Is T-Mobile Losing Their (Android) Thunder?

Google and Verizon announce partnership, love and new Android handsets to result
As some of you may know, there have been a bunch rumors (that are less rumor and more fact) about Verizon’s upcoming Android phone, the Motorola Sholes.  Well, Verizon and Google went semi-official and announced their (somewhat unlikely) partnership today.  While these companies have had disputes in the past, everything seems to be just peachy now.  In a press call, Verizon and Google said that they will be showing off two (so the Sholes and I am guessing something from HTC) Android phones in the coming weeks, at least one of which is supposed to be a “game changer.”  Not only that, but Verizon is taking a step back from controlling their phones and becoming an “open carrier” by allowing Google Voice and, of course, the Android Market.  Sure, none of this sounds like T-Mobile news, but think about the impact this could have on T-Mobile’s Android sales (and thunder), especially given that Sprint is also making a move with the Hero.  With this, I leave you to make your own opinions and share them in the comments–and you will see my ramblings on the matter soon.  In other words, think of this as an open comment day.

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  • watbetch

    I think it’s just peachy that Verizon is basically saying Apple and AT&T can take their jesusPhone, their tiny 3G network and just shove it. I’m also glad that a much larger carrier is picking up Android, it’ll just spread the love around for all users.

    Sprint – T-Mobile – Verizon all have Android and it feels soooo good. While the iPhone is just stuck at AT&T.

  • Galen20K

    I think its wonderful that we’re getting Android on all of the Carriers but I really think T-Mobile has acted WAY TOO SLOW with its Head start advantage with it. We should have had the KILLER Android phones that everybody would want First.

    I have to say I’m a little disappointed with the way they handled all of this.

    With that said I still Love T-Mobile and I hope they start lighting a Fire under their bottoms.

  • 30014

    Tmo has had a 1 year head start over the competition with android. Google says they have a game changer coming to vz. Why can’t Tmo get a high end android phone, I don’t know who to blame about that Tmo or Google. But considering that Tmo was the first and only 1 willing to give android a chance, I think we should have the game changing android phone not vz. As usual Tmo picks out phones aimed at the teens. Tmo have faith that your customers will buy true high end phones, I know I would. And please no one respond with anything about the cliq or the mytouch. While both are smartphones neither is high end.

  • coloradogray

    @30014 : Actually, I will respond about the Moto Cliq. Right now, the rumor is that VZW is getting moto android devices. at this point, I can’t say the cliq is horribly impressive in features or that moto blur business. I have to sa T-Mobile squandered the advantage they had, but I don’t see people jumping ship in droves to either VZW or certainly not Sprint over android either, sadly. If android came out at or around the time the iphone did originally things might be different, but Android in and of itself just hasn’t been able to make a serious splash.

    Still, doing better than the Pre though.

  • M.I.

    I think its a good thing for android to be spreading throughout diff phone companies. But let’s be realistic here. Most people who have t-mobile are people who don’t wanna have a $200 bill for a One line service. So either way t-mobile still wins as far as customers.

  • Tony

    T-mobile is late when it comes to just about everything. They had a 1 year headstart on the competition yet the competition is about to release a bunch of android handsets that are far better than the G1 and mytouch. They also need to learn how to market their own company and handsets better. Individuality does not tell the consumer what the phone actually does. While I understand they have made great strides from when they took over voice stream, they are at a stand still when it comes to new postpaid subscribers. T-mobile needs to continue to increase it’s coverage footprint (not just 3g either) especially the rural areas, and revamp its entire marketing campaign. Improve those two things along with continuing to step up it’s handset selection are the keys to catching up to the big boys.

