Another Sidekick Service Disruption Update


It has been over a week now since the Sidekick data disruption had plagued us. For those of you wondering what the cause of the Sidekick data outage was, T-Mobile has revealed to the public the problem behind it all. T-Mobile and Danger, a subsidiary of Microsoft, are once again apologizing for the inconvenience the data disruption has caused Sidekick owners. The cause of this data outage, T-Mobile claims, is a service failure on Microsoft/Danger’s end. And as a result of this server failure, personal information stored on Sidekick devices such as: contacts, calendar entries, to-do lists or photos that no longer appear to show up on your Sidekick device, have been most likely lost. Microsoft/Danger continues to work, trying to find a way to restore the information, although it is VERY unlikely. T-Mobile again apologizes, and for those individuals who have lost personal information, T-Mobile is looking for other incentives to show how valuable you are to T-Mobile. In addition to this, T-Mobile plans to check the status of the remaining issues on Monday (Oct. 12). Once again please DO NOT remove your battery, reset your Sidekick, or allow it to lose power, as any personal content that currently resides on your device will be lost. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Mikey

    Yeah… fuck them, I guess is all I can say. Every calendar entry, photo, note, and contact since 2006, gone like that?


  • MonJackson

    I write all my songs in my sidekick notes. And now there gone.. :( Good thang I recorded or have most of them memorized.

  • greatgoogly

    Not to kick somebody when they are done, but come-on users if you don’t at least occasionally back up your contacts and calendar info you are basically putting yourself at risk. Yes I would hardly have expected a catastrophic failure such as this, but you never know, which is why contacts and calendar info should never be all in one basket. I have backups with out other services and keep the data in exported files on two of my local pcs.

  • Mikey


    Yeah, I agree, this is partially our fault. But it’s still a pretty heavy blow. I had a LOT of important things, namely calendar entries, and very, VERY important notes stored.

    Hopefully that “VERY unlikely” chance will turn out for the better.

  • sean

    Danger, Danger Microsoft servers. Nothing is present.

  • The Observer

    this is hilarious. im so glad i switched to the mt3g weeks ago

  • Rick

    Did the sidekick come with a backup solution? Aside from writing them down, was/is there a way to backup your sidekick contacts?
    Obviously this is an enormous embarrassment for T-Mobile and a massive problem for sidekick owners. What does everyone feel they should do to make up for this? What would it take for them to prevent a mass exodus of pissed off customers?

  • BronxBebe

    The new SKLX09 is suppose to backup all our data but I guess thats a false presentation now huh? David are we allow cuss our frustrations on here?Jkn,lol.. I guess I’ll invest with the new BB coming out in time..

  • Pedro

    Fuck this. Everything went back to normal a few days ago for me but my battery died(it’s been acting weird and dying more quickly). I didn’t understand how to use my calendar so I’m good and the notes were simple tidbits I didn’t care about. My pics are on my memory card and about 3 weeks ago this happened to me and as soon as I got the things back I copied all my contacts to a piece of paper. This is beyond suckage though as I’m probably going to have to get a new phone since mine is just a brick with a screen now.

  • BronxBebe

    Excused me, I mean are we allowed to CUSS our frustrations?lol.. I’m over the SK brought it thinking it would be better for me..This is the first cell ever I’ve owned to been an issue since I’ve brought it..I’d like to have it replaced with the BB,I mean paid money for something that I can’t use or rely on especially HARD OF HEARING OR DEAF..Very highly disappointed in the SK.

  • TK421

    I know what proj black really is!!! I just found out 10 minutes ago!!!!

    Sidekick users who’ve lost all or some of their info, I.e. contacts, email, mms, apps, etc. Microsoft guarentees 99% that your information is irrecoverable!! Congratulations!! What a Dark Knight this will be, and I can truly say, I feel sorry for your losses. for the latest updates on this project dark/black tragedy.

    But, vain hope exists if you have faith in Microsoft. There is a 1% chance your info is recoverable. You simply have to press @ + 1 + 0 on your sidekick, then when it reboots, hold R until 4 circles appear, then release R. Those 4 circles don’t mean your missing a Faves contact, or that Proj Dark means My 4 Faves, but it means if you draw a pentagram between the 4 dots, you’l get a 5 pointed star in the shape of the Microsoft logo! Then your phone reboots & explodes in your hands, burning the windows logo on your forehead, forever marking you as a victim and property of Microsoft.

  • TK421


    @+1+0 resets your sidekick & delets all your info. = Master Reset

  • BC

    At this point, the only real “incentive” I want to see from T-Mobile is a free upgrade to another device. No signing of another contract, but a full upgrade credit anyway.

