financially feasible for them at this time. Do you think other wireless providers would provide such a compensation that would remotely compare to what T-mobile is offering? I think not. This may sound cruel and harsh, but for all intends and purposes, I don’t feel much sympathy for the Sidekick owners that lost their data and never backed up their own data. To me, that is just plain ol’ common sense when it comes to cloud computing. Then again, I am friends with computer geeks, so some of their habits has rubbed off on me.

  • Vince

    Let’s see…3 million users times $100 PLUS a month of data service puts the upper range of exposure at about $375 million.

    Still, if a Sidekick user had crucial data, I have to believe there’s blame for the end user as well for not protecting his/her data.

  • L.G

    wow! i wonder how long T-Mobilw will keep the Sidekick, since of Microsoft/Dangers mistake, costing them millions.

  • jm

    I have the My Touch 3g, so this doesn’t affect me, but I print off a copy of my contacts through t-mobile’s website every few months and also back them up on my sim card just to be safe. Technology isn’t fool proof. How sad is it that people are so dependent on their phones that they are so outraged by this. If you the information is so important to you, and you are so dependent on it, why wouldn’t you have backed it up? Take your $100 credit and get some common sense!

  • johnkzin

    If it were me, I’d want:

    * a free trade-in for a non-Micrsoft/Danger based phone (G1 or a Cliq, for me)
    * the free month of service
    * the $100 gift card

    That’d be fine.

  • Grr

    $100 gift card is not enough? What more can you really expect? My computer with Microsoft Windows crashes every once awhile and sometimes I lose tons of data. What do I get for that? Absolutely nothing. Should I expect Dell to reinburse me even if it is Microsoft at fault? T-Mobile has been very generous. I’m not sure any other carrier would have been so kind.

  • Kershon

    @ JL. What are you? ATT employee? Or just a greedy retard? You put out some of the dumbest stuff I ever heard. You would not see any of the other carriers trying to make things right with their customers the way T-Mo is. They would all be passing the buck to MS/Danger.

  • Kevinderrr

    I think its dumb how microsoft doesn’t have a restore point on their servers like they do on their phones and Computer OS’s. I think from this, danger needs to break this contract and get out while it can. I’m gonna regret saying this, but….SPRINT COME AND SAVE US WHILE YOU CAN!! I think danger should be bought by google. I mean if a server is ever lost or down on their end, atleast they know how to bring it back upp safe and securely. For crying out loud the Sidek!ck just celebrated its 7th birthday and it should also get an award for being the longest sequeled phone on the market. There are no RAZR 5’s, but there’s a Sidek!ck LX 07 edition. I mean there’s a lot that can be done if the Sidek!ck OS was open like android. I think microsoft needs bill gates back or something because things didn’t start going wrong until they came in and decided to change things. We want that old thing backk!

  • WOW! Seriously some people have no concept of compensation. It means to make you equal to where you were before, not better. The data loss is terrible but there are two parties at fault: Danger/Microsoft and the Sidekick user for not backing their own data up. If this were Verizon, Sprint or AT&T do you think they would offer anything of value? NO! You would be told it is ALSO YOUR JOB to backup your own data. Still knowing Tmo this will be made right in spades.

  • Bobomo

    “How quickly the world owes you something that you didn’t know existed until 10 minutes ago.” – Louise CK

    If your Sidekick data was “priceless” then you should have backed it up. Let’s face it, 95% of the data lost was Craigslist hookups, drug dealer phone numbers and “sexting” messages. This isn’t even remotely as damaging financially as when GMail went down for 6 hours last month, and nobody got anything but an apology note for that. Grow up kids: you got your money back and then some, that’s the best that can happen.

  • Xaimara

    I hope I can use the $100 card for the CLIQ pre-sale. I hope so. I can’t wait another few weeks to dump my broken sidekick. Now I officially can’t find use for it anymore due to all my lost data. Gee, thanks T-mobile.

  • Brent Johnson

    While I think that every Sidekick user deserves that $100, the free month of data, and much, much more …

    Now I truly worry that we’ll see T-Mobile truly struggle financially. At least for the short-term while they await compensation from MS/Danger. I highly doubt that MS will compensate T-Mo for their financial losses without going to Court first. Attorneys advise against that and tell defendants to wait for Court rulings. No doubt MS will end up paying, but how long can T-Mobile await payment.

    Just to put this into perspective…

    880,000+ users x $100 card = $88,000,000.00.
    That’s $88 million.

