T-Mobile Must Love Danger/Microsoft Right About Now


T-Mobile announcing the Danger/Microsoft server failure which resulted in many users losing their personal info (maybe forever), has left Sidekick users frustrated with T-Mobile. Even with the free month of data service, subscribers are still unhappy. The guys over at Gizmodo have received a tip that T-Mobile has offered the customer discounts on other smartphones (G1, BlackBerry, MyTouch), and has also released the customer from their contract. T-Mobile has already stated they have an additional incentive in store for Sidekick users that lost their personal info, which T-Mobile USA spokesperson Cara Walker noted that was only a minority. In addition, T-Mobile has halted all Sidekick sales on their website and some retail stores as well. T-Mobile was planning a follow-up check today for any issues that still remain with the Sidekick data, so stay tuned! Feel free to leave your thoughts/opinions in the comments below!


UPDATE: T-Mobile claims that all data service has been restored but some data is forever lost. All customers will get a free month of service, and some will be offered “additional” compensation to “reinforce how valuable they are as a T-Mobile customer.”

Here is the official statement:

Virtually all data services have been restored. Also, T-Mobile voice and text services were not impacted.A subset of Sidekick customers appear to have lost data. We do not have an exact number, but we believe it is a minority of customers. We recognize the magnitude of this inconvenience. Our primary efforts have been focused on restoring our customers’ personal content.Sidekick sales are temporarily on hold as Microsoft/Danger continues to work on maintaining platform stability. At this point, virtually all data services are operational.All impacted Sidekick users will receive credit for one month of Sidekick data service. We recognize the magnitude of this inconvenience. Our primary efforts have been focused on restoring our customers’ personal content. We also are considering additional measures for those who have lost your content to help reinforce how valuable you are as a T-Mobile customer.

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    I Want A Full Upgrade. I Bought This Retail. =/

  • The Observer

    silly rabbit, sidekicks is for kids

  • jjo

    im still getting a “the web browser service has closed connection”..anyone else getting that message or is it just me

  • Justin

    jjo, I’m getting the same thing, I was on with sidekick support for an hour, they reset my password, soft reset,etc, never got it working. I show 3G service and can use myspace and facebook apps. Sucks!

  • Justin

    Oh and when is someone going to file the Class Action Law Suit? I want in and I won’t settle for any of this free month or free phone stuff, this is a huge damage to business and among other impacting consequences.

  • Bobomo

    @Justin – Unless you are a lawyer, you’re going to get more from T-Mobile than a class action suit. You’ll end up with a check for 12 cents.

  • Chris

    I work for T-Mobile and I do Sidekick support. I have noticed the cause of this issue is because your first and last name may be missing from your Sidekick profile. Try logging into your My T-Mobile account and look in your Sidekick Desktop Interface. If the Sidekick Desktop Interface is not showing try reselecting your Sidekick by clicking on “Not your Phone?”. Once you are in the interface, update your first and last name. I hope that will help you all.

  • Rick

    A month’s free service pretty much wipes out yearly profit I suspect. No doubt TMO is re-thinking Sidekick profitability…

    And taking devices off sale makes sense, if for no other reason than they couldn’t set up a new Sidekick during the outage…:(

    If indeed TMO pursues making Sidekick users offers to migrate to other phones, that would probably doom Sidekick to a swift and certain death. Hey, outages have consequences. You snooze, you lose.

    Now, how do you get a Sidekick user on a Curve? Hehe…

  • Jeric

    The last email I have got on my sidekick wa on October 1st. It has always been slow (ranging from 15 minutes to 1 day to get an email), but it has stopped working all together. I just hope it continues for another week so I can get a discounted cliq.

  • fort

    Another Microsoft crash…..T-mobile should announce they will no longer support MS. Let MS take the blame.

  • wayneNtampa

    What actually caused the problem? What assurance is there that it can’t happen again?

  • Kickstar13

    There are RUMORS going around that it was because Microsoft was upgrading their SAN (Storage Area Network aka the thing that stores all your data) and had hired Hitachi to come in and do it for them. Typically in an upgrade like this, you are expected to make backups of your SAN before the upgrade happens. Microsoft failed to make these backups for some reason. Not sure if it was because of the amount of data that would be required, if they didn’t have time to do it, or if they simply forgot. Regardless of why, Microsoft should know better. So Hitachi worked on upgrading the SAN and something went wrong, resulting in it’s destruction. And Microsoft didn’t have a WORKING BACKUP to restore the information back to.

  • ps

    This looks to be updated from previous statements, is this saying that only some customer’s lost data and not all?

  • Margie

    As far as my prepaid Sidekick Slide, right now, I do fairly well with most of the functions. I have most everything back. I must be lucky. The only thing I can’t access is the Download Catalog.

  • jose tineo

    they hook me up with a bb 8900 for 140 with no contract extention, im happy….

  • rdaneel72

    I feel for all the Sidekick users who lost data. I had the original B&W SK when it first came out, and it was an incredible device for its time. It was the first smartphone for regular people, before push email and wireless internet became mainstream. I eventually upgraded to an SK2, and the transition was as seemless as swapping my SIM and logging in. Seeing all my data transfer over was an exciting moment.

    The server-side operations were as defining a feature of the SK platform as the swiveling screen. How could those servers not be backed up? I was disappointed to hear MS absorbed Danger, but I never would’ve thought something like this could happen in 2009.

    The SK/Hiptop community was great when I was a part of it, and the SK was a defining platform for T-Mo. Can the community survive this catastrophe?

    A real shame that a beloved platform and a unique community can be destroyed by the stupidity of people who did nothing to build it.

  • Joseph Singer

    @Justin: Just in case you didn’t know class action law suits get just about bupkes (nothing) for the end user. It makes lots of money for the attorneys and is there mostly just to cause pain for the person/entity being sued. If it’s T-Mobile (who didn’t have anything to do with the outage/loss of data) it may result in them raising fees or prices.