  • Shhon75

    Man oh man T-Mo or T-DUH. Dropped the ball with Android. Right after My Touch they should of had The HERO Then too show everyone that thy really want to compete then come with the Sholes/TAO/Droid!!! I’m thinking about jumping ship to Big RED just for the phone. T-Mobile hasn’t learn that hardware sells (PHONES). We will pay for them. Just look at the IPhone great phone but it’s stuck at AT&T for now. People left Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon in droves for the IPhone and people are still leaving and everyone knows AT&T 3G & voice reception SUCKS!. Two more of my friends left T-Mobile for AT&T/Apple’s phone. Sprint learned their lesson. They released the PRE and now the HERO. Both are winners. I’m in a predicament because I have the loyalty free minutes and grandfathered in the 19.99 data plan with T-Mobile. I just found out my employer we give me 20% off on phones, 25% of Minutes and no activation at Verizon and AT&T.

  • 30014

    @Coloradogray…I agree with what u r saying, I guess I’m saying tmo should do a better job of selecting hardware. Android is android, skinning and hardware are going to be the differentiaters. I don’t know if u have heard about the specs for the sholes, but if accurate it will be the most advanced android phone to date. You would think tmo would’ve tried to get it. No one will likely switch carriers because of it, but it would be nice to be able to get it with out switching to vz. Hopefully tmo gets it together before my contract is up.

  • Iasthai

    Its all well and good that Android is spreading to all the other carriers, but I sure don’t miss Verizon and their highbills. As a former Verizon customer who fled to T-Mobile I can speak firsthand. My bills with Verizon used to be $200+ every month! Now with T-Mobile my bill is less than half of that. Almost $80 a month! So in my opinion T-Mobile is doing just fine. They need to continue their aggressive 3G expansion, and keep rolling out the Android phones. People will go to Verizon, get their shiny new Motorola Sholes, and then they’ll have a $200+ phone bill staring them in the face and decide maybe the grass was greener on the other side.

  • JDean86

    Tmo did it first. The others are going to do it right. Sad to say.

    I have my eye on the Cliq and I am watching the Behold 2 tentatively.

    Nothing could make me go back to Sprint. Verizon doesn’t do anything for me. At&t is too expensive and customer service blows. Let them have their android phones. I am happy with Tmo.

    If only the data plans were cheaper.

  • jojojack

    verizon is self-ish, they need to not get in tmobiles business and leave them with android phones, they can stick with LG.

  • T-Mobile’s constant achilles heal is its phones. Android is great, but the current phones are lacking in both design, price, and features. Compared to what is coming out, including Exchange enabled Android, T-Mobile is behind the pack. And let me guess that Verizon is gonna be cheaper, just like they are on the TP2 (luckily I got mine for free from T-Mobile, just got it today).

    And don’t give me the crap that Verizon is that much more expenisve. Data on T-Mobile is $25, on Verizion its $30. For voice get 600 for $39.99 on T-Mobile and 450 on Verizon. Depending your needs, you would spend $5 more a month.

  • krivak

    wow this isnt news…isnt this what the android thing is all about, being on many different phones on different carriers??? welcome to open source, i love it

  • Kuvee

    Okay, T-Mobile has the Cliq coming out which seems better than Verizon’s Sholes. Why refuse to acknowledge that T-Mobile has been trying to provide for people that just don’t appreciate what the company has been doing. Everyone is so hyped on iPhone when it’s nothing more than a status symbol of look at how much money I have to blow! Now it’s OH Verizon is finally coming out with a google phone. Isn’t Verizon who has been moving slow? T-Mobile introduced series of phones that are affordable and easy to use. But of course, no one wants to recongize that. Its T-Mobile is behind of curve ball yet again. Go figure. From my point of view, if anything happened that T-Mobile goes out of business, it will be what happened to great companies like T-Mobile.

  • watbetch

    Uh, but T-Mobile is cheaper. $39.99 gets you 1000 minutes or 600 minutes with unlimited nights and weekends or 300 with MyFaves. You can’t get any of that with Verizon. They also have a 29.99 voice option with 300 minutes and unlimited weekends. Seems pretty cheap to me.. pile that onto $34.99 for unlimited msgs and Data, how is it not cheaper again?