    And that doesn’t include the revenue they are losing for the month of service they gave everyone. That’s another:

    880,000+ users x $20 or so = $17,600,000.00.

    And we aren’t done yet.
    T-Mo has been great with some people letting them replace their phones already. Depends on who they talked to, how long they had on their contract, etc. T-Mo will be eating that too. Most were getting G1’s and BB’s according to the T-Mobile forums. That will get expensive quick.

    Instead of the GOOD big news on the 25th, we may hear that T-Mo has decided to pack it in and head back across the pond. I wouldn’t blame them.

  • WazzuKirk

    My daughter uses a Sidekick. I called up early today, complained a bunch, and got a free G1 out of it. Now getting this on top of that will be awesome!!

  • BronxBebe

    You people seem to forget that a very big percentage of those customers are the deaf and hard of hearing just like me. We depend on the ip-relay,i711 to communicate with people and for emergencies. The SK’s and BB’s have this service for us to use, so yes we have every right to be upset.

    Plus the new SKLX09 was to automatically saved all data whether or not we didn’t sync it to our pc’s. The kicks didn’t or doesn’t have the savvy tech like the G1, BB or IPhones to do what they do. Now they’re teaching us how to save our info’s from phone to sim, to email and so on. Usually you want to save it to the phone (numbers, addresses) just in case a sim issue happens. I have 3 phones prior to this with numbers saved to the phone not to sim and can use any sim. In this case its been wiped out by the the recklessness of MS/Danger. Luckily most are what the numbers that I’ve lost and other info are gone but I have it on cards,paper or just ask again. Some are rather less unfortunate to loose more and yes dependent on, so what? Why does that bother so many of you? If this was to happen to any other phone many of you would be acting up the same. Don’t be so judgmental of those who use the SK’s who made you’s Cell Gods?

    I’m satisfied with the $100 cos I’m getting the My Touch for just $150 the new sale price and use towards that. Getting extra taken off my data plan for 3 phones, so I’m good.

  • Rickyb

    Im pretty pissed I had an 08 SK and lost over 400 contacts, all saved to phone and not the SIM card..
    I called and they said they would give me a deal on a mytouch so I got it for $149, but come to find out it’s the same price as a mytouch if you were to not have this problem (I used my full upgrade) So Im calling tomorrow and yelling at tmobile, Im very mad I also had notes on my sidekick which were all lost which had addresses and passwords.
    I hope to get the $100 gift card or a free bill or even cancelation of my service all together and I will go to another network that won’t have problems like this.
    Hopfully I can get the $100 gift card and possibly my money refunded for my mytouch that i bought.
    It’s really B.S about all this, Im not blaming anyone just saying ALL sk users should get a big compensation for this ordeal.

  • luis

    I no one thing is for sure that $100 will be coming out of MS/Danger pockets T- mobile won’t be letting them off the hook that easy. Getting tmo stressed out while they do there project dark. LOL

  • Smart Kicker

    I aint worried aboput alla dis shyt. I was smart enough to save EVERYTHING on my external media card when I own sidekicks. Never let myself be out there in the wind twisting on a thread. ALL OF YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BACK UP YOPUR DATA no matter if it is Phone OR computer. GET INTO THE HABIT AND YOU WILL NOT HAVE THIS ISSUE!!

    – a smart Sidekicker

  • Grr

    I guarantee T-Mobile has an outage clause in their contract with Microsoft. Microsoft is likely paying 100% or more of the compensation to the customers.

  • Jesse

    I understand that this was a huge upset for a lot of users that put a lot of trust in saving all of your contacts, pictures and notes to a phn. Note: when every carrier could run accross a similiar issue. What happens when without notice ur phone dies while its in perfect condition. All contents are lost on phone…. Same thing happened here- Server crashed all contents were lost. You had the opportunity to back your stuff up. This goes back to grade school when kids would come into school- my computer crashed and I lost my homework… You didn’t save it to your disk? No, I didn’t about it… Well thats a F.

  • pororo
  • ricardo

    i think tmobile should give us a new phone all my data was lost, 100dls not enough we need a phone that works

  • ermac

    Thass a shame, ppl always want to ride the wheels till it fall off, “I want the 100USD and a pony” man stfu. Majority of those ppl who switch are going to blackberries or an android phone, now I’ve had both and so far as recovery and backup the bb is the best to go, now dnt get me wrong, android is the ish, I love it, but I say bb because it has a core element that android phones in the box don’t, and the sad part is, most of the ppl complaining aint even gon use it, cause either one, they aint got a computer, or two they aint gon feel like installin it. Its called BACKUP SOFTWARE. All BBs come with it and it really is an enterprise, I loved it when I had it, and I refuse to see the finger being pointed at tmo cause they offer mobile backup which can be found in the sidekick catalog, so u can’t really point the blame at them, thass like blaming google for HTC’s flash player not working on a mytouch, or blaming Sharp for all of this. Tmobile provides the infrastructure not the servers, unless ur using mobile backup……but wait…..ud have ur contacts if u were using TMOBILE’S mobile backup…….

