How To Backup Your Sidekick’s Personal Info


With the recent Sidekick data disruption update, T-Mobile claimed that some Sidekick users have lost their personal info forever (though they are still working on restoring it) because of the server failure. The guys over at Hiptop3 have put together a nice way to back up all your info, so even if this does ever happen again (hopefully, not), you won’t be one of the angry individuals. Also, if you haven’t lost your info already, make sure to back it up NOW just to stay on the safe side.

Address Book Contacts

1. Open your Address Book.
2. Highlight the first entry
3. Hit Menu + M
4. It will bring up an email with a .vcf attached.
5. Type an email you have access to on another computer.
6. Copy that email address so you won’t have to type it every time.
7. Hit Menu + M to send.
8. Scroll to the next Entry
9. Menu + M (To open email with contact attached)
10. Menu + V (to paste email address in To: field)
11. Menu + M (To send email)
12. Repeat steps 8-12 until done.

The same method can be repeated for Notes as well. Well there you have it! Start backing up those Sidekicks!


UPDATE: Another way I think would be less time consuming for backing up your contacts, is to save them to your SIM card.

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    @tmonews You Might Wanna Add How you Can Add About 33 Vcards To The Same Email By Going To Menu>Attach>vcard

  • Wicked1

    That first method is not possible for most sidekick users, seeing as how email isn’t working. If email isn’t working we can’t email vcards. I am copying my contacts to my SIM, and copy notes and important emails to my memory card using File Manager App. If you happen to have this app and have your emails in your inbox, just go into the email and go to the bottom and click “Open in File Manager” then you can name the text file and save it to the memory card, and the text files are accessible on computer by plugging your sidekick in thru USB, and they will be notepad files.

  • ali

    I don’t understand why anyone is using the sidekick anyway ? The current phones on the market beat the danger in every way [ all the blackberries, android phones [especially g1 ] . And who was the genius behind having your personal info stored on the ‘server’ of some cellphone company ?? All your info needs to be on your mobile device for you to back up, delete, access at your will. You should never be at the mercy of the telecoms.

  • Jeff M

    @ali I agree. These days, even most sidekick users are updating to a touch screen interface such as Maemo and Android. Some have even gone to a blackberry.

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