  • smoker337

    You know I think that Tmo is great. I use the mytouch and while it may not be the best hardware on the market it does what I need it to. I am able to bend it at will to what I want it to do and not what the carrier has told me it can do. Verizon is so much that it drives me away just because of their prices….i dont care what phones they may or may not have. At&t….well i had an iphone and it just didnt proform like it should have….but android is an open source…so let it be on what ever carrier it wants to be and choose who you like….

  • acsteffy87

    I think T-mobiles next move should be to talk to Apple. now I’m not saying that I want the iPhone, just saying it would be a good step for the company. and Apple wouldn’t have to change the technology as drastically as they would if they were to go to Verizon. We are already seeing other iphone-exclusivities fizzle out around the world, how long until it fizzles out here in the U.S.

  • rushmore

    Sholes should have been Tmo’s. Instead, they have went with the wimpy Cliq. Same old chipset, non accelerated video and smaller screen than G1.

    Sholes IS the game changer and will clean everyone elses clock in regards to Android. To make matters worse, Verizon has exclusivity with this Sholes model. Will Tmo get a gimped version with no keyboard?

  • rushmore

    “Cliq is better than the Sholes” ????!!!!!!

    Cliq = 3.1 screen 3240X420 , Old 7201 chipset and same low memory as G1

    Sholes = 3.7 screen 800X480, new 600mhz, DSP, acclerated video chipset, 512megs app memory and 16 GIGS built in for media AND a micro SD slot.

    Who you be kiddin’?


    T-Mobile did drop the ball with the entire advertising campaign. People know about our phones but USP (unique selling proposition) is completely void from all of T-Mobile advertising. Yes MyTouch is completely customizable but that’s not why people should switch. Looks like T-Mobile really dropped the ball on the entire android OS and new devices! Hopefully they can turn it around bc I LOVE my Magenta! COME ON TMO!!!!


    I meant devoid

  • umaluver

    Should probably wait till the Cliq pre-sale and release has passed before the judgement begins. They cant exactly start talking about future releases until the Cliq has been shoved out the door. Marketing and contracts and business ethics… you know?

    Also, the big WM 6.5 hoopla went down today. So maybe the next big announcement is right around the corner. Their 4th android phone, or N900, or somthing with the words tegra or snapdragon involved. *shrug*

  • 30014

    @kuvee… what r u smoking? The sholes blows the cliq out of the water. Check the specs before u make blind comments.

  • Luis

    People cant even compare Verizon plans with T-mobile plans cuz thats a waste of time T-mobile will always have a better deal then them. and as for the android game going from what i see T-mobile will have more Android phones ……

    they still have that behold 2 that samsung phone bigfoot i think thats the name… the highly awaited Huawei U8230 / T-Mobile Pulse and iam pretty dam sure t-mobile has some other HTC android phones coming …..and i say that the HTC Click aka Tattoo is the mytouch 3g mini for a lower cost Android phone and hey low cost that sounds like T-mobile to me.

    so thats what 6 Android phones we all know that will be in Tmobile colors
    T-mobile G1
    Mytouch 3G
    Motorola Cliq (coming)
    Huawei U8230 / T-Mobile Pulse (coming)
    Behold 2 (coming)
    Samsung Bigfoot (coming)
    hopefully the HTC Tattoo sounds like a Tmo cell
    so Tmo is still in the game big time into the game of Android

    and we all know what that game changer android cell from htc to Verizon is going to be the HTC Dragon. But dont ever rule out Tmo in getting more powerful android phones its all just getting started

    T-mobile (6)
    Verizon (2)
    Sprint (1)
    At@t (1) which is the HTC Landcaster but i thought it was suppose to have been out

    if iam wrong with anything i just said correct me but i dont feel like i am

  • Luis

    one more thing and seriously yea that Motorola sholes may be high end with a nice hardware but i bet u my life that the phone will be expensive like there carrier is and who would jump to Verizon for that??? sure as hell not me.