  • MonJackson

    Im so happy, they let me out of my contract with no etf!!!!!! Because of the sidekick issue!!!!!!!!! If you have a Sidekick you should be able to do it too.

  • Rickyb

    tmobile offcially has lost me as a customer, they offered me a whopping $5 credit towards my account for losing over 380 contacts, bank information, notes with passwords for websites. and i get a 24.99 credit for data services? screw tmobile, what happened to their customer service? it used to be nice people i got a rude jerk.
    tmobile’s coverage for 3g blows anyways, the speed is good but it goes in and out all the time. oh well, i guess ill go verizon or att, both are getting the android phones anyways well sprint already has a good one. :)
    f u tmobile

  • Stacey

    people should just take the $100, and the free month, and be happy. if you want to leave, then go! like others have stated, other carriers would hardly do this for you. i’ve had friends on other carriers who’s phones screw up and lose data/addresses randomly.. you think they’re reimbursed for that? no. the only reason you’re getting anything for this is because it happened to so many people. t-mobile has been nothing but awesome to me in the time i’ve had them. i’m sure they’re not behind their desks snickering and saying ‘hell yeah, we really screwed over our sidekick users today!! *high five*’ get over yourselves.

  • For those of you saying sidekick owners are at fault for not backing up their contacts, I’d like to point out for the record that my Sidekick Slide does not have an option to back up contacts to my SIM card or my microSD card.

    Even if it possessed such an option, I don’t think you can expect the majority of phone users to know how, when, or why to use such a feature.

    It is also important to note that the issue is not just the contacts that are missing: critical feature of the phone even to right this moment still do not even work. Purchased content like apps, ringtones, games, etc? It’s all currently missing in action. I cannot access or edit my MyFaves options.

    It isn’t just that $100 isn’t enough for our contacts. If it were just that, maybe you’d be right. $100 isn’t enough for the fact that after two weeks, our phones still don’t work properly and probably never will.

    $100 (which they will probably do their damnedest not to deliver on, btw, since T-Mobile phone customer service is currently denying that it exists, and some agents are saying yes it does exist, but the list of who is getting one will not be *considered* for another two weeks, much less delivered on) is not enough for this. Gonna try to get a G1 or a Cliq, personally. Probably going to have to pay out of my nose for it, since I still have 8 months on my contract. On a phone that only works *sometimes*.

  • Tony

    OK 1st of all, i agree some people are going crazy. However, if you would have lost over 100 of your contacts and a bunch of other data. I know you would be pissed as well. My wife has a SK 08 and she’s 1 of the few (which i think is more then what t-mobile has us trying to believe but what ever) that has lost all her information. all she has left is her myfaves. So she’s totally screwed because she had numbers for Doctors, friends, and other important people on there. And in this generation we rely on our cell phones to keep all our data and i would agree w people that say its there fault for not putting it on their sim cards. Well you must not own a Sidekick, because finding that feature in the OS is hidden and besides that. Your not going to remember to do that every time you add a new contact unless your anal. I think the $100 gift card is partially fair. However when i look at upgrading my wife’s phone we would still gotta pay $300 for a mytouch. Thats Horse crap. What T-mobile needs to do is hold Microsoft accountable. They need to either let people get out of contract at no cost or upgrade to a new phone with similar features like a G1 or Mytouch at Microsoft and T-mobile’s expense or at least offer new contract prices on all the phones. Because this isn’t the 1st time this year my wife has had problems w her SK. I think i’ll wait to call customer service and complain. Cause it looks like i’ll be wasting my time today since they prolly getting bombarded.

  • Julia

    Okay, so all the hubub has been about lost data. Yes, lost data is hard to swallow, but my MAIN concern is why can’t I go online, which is what I have to do to make a relay phone call. I’m deaf, like a lot of Sidekick customers. Is our RANGE and browsing completely gone for good? Data is the least of my worries right now. I need a browsing phone to be my lifeline. (and Blackberries can’t make relay calls.)