Important Info For Sidekick Users


This service interruption that has plagued all Sidekick users nationwide doesn’t seem like an ordinary outage. Many of you Sidekick users (including myself) have been very frustrated with the Sidekick data outage that has been going on since last Friday and T-Mobile has assured us all that they are working with Microsoft and Danger on the issue as quickly as possible and apologize for the problems it has caused (and the families they’ve broken apart).  T-Mobile-supported services, such as voice calls and SMS/MMS, are not affected and continue to work flawlessly. In the meantime, T-Mobile today announced that ALL Sidekick users subscribed to a Sidekick plan will automatically receive a credit for 1 month data service ($35) in the coming days. Also, Sidekick customers should NOT remove the battery, reset their Sidekick or allow the battery to run out (yes that means keep it charged) during this service interruption. Feel free to express your opinions/thoughts in the comments!

NOTE: If you do need your contacts just go to and login, then select desktop tools and you will have all your contacts on there.


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  • Jeff M

    This is the worst tmobile experience I’ve had for the 8 years I’ve been with the provider. One month of free data service does not make up for the 5 days I’ve been without my contacts, e-mail, and bookmarks which I use everyday. I’m about done with the sidekick and all the times I stood up for it.


    WHAT.?!?!?!? So I’m Supposed To Like, Take A Charger To School Or Something.?!?!?!
    I Switched To Edge Only And I Had The Same Battery Life As When I Have 3G. One Bar By 2:00PM. WTFFF. An Always As Soon As I Walk In, It Goes [ ! ] Ughhh… What An Inconvinience. When Does That One Boxy 3G Blackberry Come Out.???

  • manuel

    so is there a way to get my contacts back??

  • AcidAngel

    Im sure tmo appreciates spending hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dollars giving away free data service just cuz danger fucked up

  • Nick

    Maybe microsoft got a virus in the server and forgot to back up. So everyones data is lost and they can’t get it back.

  • Al

    This is my 3rd Sidekick (Sidekick 2, Slide, and now the LX), 5th phone with T-Mobile, loyal customer for 7 years. I don’t think something like this has ever happened to cellphones ever. Very dissappointing, and yes 1 month of free service does not make up for this. If that’s all they will give, I will not be loyal anymore

  • Andy

    So… If we called, or emailed in my case, and got a credit would the $35 credit still be applied?

  • Kickstar13

    If you do need your contacts just go to and login select desktop tools and you will have all your contacts on there.

  • Carl

    Been with T-Mobile since ’03, I think it’s very nice that they are doing this, MANY companies would barely even apologize for an inconvenience, I know mobile data is very important, but do not act like you have no internet, use a home computer if it’s really important that you have to communicate.

  • Jon

    I love all the people blaming TMO for Danger’s failure.

    Have fun on ATT, kids.

  • CBowley

    Dumbasses. Looks like sidekicks user base is still 16 year olds..

    ITS NOT T MOBILES FAULT!! It is Dangers servers that are fucked up. T-mobile doesn’t owe you for this, Danger does, t-mobile gave you a free month service out of the goodness of their heart. There is NOTHING t-mobile can do to fix this. Call microsoft/danger and bitch at them.

  • Pedro

    Good thing something similar happened to me a couple of weeks ago and saved all my contacts to my sim/memory car and now they’re all there. I think it’s starting to get back to normal since I can see the G on my 08 and the internet works. The email isn’t back up yet. I only pay $20.

    Ok, nvm, everything is back up now. Myfaves and everything, how weird, haha.

  • bigs12

    Just to let all you sk users know I feel really bad that you don’t have full use of your phone, I know how importent phone are now a days I wish that yall would stop calling cst care being very RUDE cause your sk is down, like they said we don’t own the server we can only help repair it with the danger and microsoft.we gave you a free month and you have been down for a few days think about, if you cable goes out for 3 days they don’t give you a month free. Plz if you don’t want this to appen again to YOU get a new phone that doesn’t rely on there server.

  • Pedro


    Does the Cliq rely on one?

  • Margie

    I’m not sure how or if this credit thing will work out for prepaid customers like me. Like maybe I might not get my daily Sidekick data charge for a certain number of days? As of now, I don’t have email nor catalog. But I can use the web, IM and some of the social network apps.

  • Janine

    I work in cust care and I know first hand how awful this has been. I love the sidekick and I’ve seen many, many accounts of those customers that have had everything from the original sidekick all the way to the LX09. I wish I could personally fix it because I’d be extremely upset if it was my phone.
    Just try to understand when you dial 611 to find out if you’re contacts are going to come back on your phone that getting upset at the representative isn’t going to fix this any faster. We want this fixed as much as you do.