    i also bet u this they are going to have some problem having 1 more flagship phone along side there BB Storm 2 wait no 2 more flagship phones the Moto one and the HTC Dragon

  • Dan

    Verizon is the devil….I feel dirty about my green guy sleeping with big red

  • ali

    I think the iphone was an exception rather than the rule in the US mobile business. Most folks that ‘upgraded’ to the iphone were the same people who thought that the motorola ‘razr’ was Gods gift to man. And unfortunately, that happened to be most of the good old USA at the time. So the iphone shocked the US market in this way. When tmo released the G1, it wasn’t something new [ android was but not the big touchscreen thing]. In fact, outside of a small following nobody cared. You didn’t get people camping in the streets outside the Apple stores/At&t stores. It had a lot of features but it was ugly and bulky. But most importantly, it didn’t bring anything really new. Yea it ran Android [and maybe more functional than the iphone], but it was just another touch screen phone [ again I stress an bulky, ugly one] that was competing with that ‘cool ‘ apple product. Now that Android is here there and everywhere, t-mobile will having nothing unique and will return to its normal mundane self [ and thats too bad].

  • pecoy

    wasent tmobile going to be releasing the second version of the G1?? im hoping that that is the next big android phone for tmo by this holiday season….at least 3.5″ capacitive screen,gps,wifi,bluetooth,slide out qwerty,3.5mm jack,android 2.0 with flash, 5 megapixel camera..maybe thats what the rumored “HTC DRAGON” is??

  • Matt

    man, I check this website each and every morning and it can be so frustrating at times (or always, haha).

    I love TMobile and have been out of contract for 2 years but UGHHH, step it up already! I agree with some people that have said all our phones are aided at tweens. Get us some nice headsets! (aka Sholes).

    My situation is difficult because I absolutely need a phone that works overseas (been to 9 countries this year alone) so my choices are TMobile and ATT. Now, I also need to be able to call at least one number (the girlfriend) without worrying about minutes. If ATT had a myfaves-esque promotion (that was reasonably priced) I’m sorry to say but I’d be gone today. OR, if Sprint phones worked internationally….again I’d be gone today (more like yesterday, haha). I can get a Pre for $100 AND only pay 70 bucks a month for EVERYTHING. I want that so bad and it kills me that the only reason I can’t is because they can’t make phones that’ll work overseas.

    When I signed up for TMobile years ago it made sense….now it’s not that it makes sense and more that in my situation it’s the unfortunate only choice

  • namo

    Please…..Verizon have a history of stripping their phones. You think this new line up of andriod they got will steal the thunder of tmo. Bwahahahaha…….

  • g_willi

    This is great for Android. I agree completely with everything @watbetch wrote. iPhone = one phone on one network = boring. Android = many phones on all networks = choice. This was the plan from the beginning, but it has taken about a year to get here.

    I think T-Mobile picked up a lot of new customers due to the promise of an Android phone. I have several friends who switched to TMo to get a G1. That’s good for TMo, but I feel slighted that I still can’t use my G1 on 3G without traveling to nearby smaller cities. Maybe that’s not T-Mobile’s fault — maybe it is — I still haven’t heard definitively why Cincinnati doesn’t have 3G. However, if T-Mobile is not going to cover all the US, then I want to have the choice to use an Android phone on a network that covers where I use it.



  • foefoe

    tmobile will always and forever be behind when it comes to android or any other software that is up to date with today’s network technology. tmobile has by far the worst 3g network in the USA. it would take millions of dollars for them to catch up or compete with the other 3g networks out there. as we all know sprint is already working on 4g. go figure…

  • no3g

    tmobile’s main problem is that they dont have 3g hardly anywhere, even in the large cities in the US. they continue to release 3g phones but dont have the network to back it up. all manufactures who make 3g phones should cut all ties with tmobile until they can get a bigger 3g network. mark my word tmobiles down fall will come from their lack of faster network speeds. i mean, its 2009… COME ON SON!

