Important Info For Sidekick Users


This service interruption that has plagued all Sidekick users nationwide doesn’t seem like an ordinary outage. Many of you Sidekick users (including myself) have been very frustrated with the Sidekick data outage that has been going on since last Friday and T-Mobile has assured us all that they are working with Microsoft and Danger on the issue as quickly as possible and apologize for the problems it has caused (and the families they’ve broken apart).  T-Mobile-supported services, such as voice calls and SMS/MMS, are not affected and continue to work flawlessly. In the meantime, T-Mobile today announced that ALL Sidekick users subscribed to a Sidekick plan will automatically receive a credit for 1 month data service ($35) in the coming days. Also, Sidekick customers should NOT remove the battery, reset their Sidekick or allow the battery to run out (yes that means keep it charged) during this service interruption. Feel free to express your opinions/thoughts in the comments!

NOTE: If you do need your contacts just go to and login, then select desktop tools and you will have all your contacts on there.


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