  • Pedro


    Is it possible to ask for that a month from now when the Cliq and BB come out? Lol.

  • Kickstar13
  • baylink

    This is some sort of shock?

    That this was possible, and that there
    was no practical way around it
    has been clear since the first
    Sidekick was released

    It’s not like no one ever complained.

    In public.


    In short: anyone who got bitten
    Deserved to Lose. Sorry.

  • buddhistchk

    I was lucky…no loss of info at all. I’ve kept my phone on, kept it charged and didn’t try any re-sets.
    T-Mobile has already sent notice to SK users letting them know that they will get a free month of SK data service. I dunno about you but that’s $35 dollars in my pocket next month. I think its a pretty fair apology from TMO.

  • Martin C

    T-Mobile support is overwhelmed at the moment. I’m trying to contact them about a non sidekick related issue and am in a line of over 75 people waiting for the support chat

  • CBass

    baylink – That’s quite the lovely poem.

    No more Sidekick for me, even if they get the servers back up and running. I agree with BC – I think it would only be fair for T-Mobile to offer activation price upgrades (w/o contract extension) to Sidekick users (and bill Microsoft/Danger for the loss of revenue).

    Anyone else notice that the T-Mobile website currently shows all Sidekick products as “Out of stock?” They should probably just discontinue the line altogether, after this.

  • Kickstar13

    I think Sidekicks will never sell the same anymore.

  • Hi!


    you mention t-mobile has “already sent you notice” that you’ll be getting data for free this month.

    I’m a sidekick user and haven’t been contacted. How were you reached? E-mail, call, etc? Please let me know. I’d certainly like my free date this month for this debacle.

  • Penguirl

    Leave it to Microsloth to acquire a good company and destroy it. Again. Don’t expect the Pink project to see the light of day and if by some chance it does it’s going to be a huge flop.

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  • eherrera

    i heard that this is what project black was. just a blackout of everyones’ information and sidekicks’ service

  • T mobile is offering a data service such ass internet texting messaging all for free and man is not 35 dollars if you pay 30 for it they ripping you off. It’s a 20 dollars and that aint worth it for all the lose and problems we been having for the past 2 weeks. Sure they already restore applets, such as myspace or games, internet, my faves, messenger aim yahoo msn, your phone make calls, but they haven’t finished. Next notice for this update tomorrow oct 12. They still need to work in the contacts, the cataloq and the calendar notes. But those gona be hard to find. The pretty gona concern more in cataloq and contact then the rest we should all contact tmobile and get upset and make em gives a new cellphone like mytouch, the cliq or bb. If we all do it we prolly get it.

  • Dav

    So this is Project Dark… it was expected to pull T-Mobile out from 4th place and into 5th. I kid, sorry.

    I’m sorry for all those who lost their data in this event. It’s a good reason to switch to either Android, Blackberry, Symbian or perhaps even Windows Mobile now, eh?

    Hope you guys won’t ditch T-Mobile for this, they tried…

  • Yea, fuck em

    I had years of songs written in my notes, not mention all the numbers and pictures

  • me716

    Boohoo, stop all the crying, we all are going to still be using our sidekick. Every1 went krazy for that week, but we all no the sk is one of the most important things we own, if we gave them up for good, you would really go krazy!

  • tmogirl

    Here’s a link for the cellphone addicts if need a support group. If your upset that much then you probably have an addiction:

    Coping with Cell Phone Addiction
    By John M. Grohol, Psy.D.
    June 8, 2007

    As cellphones have become prevalent in modern society, some people have a significant issue with not being able to disengage from their cell phone. So-called “smart phones,” which combine functionality of an organizer, browsing the Internet, playing tunes, and taking pictures, only worsen the reliance on one’s cell phone. While using such devices for everyday tasks, work, and socializing with friends and family is perfectly normal, not being able to put them down while engaged in a conversation with your significant other or a friend who’s sitting in front of you may denote an increasing problem.

    According to research on cell phone addiction, addiction danger signs included running up huge bills and having irrational reactions to being without a phone if you forgot or lost your mobile.

    According to that same research, 22 percent of these people considered themselves to be heavy or very heavy users and 8 percent had experienced monthly bills that were over $500.

    What to Do to Better Cope with Cell Phone Addiction
    If you feel like you can’t part from your cell phone or have run up huge bills unexpectedly, don’t worry, there are some steps you can take to bring your relationship with your cell phone back down to earth.

