Is T-Mobile Losing Their (Android) Thunder?

Google and Verizon announce partnership, love and new Android handsets to result
As some of you may know, there have been a bunch rumors (that are less rumor and more fact) about Verizon’s upcoming Android phone, the Motorola Sholes.  Well, Verizon and Google went semi-official and announced their (somewhat unlikely) partnership today.  While these companies have had disputes in the past, everything seems to be just peachy now.  In a press call, Verizon and Google said that they will be showing off two (so the Sholes and I am guessing something from HTC) Android phones in the coming weeks, at least one of which is supposed to be a “game changer.”  Not only that, but Verizon is taking a step back from controlling their phones and becoming an “open carrier” by allowing Google Voice and, of course, the Android Market.  Sure, none of this sounds like T-Mobile news, but think about the impact this could have on T-Mobile’s Android sales (and thunder), especially given that Sprint is also making a move with the Hero.  With this, I leave you to make your own opinions and share them in the comments–and you will see my ramblings on the matter soon.  In other words, think of this as an open comment day.

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