  • Tony W.

    I’m a T-Mo employee, & I think it’s decent that Verizon is stepping up to accept Android. Whether their Android device(s) are as good as T-Mo’s remains to be seen, & as for the Hero that Sprint is getting, from what I’ve been reading review wise, it still needs work regarding processor speeds & what not (hence the reason that there’s already an update for the ph & Sprint hasn’t even officially released the ph yet). I still say T-Mo opened the way for Android, & from what I’ve heard, we have a Samsung Android device on the way soon too (not sure how true that is yet).

  • JH

    see ya T-mobile!! Hello, Sprint HTC Hero!!!! Just a few more days! Should have release the Cliq this week!!

    T-mobile = dumb!!

  • jmts80

    I don’t think T-mobile screwed up with Android or waited to long. I think they simply went the route they always go appeal to tweens, teens, and continue to be the low cost budget carrier. Sure there are those of us that want more 3G coverage and high end smart phones but we are a minority compared to the people that want cheap plans, free phones and teeny-bopper sidekicks and phones like that. Just my 2 cents!

  • Luis

    everyone that talks bs about t-mobiles network is nuts… yea they are last in the 3g game but they are rolling out more 3g fast and with there jump into hspa+ sez alot even tho its only in one place being tested its faster then the other carriers.

    as far as sprints 4g wimax network lol thats going to kill them in the end. i mean come on i dont like Verizon and even they are going with 4g lte. thats going to cost them alot of money to change there cdma network to a gsm based network that will give them the lte 4g. they no wimax isnt the way of going with 4g it would only have killed them.

    verizon will be last in 4g watch with all there footprint having to be changed and costing them an arm and a leg

    T-mobile will surprise everyone network wise by jumping and getting hspa+ and 4g faster and with better hardware phones


    HELLO WORLD!!!!!

    T-Mobile never had any Android thunder. Not even a slight rumble. Very weak showing of hardware and the marketing sucked. Nothing short of what we always get from T-Mobile.

    I’m hoping the turnaround rumors for the company are true. How can you be happy with being #4 in this market and tout having the best customer service? If I wanted someone to speak to me nicely on the phone I’d dial up a sex chat line. I want sexy handsets.

    AT&T and Verizon will continue to upstage T-Mobile as long as T-Mo continues to blindly beleive customers don’t expect more of them. I sure hope the shareholders finally are realizing this.

  • antoine

    This is why tmo needs to carry the n900. You cant place all of your eggs in one basket. They need to carry a range of phones for everybody from the high end to the low end. Lets get moving tmo!!!

  • Mau

    The way I see it is that google is being a di**. My guess is that google, htc and the other android manufacturers give better phones to verizon because they have a much better network with more customers. Hey it’s obvious that all this companies will make more money out of verizon than tmobile. Solution? Tmobile needs a stronger 3G network, hey if this means that they have to raise their prices, I think is a good idea to do so, I mean think about it, we want a faster and a stronger network. Bottom line is that google and the android partners think that tmobile has a shitty network and obviously they are not gonna make a lot of profit from it, don’t get me wrong I love tmobile but their phones are just a pos

  • Luis

    so i guess what the problem is with people and t-mobile is that they offer some low cost phones and alot of messaging phones that means t-mobile is a teens network????

    iam sorry but someone help me out but that seems way to much bs to me

    low cost phones and plans only means they want to offer the right prices to everyone.
    doesnt mean there just a teen company….. o watch t-mobile gets a really high end phone and high price then people going to start bs ing about ooo no thats to much …. o come on wasnt that what ya wanted a (none teen company more high end) plzzzz people dont know what they want anymore find the smallest problem with everything

    low cost phones (teens)
    high end phones (mature) plzzz i call that affordability

    t-mobile the right prices the right plans…..choose the type of phone u want with the right features at a right price point and we all know tmobile has a bunch of choices…….. if u aint a t-mobile fan or anything like that then why are u in a Tmo news site reading about there business???????? doesnt seem right to me

  • donosaur

    have you guys even seen screens of the sholes? That is one UGLY phone. it doesn’t have Blur either. That may not be a big deal but i think the more customized versions of Android the better. The only thing Tmo is missing is Sense UI on the MT3G. I firmly believe the G1v2 is going to be the HTC Dragon with its Snapdragon CPU and Sense UI. Oh yeah and the VZW “Gamechanger” is the CDMA Hero just like the one coming out on Sprint.