    1. Track your cellphone use. Yes, it’s a pain to do, but the more you keep track of the time you spend messaging or talking on your cellphone, the better you’ll be able to control it. Jot down in a notepad when you’re talking, messaging, or conducting other activities on the phone. Keep the journal for a week’s time, then review the amounts of time you’re spending on each activity.

    2. Start the weaning. Now that you know you’re spending 10 hours a week on messaging, it’s time to start cutting back. Take it slow and start with the least important activity you use your phone for. Commit to reducing the time spent on that phone activity just 10% the first week. So if you’re spending 10 hours a week on messaging, aim for 9 hours the next week. That means being more conscious each time you’re using the phone for that activity, and trying to cut things short sooner rather than later.

    3. Commit to being in the moment. One of the reasons people use their cell phones as much as they do is to be with another person in another place. That’s fine when we’re waiting in line at the post office, but less acceptable when your significant other or a friend is trying to have a conversation with you. Commit to turning the cell phone off, or at least putting it away out of sight, when engaged in a face-to-face conversation with another person. It’s not only helpful to your addiction, it’s far less rude and you may be surprised to learn you’ll regain these people’s respect.

    4. You don’t need that kind of connection. So many people spend so much time on their cellphones because they believe it is a necessary part of their connections with others, or with their ability to be reached and respond instantly to any and all kinds of communications. For what purpose? If you need such hyperactive connectivity, that suggests something isn’t entirely healthy with some of those relationships to begin with. Quality social, work and romantic relationships aren’t built on 180 character sarcastic notes constantly exchanged with one another. While it’s fun for a time, it’s not going to lead to a higher-quality relationship or a better, more enjoyable life (especially if it’s creating anxiety and problems in your existing life).

    5. You’re not as important as you think you are. Some people check email via their cell phone incessantly (e.g., “crackberry”) because they believe something so important might come up it requires their immediate attention. Sure, I can understand in some positions, some jobs, that’s true. But for 99.9% of people and jobs, it is not. Even if you’re the CEO of a company, there’s virtually nothing that could come up that can’t wait until you get back to the office. Remember, if it’s that important, someone will call you.

    6. Turn it off. Yes, that’s right. Turn it off. There’s nothing you need to do in the middle of the night that the cell phone will alert you to that won’t be there in the morning (unless you happen to be the President, then you might want to keep your cell phone handy). By turning it off and putting it away, you’re taking back conscious control of your life and this little piece of technology. Instead of it calling to you, you’re telling it, “Hey, I’ve had enough for one day. Seeya in the morning.” Set a deadline every evening for a time to retire the technology, and then don’t check or use it again until the next morning.

    7. Technology works for us, not the other way around. If technology is taking control of your life — creating stress, anxiety, arguments with other people in your life, or financial hardships — then you have a backwards relationship with technology. Technology works for us. If it’s not working for you, you’re chosen to be on the losing side of the relationship, and it’s time to put a stake in the ground and take responsibility and control for your use of the technology. Set aside specific times of the day or evening you will use your cell phone, for instance, rather than checking it every moment you get.

    Cell phone addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life, your work, or your relationships with others. If these tips still don’t help, it might be a sign that cell phone addiction is more of an issue in your life than you realized. A psychotherapist who has experience in treating addictions can often help in such a case, and it is a treatment you should explore if you can’t reduce cell phone use on your own.

  • Francisco

    first of all i bought a sidekick like a week ago, and i had no service when i put minutes on it it had service, i have the sidekick plan. and every day like for half of the day i have no service(G). i mean i pay a dollar a day for nothing. i think im done with t mobile.

  • omar

    im so sad. ive had a sidekick since 2005 (a sidekick 2) and my sidekick was my life. it had everything completely my whole life was on that thing from contacts pictures events task ect. im so sad i still have my most recent pictures because i had uploaded them but all my contacts from old friends and my agenda gone :| after this, i might not stay with t-mobile i mean im supposed 2 renew in 16 days but i might just get out and get a windows phone or a blackberry. oh yeah and if you were wondering….my phone was dead when this happened so i find this out when i charge it and its not syncing back all my data.

  • kiki_loco92

    I think that T mobile should give all sidekick owners that lost their data a full upgrade with no out of pocket costs and no renewal of the contract, thats only right for losing all our contacts and pics that cannot be replaced.

  • amy

    I lost a lot myself, but come on people, aren’t we becoming a little too greedy! Yes this was a huge catastrophe but, tmobile is trying to make up for it. Lets be a little more compassionate for the people who didn’t fuck this up and what they are going through in the past two weeks

  • kimontrell

    my service has been shut off this is bull shit