Fresno Goes 3G, Albuquerque As Well?


Well, it’s been a little while since we’ve heard about any 3G launches and while T-mobile was on a roll for a while back there, there are still quite a few of you clamoring for 3G goodness. With all the attention on “Project Black” and the Sidekick debacle, it is easy to forget T-mobile is still intently focused on rolling out 3G. Therefore, citizens of Fresno, unite, as this morning is your morning to shine as 3G graces your city. Was that a little dramatic? Either way, enjoy what amounts to faster speeds, improved calls and an overall better experience. This could not come at a better time as we await the news surrounding the “Project Dark experience” and we hope for your sake, Fresno residents, whatever it is, you’ll be able to enjoy 3G with it!

Albuquerque residents, I have not forgotten you though it seems I cannot confirm your launch date so for the moment, we are chalking it up as a soft launch until we can get official word.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


  • Alex

    Dayton, Ohio lit up in 3g a couple weeks ago and I don’t think you ever announced it.

  • Alex

    Oh. Nevermind. You just didn’t tweet it, so I never saw it.

  • Nick

    Maybe not a LARGE city launch, but the DeKalb/Sycamore, IL area got 3G about a week ago or so. This was posted in the forums.

    T-Mobile seems to be hitting smaller rural areas possibly. Either that or because NIU campus is on site. (Also near 88 and 39)

  • KitchenCop

    yes finally, just updated my tp2 w/ official EU wm6.5, playing brutal legend, and enjoying 3G!!!!!! it is a glorious day!

  • jaymax

    Albuquerque shows up as 3G on TMO’s website…must be live.

  • rdaneel72

    Albuquerque’s 3G is still wonky. At home, on the west side near Ladera Golf Course (for those interested), I have solid 3G, and it works flawlessly. But at work, near the Balloon Fiesta Park, 3G goes in and out. I assume these issues are the reason the ABQ launch has not been announced. But, they are woorking on it.

    “Good for you, Albuquerque!”

  • mark925

    Great to hear Fresno finally went 3G! Now, about Merced….come on TMo…

  • grr

    Downtown gainesvile, fl should be feeling the love too. At least near the university.

  • David

    WHEN is Oklahoma City gonna get our 3g? I am so tired of no information.

  • Alex

    yeah i figured something was up with Albuquerque’s 3G lik it goes all crazy @ times going back between edge and 3g hopefully this wont be permanent and itll be fully functional when they do “announce it”

  • g_willi

    Cincinnati still doesn’t have 3G even though we were on the 2009 Q3 list.

    Hey OK City, better no information than being lied to with multiple dates like they did here. When Columbus was turned on the TMo reps said Cinci would be next. Then Cleveland lit up and we were told before September. Then the rest of the state of Ohio was lit up except Dayton and Cincinnati and we were told by the end of September. Dayton was turned on at the end of September, but now it’s mid-October and STILL nothing here in Cincinnati.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    Many congrats to Albuquerque and Fresno!

    Now, the 22 largest US cities with no TMO 3G are:

    Louisville, KY
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Omaha, NE
    Tulsa, OK
    Cincinnati, OH
    Lexington, KY
    Anchorage, AK
    Lincoln, NE
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Madison, WI
    *** Boise, ID ***
    Montgomery, AL
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Mobile, AL
    Little Rock, AR
    Amarillo, TX
    Fayetteville, NC
    Jackson, MS
    Tallahassee, FL
    Springfield, MO
    Sioux Falls, SD
    Salinas, CA

    Please, TMO, give Boise 3G (or 4G via Clearwire) soooooon!!! :-)

  • rdaneel72

    T-Mo just tweeted that ABQ is live, but I am still getting EDGE up by the Balloon Park. I had solid 3G at home all night, but my office is still 2G. Occassionally I will see the 3G icon when my phone (MT3G) is locked, but as soon as I draw the pattern to unlock the screen, it swtiches back to EDGE.

    I know there are bugs to be squashed. I didn’t know if they would squash them al before they announced a launch.

  • Albuquerque GO 3G

    yes albuquerque is 3G now!!!!

  • geekmommat

    Rochester, MN just got 3G last week, finally!

  • pulpphoto

    Coverage is blotchy at best. Good signal around Sandia Labs (funny because cell phones are banned from tech areas) and nothing at the North end of the University. Hopefully this improves.

  • ericyo

    yea 3G in Albuquerque sucks! I can get any 3G service by Cibola High school. For those interested.

  • ericyo

    Correction to my post *cant

  • 3G looks pretty good in the Albuquerque South Valley.

  • Alex

    yeah i agree that tmobile’s 3g in albuquerque is acting wonky but does anyone know why?

  • Chris Meyers

    LOL Who knew all these little towns in Nowhere America like Fresno, Albuquerque, etc had so many passionate users?

  • Chris

    Little towns in nowhere america? riiiiiight…guess metropolitan areas with 800k+ people are little.

    Tmo 3G in albuquerque is definitely spotty at best. They probably should have waited to put it up on their maps until the deployment was fully online because right now, it sucks.

  • Tim

    I bought a G1 awhile back because of 3G to coming to my area. It took so long I was ready to drop TMO and right after I bought my G1 (not to great) My Touch came out. Still not to thrilled about G1, I will wait and see what other phones come out to see if I will renew my contracts.
    Info only: Fres NO is between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

  • jkspike3

    Ya i live near Edith and Alameda and the 3G is a little patchy. i hope bugs are being worked out!!!!