  • D

    I am sorry to say I do plan on jumping ship to VZW for the Sholes/Tao. I love Tmo and left that awful trainwreck that is ATT to get there earlier this year. I’m happy to have had an Android device but now something better has come along and I’m moving into the next generation. That, and VZ has simply put more into their network in the area I live in. On Tmo, I put up with maybe two bars and GPRS at my house for months… and I live in the center of town. Anyone else would complain about it but I held out because I know Tmo will have 3G here long before ATT. Believe me, I mention this to my iPhone-owning friends every day. In the end, the right combination of hardware and network dictate where I go, and I think VZ has it with the Sholes/Tao.

  • SEFan

    Well, Big Red was bound to do SOMETHING. They were getting beaten like a gong in the smartphone arena. To me AT&T seems the loser in all this. They have high customer dissatisfaction numbers, their 3G network isn’t as dense as VZW and apparently not very reliable either. And now Verizon is going straight after them. A cautionary note for any carrier seeking to increase their smartphone presence: you better have a robust network behind it. I hope T-Mo’s is up to the task as more of us start using those MyTouches, Cliqs and Behold 2s, not to mention when the Blackberry 9700 finally drops…

    I’m less than enthused about T-Mobile’s venture into Android, but still hopeful. The MyTouch, for all its faults, seems a reasonable “consumer” smartphone, in the space where iPhone started. The Cliq may end up being a decent phone; the reviews I’ve read so far have been complimentary. The Behold 2 has enough features of the Galaxy that I’m tempted. I think the Android OS and the Market will be key in this. If the apps start to approach the iPhone App Store in diversity people will continue to get on board. In that respect the more Android players the better – that builds the critical mass that brings developers to the Market.

    Meanwhile, in the non-Android zone I’m hoping the Nokia N900 will drop. This looks like a very cool device, although the pricing is likely to be breathtaking.

    All in all I think we’re in reasonably good shape here.

  • 30014

    @Antoine…the n900 is not a game changing phone. Regardless of how good it will be the simple fact that its a Nokia hurts it. Nokia controls the mobile market the world over, well everywhere but the U.S.A. I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

  • James

    I think the Sholes/Droid/Tao will be a game changing phone because it will be quicker than the iPhone and for most people that will be the determinng factor. All these companies putting skins over Android to me is overrated. Playing with a iPhone 3GS over the weekend really impressed me. The $hit is fassst! Is Putting all these skins over Android really needed? Especially using 528 processors most companies are using. Maybe when companies start putting stronger processors than these skins will be worth it. I think it’s just sensory overload. Most people want a phone that does basic things and do them fast. The iPhone may not multitask like the Hero, but a average phone customer will see the difference in speed playing around with the phone. I mean Android is wayyy better than Winmo, so why all the customizing? To differentiate phones from the different companies? Fine that could be a valid point. I believe Android 2.0 will be good enough..for me anyway..just give me snappy phone with the right specs. Anything I need can be added thru the market. Just my 2 cents.

  • FILA

    The game changing device will be a 1GHz processor. possibly that Dragon. But I have a feeling that v2 were be gettin will be a ‘game changer’ device also.

