Extensive Look At Motorola Cliq

Courtesy of the guys over at Phonescoop, we get almost 9 minutes worth of Cliq menu goodness. I did not catch much we did not already know, but this should continue to raise interest in the phone as we countdown toward launch. As Android launches heat up in the US, T-Mobile is the leader of the pack. We hope that the Motorola Cliq combined with the low cost T-mobile data pricing will be a win/win combination this holiday season.


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  • Russ

    So I’m confused…is there gmail on the Cliq? I read no, but when he clicked share photo, I saw gmail on the list. and to be honest, gmail is a make or break app for me on the cliq.

    • David

      Russ, please take a little time to understand the Android platform and you’ll get your answer. Gmail is a requirement for Android.

  • Tony W.

    overall this isn’t a bad ph at all. out the box, it has a little over 200mb of free internal storage so that means lots of fun w/apps from the android market. the ph has a good sturdy feel, altho the physical keyboard felt a little weird to me because of the button design. The motoblur user interface is pretty slick too.

  • acsteffy87

    its not very game-changing to be honest. Sense was a lot more compelling than this is. How long do you think it will take the U.S. carriers to start making their own skins for android lol

  • Pedro

    I NEED this phone!

  • JohnnyB

    Cant wait till I get my free one on Friday! Love working for T-Mobile!

  • sidekickuser

    i was just thinking of that smh. anyways i need this phone. my sidekick is dum to start with, now i have none of my info. Its a big brick with a screen that flips out that receives calls. ugh

  • Pedro


    Same here!

  • Rell

    This is an old vid I remeber when phonescoop rleased it I was going to send it here but I thought one of you ladies and gents did already. I honestly like this this phone but I’m curious could one turn off motoblur? I also think the locator feature is genius. I think will be big when it comes to teens and people in their early 20’s. I hope Noah does a comparison of this and the hero.

  • Russ


    I understand Android (Hence my G1 running Blur…), I however have to disagree with you and say android doesn’t need google…(understand the AOSP). From what I heard is it has exchange and yahoo! Mail clients, but no gmail, and that sync is done via Nero. I’d like to know definitively whether or not it has gmail from someone who has used it.

  • rtx

    @Russ you do not need to use gmail to use the cliq but if you want to use the market you MUST have a gmail account :)

  • rtx

    @David gmail is NOT a requirement for the Cliq. Only ofr the google market will you need a gmail account. I have used the Cliq I am certain of this.

    You must create a Motoblur account though to use the Cliq.

  • Russ


    Does it have gmail though, or if not, do you know if the gmail apk can be installed on it? I <3 my gmail too much to get an android phone w/o a gmail app.

  • James

    Nice phone, but still geared toward tweens to me…and come on $200? Tmo better..BETTER hope Verizon doesnt price the Tao/Droid for $249 or less. If they do than Tmo will suffer epic FAIL. $349 for the TP2..$199 for the MT3G..overpriced “dumbphones” from Samsung..the BB 8520 for $129.the Dash 3G for $169? Ha! Hate to bring it up but the iPhone 3GS starts at $199..with 8G of storage and iTunes..smarten up Tmo..still got love for ya though.

  • Carl

    Actually the MT3G is $149, but I do agree some of the phones need at least fifty dollar price cuts.

  • JDean86

    Nobody knows if you can turn off or disable Blur in any way? Can you register a moto account directly from the phone? I haven’t seen the video yet I am away from a computer on my Shadow.

  • i work for tmobile..saw a video on it today at work..the registration does not involve gmail like the mytouch and g1..you use whatever email you want.

  • rtx

    @Russ yes gmail is there to use as all the google services are. Only difference is its not mandatory as on the other T-Mo Android devices.

  • LaNsLyDe


    yes you can register a motoblur account directly from the phone.

    it askes you to sign in or create a new account at first start up.

  • motoohoh

    Interface looks a little sluggish no?