  • Andy

    What if we did remove our battery? My Sidekick freezes sometimes, so I had to had to pop it out and put it back in

  • Tony

    LOL, some people really over react about this stuff. My wife has a sk08. However we were on vacation over the weekend and my G1 wasn’t working in our hotel room and we assume hers had a similar problem therefore she just left in the room when we went out. Got back home yesterday and found out about the outage, we got the text today about the free month credit. So we where like, flipping sweet.

  • Galen20K

    OMG all you SideKick Owners sound like a Bunch of Whiney BRATS! I Swear to GOD. I’m sorry all the SPoiled BRATS in this world can’t do without their Data and bookmarks for mere days, poor babies.


    *shakes head***

  • Kickstar13

    No I believe the Cliq doesn’t.

  • Pedro


    Ok, you try being 4 days without your contacts and email.

  • tmogirl

    I knew when microsoft took over sidekicks problems would be the result. The people who said its not t-mobiles fault are absolutely correct. People need to realize that computers and cell phones alike are a man made technoloy and free from outages or flaws. I know you become used to your sidekick but cellphones are not a necessity, they are a luxury. You will live through this I promise

  • tmogirl

    Correction: I meant NOT free from flaws

  • Matt

    I’d just like to chime in with my take….though I was extremely upset and frustrated with the outage I honestly think that tmobile offering us a free months service is more than fair.

    As has already been stated on this site they technically owe us nothing. Think about that. We are entitled to nothing.

    It is because of their award winning customer service that they are being proactive and offering this all to us. Hell, to be honest, I’d take free data every month if the only catch was it was out 4-5 days, haha. We’ll all live and for those of us who pay our own bill (should be everyone I hope) you just saved yourself some money in this crap economy. *silver lining* haha

  • android freak

    Wow. I find it rather … entertaining that so many people are so upset at tmobile when it was never tmobiles fault. I guarantee they had tech working 24/7 to fix the crash. But it wasn’t on tmobiles end it was danger/microsoft. Figure 35.00 on the high end and 19.99 on the low end. You sk fans want a new sidekick launched right? Well now tmo is out nearly 4 million dollars on a low end figure! Where’s the money for product development and research to dump into to hiptop (sidekick, danger) ?? Gonna take a while. And believe me I bet tmobile isn’t happy with their failur and causeing such a problem to their users. Take blackberry for instance if there server crashed which it has…. is it tmobiles fault or blackberrys? Friggin blackberry. Beglad you have the chaance to have a sidekick. Blackberry is a n international service talk about a problem it would effect millions of people. Verizon, sprint, att, ect. You threaten to cancel to go get a bb else where when the bb server is down. Won’t do a damn bit of good! The carrier provides calls and sms. And that’s more then most even want or need. Phones were made for friggin calls. Take a step back in time here. What did we do before pda’s… used our computers!! Guess what aol still works on a pc. Strange how that works still. And anyone that has a sk…. you have sms…. guess what texting is the same f’ing thing as I’m!! And I bet most of you have all your aim friends numbers!! So grow up. Or maybe grow up and get a grown up phone. Quit whinning like a group of 4 year olds sitting by a pool watching the opther kids swim and eat icecream when you have to sit with you mom eating broccoli. And quit being mad at tmobile when they lost a lot of service, time, money, and customers to an issue that was beyond their control. I am a die hard android fan. If it went down.. well that sucks. It will be back. If my tv fails I don’t call the cable company because my tv quit working wanting a free month of service or a discount!! We as americans are spoiled rotten little twerps and need to grow up and take responsibility and start to understand that electronics and the conviences we all enjoy can have and will have issues as some point. So learn to deal with it and stop. Please. Get over it and get over yourself. Goodday and goodnight.

  • Dez

    If you think Americans are whiners and twerps then move your punk ass to Canada or shut the hell up!

  • Derek Deulus

    To all the sidekick owners who are bitching that a month of free service is not enough….STFU! Be happy that T-Mobile cares enough about you to give you a free month (30 days) worth of service for a 4 day outage thats not even their fault directly. REALLY…Be thankfull. If this were ATT you wouldn’t be given dick squat. I had them for 4 1/2 years and they never compensated me for any of their screw ups!

  • CBass

    It doesn’t seem like this is the case for everyone, but I haven’t been able to access my Sidekick Desktop Interface throughout this entire outage. I have a fair number of contacts stored on my SIM card (luckily), but the complete lack of access to notes and calendar has been particularly frustrating… I rely on that stuff pretty heavily, and you kind of expect to at least be able to view it online (that’s what backup is for, after all). I appreciate that T-Mobile credited my account, but it’s getting tough to be patient as this continues to drag out.

  • tmogirl

    dez… spoken with true ignorance

  • tmogirl

    android freak… that’s exactly what I thought, I would gladly take a free month of service for a 4 day google outage on my android phone. Microsoft should be the one crediting, not T-Mobile.