  • tyler

    you guys you cant say the g1 wasnt a “gamechanger” of course it wasnt as slim as the ccol iphone but look at everything it did plus it had something i wanted that the iphone just didnt have/.a physical keyboard.and think how fat the iphone would of been with a would of been a loyal to tmobile and i was gonna get the cliq but at the price range and the recent news on the htc gonna hold of for a litttle bit.please let the dragon have a qwerty and physical keyboard while maintaining a slim design…
    oh and verizon can suck my 8—

  • timmyjoe42

    that sholes is nasty

  • TMOUSA sucks a$$!!! I just got my iPhone today and it is bad a$$!!! Can’t believe I waited this long to make the switch! I had no idea what I was missing! I was thinking the TP2 was going to be TMOUSA’s savior, and with their crappy price point, lack of exclusivity (on this phone and Android in general), they are going down.

    I am a lifetime Apple hater and wish Steve Jobs would die of pancreatic cancer already, but even I jumped to AT&T because this iPhone 3GS is so bad a$$. That says a lot about the demise of TMOUSA.

  • JohnnyB


  • mo

    We need 3g in ky!

  • Adrian

    I don’t understand how T-Mobile became such a loser when it comes to Android.For the love of god android is on all their main smart phones, and now the other two big companies Verizon and Sprint are getting better Android phones plus they have phones like the Palm Pre, and the BB Touch. I mean really what the hell, Verizon is getting Android 2.0 and Sprint is getting the best Android phone currently out the HTC Hero. While T-Mobile is getting the goddam Motorola Cliq :( I just don’t understand it are the T-Mobile ceo’s on crystal meth, what the hell are they going to do? Yeah and i get that T-Mobile is the only company in the US that has android phones currently common the MyTouch is not a big improvement over the G1, and they had a year to come up with a great device.

  • 30014

    @Adrian…u damn near took the words out of my mouth. How can u blow a 1 year head start over your competitors. Tmo better damn well make sure the g1v2 is better than the sholes. I’ll give them that long to see how they respond to this situation. And no the cliq is not a response. If we get another weak ass phone aimed at teens then I’m going to say to hell with it and just pay the extra 20 dollars a month and go to vz.

  • Moblow

    Everyones getting the Hero except Tmo. Whats up with that?!?!?! Next thing you know is that Metro will get it. Love Tmo but they need to get their act together and get some good phones. They are going to loose their Android edge!

  • CrazyRussian

    Really, really? I don’t understand the whining. The Motorola Sholes is nothing to get excited about, basic Android 1.6 with a 5 MP camera which goes to waste with the current camera software for Android. It’s also a CDMA phone which means bigger, bulkier device, and making it square is not going to make it pocket friendly; even the iPhone rounds the corners. T-Mobile did have a year to jump ahead on the competition with the Android phones but, let’s be honest, the software was too new to have any phone which could blow the competition out of the water. The Open Handset Alliance was never meant to be carrier specific, and while Verizon and Sprint are trying to figure out what it means to have an open platform handset, T-Mobile will already have a year’s worth of experience writing software and producing phones.

  • eYe


    Really? Sholes only has (out of all current offerings) bigger screen, more ram, better processor, better camera with (!) flash and 3.5mm headphone jack. May be now you can understand the whining.

  • J

    A few points :

    1. Getting into the Android game a year ahead in no way guarantees a larger cell company won’t bully to the front to get the best device. Verizon has more muscle in the US than any other carrier.

    2. Generally there is always a better handset just a month or two out. Sometimes you just have to chose a phone that is ready for mass production when you need it.

    3. No one knows what other devices T-Mobile may have in their sights currently. Perhaps T-Mobile is pushing away from Google a bit due to Google’s constraints on the UIs such as Sense.

    4. T-Mobile does not design or make handsets. I am sure they have some input, but no one here knows to what extent. Is it limited to color and form factor? Or do they have a say in memory and processor?

  • 30014

    @crazyrussian….the sholes is rumored to launch with eclair(2.0) not donut(1.6).

  • cougle

    t-mobile is getting the iphone. Why do you think they are upgrading to hspa+? Look at Bell in Canada, they upgraded their 3g network and boom they have the iphone. People will be leaving att and droves when the hspa+ iphone comes out next year.