  • oh gee can not live without it….i love tmo doesnt mean being rude. This making me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! So am I bear to be patience little bit longer…this so important to me never know if an emergency broke down car how the world can I contact I am deaf something to worry many things…pls gotta do asap will end up fussy mood…

  • Miguel

    Looks like the Motorola Cliq projected sales numbers are going to be pretty good after this debacle. Why is the Sidekick even relevant anymore with phones like the Cliq coming down the pike?

    Motorola is gonna sell the Cliq like Hot cakes!

    And this isn’t Tmo’s fault. They are screwed in this situation.

  • Felicia

    I have problems with my SK so I have to pull the battery from my phone from time to time. So now, I don’t think I’m going to be able to get my contacts back.

  • TK421

    Rats chewing the wires is what caused the server to go down. Just be thankful you got your credit and some rats got fried ;)

  • TK421

    Thank you Android Freak. I appreciate you speaking your mind, seriously.

  • LOVE U TMO got email I opened seem long waiting signal oh gee am I so frustration been a week…..everyone as I speak let us pray hopefully solve the problem by today pls pray harder let JESUS HEAR US!!!!!!!! Bear to be patience with the company they doing their best as they can.

  • DangerDoom

    I hear what Android is saying….
    but what did I do before PDAs? Well of course I used a computer.
    The issue is that most of us still don’t have our contacts back, so guess what…we can’t use our phones as a phone or as a pda….no matter what other difficulties there are, if tmobile provides is a carrier for calls and SMS they should make it easier to retrieve contacts in the event the server crashes….so that…(SURPRISE!) users can make calls and use SMS. I am a therapist. I rely on my SK for a variety of professional tasks, and I expect to be able to use services that I pay for. SO what if we get credited for one month of data service. id rather have my monthly cycle credited because I, like many others, find great inconvenience in trying to scrounge up important numbers, and dont get to use the minutes we have paid for anyways. I would be a lot of money and minute usage is waaayyyyy down since this happened.
    Like I said, I hear you Android, but people are legitimately pissed. It may be an issue with Danger, but it is TMOBILE that bills us and will continue to bill us despite service interruptions. it is TMOBILE that customers must interact with for this issue…not microsoft/danger.

    I have been accused of malpractice in the past week for neglecting an emergency telephone call that never came thru on my end. Believe me, if a client becomes litigious with me over and it is related to this outage, I will become litigious with Tmobile to mitigate my damages. I have already had to acquire another prepaid phone to direct clients to so that I can be sure they are able to validly call and leave a message for my contact, and so that I am able to promptly return a call.

    I hope they fix this problem soon. it doesnt matter tho, I am requesting release from my contract. Tmobile wont financially recover from this type of error. SK is their cornerstone pda. even the loyalest users are looking at other options.

  • upyours

    First of all you ass kissing tmbile spawns of retard some people contacts are a necessity as I have several responsibilities and I’m accountable for a lot of shit so for your information free data for the month aint enough, maybe you hacks have no lives and don’t do shit but I lost 1,789 contacts and unlike you I know every one of them and over 500 ppl I rely to contact a day so kiss y ass, and we idekick users didn’t ask for danger and microsoft tomobile paid and relied on them so the blame falls on all of them you idiot. Don’t speak unless you some sense. Why does the sidekick sit to a different server, then other phones. Maybe you would give a shit if it happened to all tmobile users not just sidekicks. Just think of the people who got screwed and how much they got screwed. Like hey the economy sucks I just got hired and now I’m suppose to call my supervisor and now I can’t reach anyone or I lost an important email or note with important info and without it I’m fucked. And lts just say a what the hell lets take a bet that maybe since I have a life a computer isn’t infront of me. And I’m on the ho and depend on my phone. Which makes sense since I did buy the phone for these reasons. Again help yourselves and just shut the fuck up. No more comments we sidekick users deserve more end of story.

  • ladyred

    My emails are sorta kinda up…but when I send out one I get a unable to load on server reply..and also it actually changed my email address to an old one I had a year prior!..anyone getting a problem like this???

  • ICON

    @ upyours

    Thanks for making us Sidekick users look educated! We’re all upset, but flaming people with vulgar language only makes us look stupid.

  • tmogirl

    your in business? What is it, a 5th grade business fair project? Not very professional. Wow.

  • Sparkle

    I think that were fogetting that this IS NOT a T-Mobile fault…. Danger/Microsoft is to blame… While migrating information their servers failed. What tmobile provides is the service… I have had a sidekick since 2006 and LOVE all the sidekick that i have including my new one the LX09… but since Microsoft bought it out had nothing but problems with it