What Should T-Mobile Do?


Seeming as you have found your way here, to TmoNews (selfless promotion), you probably care a little about what we have to say.  While David has presented his opinions in articles before, this here is my turn to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys in this case).  If you are willing to give me a listen (read) (and then express your own (rebuttal) opinions in the comments) then head past the break to read the first (of many, if all goes well) series of The Ramblings of Andrew.

T-Mobile is at a crossroads and it seems like they are following the path blind (to us, at least).  What some of us have failed to realize, though, is that T-Mobile is one of the major four carriers in the United States.  It is because of this that they have credence over what they decide to do in today’s mobile market.  They have a plan, and it may lead us to cell phone Nirvana in the future.  With a dedication to LTE and HSPA+ speeds in the foreseeable future (seriously, right around the bend), T-Mobile USA is shaping up to be a mainstream competitor.  Sure, T-Mobile was late to the 3G game and they don’t have the blanket coverage that some carriers offer, but when 3G is available (and I am lucky enough to be in one of those places) it just works, and it works well.  If you really think about it, things can only get better and we don’t have to worry about some of the network woes that other carriers have a knack of dumping on their customers (plus, we have mms messaging).  T-Mobile’s network coverage is, at the current state, a work in progress, but it is spreading fast and will be jumping up in speeds soon.  So, keep your eyes open and look out for that 3G icon on your phone, it is bound to happen one of these days.

While network coverage is only one of our concerns, phone selection is undoubtedly the most important aspect of T-Mobile.  Let’s start with the famous Windows Mobile beast, the Touch Pro 2.  T-Mobile was the first US carrier to make this business phone available, and all went well, especially when Sprint came in and offered the same phone (add in a 3.5 mm head phone jack) for the same 350 dollars that we were complaining about.  That is just good business practice, if you ask me.  However, Verizon came in, like the big shots they make themselves out to be, and offer up the same phone, with the 3.5 mm headphone jack as well, for 200 dollars.  Hold on here, that is $150 less than any other company, but think about how much more you pay in the long run.  What is interesting though is that Sprint, who is clearly trying to make a move in the mobile market (more on this later), is offering their TP2 for the same $200 price tag as Verizon, as long as you are a business customer.  Now, poor customer service and network issues aside, Sprint can give T-Mobile a run for its money when it comes to voice and data plans.  This really puts a strain on the pricing of T-Mobile’s, and later AT&T’s, Touch Pro 2.  If economics has anything to say about it, and I sure hope it does, then both GSM carriers will be offering up the TP2 for $200, just to match the market price.  If you ask me, though, keeping the TP2 at $350 isn’t some horrible crime, especially after you recover from the sticker shock and realize what you will be saving in the long run.

Now, let’s be honest, T-Mobile hasn’t invested nearly as much in Windows Mobile (to the dismay of some) as they have Android.  Being the first to offer up an Android phone really put T-Mobile on the map and they seem to want to stay there.  With the G1, MyTouch 3G and Cliq (available by early November), T-Mobile will have the most Android phones in its lineup.  Do these phones, though, have the ability to compete with the upcoming Android offerings of Sprint and Verizon?  T-Mobile, for the first time, will be competing for Android attention and I think they have a viable shot at succeeding for this year, and even more in the future.  While Sprint’s Hero has been creating a lot of buzz in the mobile world, it essentially has the exact same specs as the MyTouch.  Along the same lines, while the Sense UI is something special (at least in my mind), isn’t Blur shaping up to be just as nice? (and let’s not forget what rooting can accomplish).  In this way, T-Mobile has Sprint beat, especially with more Android phone options.  Next up to the Android party is Verizon, with the mysterious Motorola Sholes, which just isn’t your standard sliding qwerty.  This phone is capable of some serious competition, with a 3.7 inch capacitive touch screen, slide out qwerty and higher rated specs, all in a 14 mm thin package.  While this beast of an Android phone will be sliding in to Verizon, you can bet that the voice and data plans will cost you an arm and a leg, plus Verizon stands the chance of cannibalizing Android sales by releasing the Storm 2, HTC Imagio and Samsung Omnia II all within a month of each other.  All in all, T-Mobile has a great standing with Android for the rest of the year.

This leads us to the future, what should T-Mobile do?  In my opinion, T-Mobile should continue what they have going for them.  They should continue to roll out and update 3G, all while working on LTE.  While beefing up their network they have active plans to bring a plethora of Android phones to the market, from all sorts of manufacturers, with styles to match anyone and at all different price points.  This development of Android will bolster T-Mobile’s connection with Google, and Android, and seemingly make it the Android carrier.  Android isn’t all that needs to be focused on, however.  T-Mobile’s Blackberry selection keeps growing, and the 3G 9700 will just build on the already long standing relationship with RIM.  Also, while I am not a huge fan of Windows Mobile, I believe that T-Mobile should expand on their WM choices, just to bolster their business offerings.  Let us not forget, though, that not everyone is up for smart phones, and their accompanying data plans, so T-Mobile should continue to pride itself on a low cost carrier and offer a number of feature rich, low-end phones.  With this, I think T-Mobile will be poised to make some big leaps in the mobile market.

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  • sidekickuser

    i agree.

  • dave

    good write up.

    make an android phone with some muscle. whoever does that first wins.

  • T-mobile should subsidize the n900. It’s the only phone with enough power and pazazz to compete with the sholes, iphone, and pre. Not knocking the g1, mytouch or cliq… they just don’t have the processing power and on-board memory as the big boys. I really want an android phone, but I really don’t want to jump ship to verizon…and the current t-mobile android line-up just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Scott

    Tmobile must come out with a touch screen 3G Blackberry soon. I know the 9700 will be available shortly, but that phone is just the Curve 8900 with 3G. Please, oh please, release the 9520 GSM Storm 2 for Tmo!

  • batman26

    I also agree.

  • Rick

    Well, interesting advice, but basically you’re recommending TMO be all things to all users – Smartphones, business phones, coool Android phones for geeks, and of course cheap phones for the low end.

    Easy advice to give. For me:

    – Maintain customer service. This is more important than many carriers realize, and both fosters growth and reduces churn.
    – Stay lean, keep plan prices low. Stay profitable, of course.
    – Focus on phones with distinguishing features; G1 and Cliq are good examples, and snagging a hot RIM phone on a regular basis are the strategies here.
    – Expand coverage, which means expanding bandwidth. The Clearwire option works here. There will be other opportunities, I suspect.
    – Bring on new products carefully. 3G modems, for instance. @Home is a case in point. More mindshare, leverage the network again and again.

    Verizon loses market because they nickel&dime you for everything. AT&T is suffering under an overloaded network. Sprint has the unenviable reputation of both poor customer service and poor coverage. The MVNOs don’t count. TMO has opportunity here to make money…

  • missjuliebaby

    I totally agree! Especially with the cost of phones. Yes they may be a little higher than on some other carriers. That’s why I didn’t mind paying the out right price for the mytouch because I only pay 80 something dollars a month, but I will be getting the Motorola CLiq–just because I love motorola phones and I’m a social networking person–, compared as if I were with Verizon I’d be paying at least $120-$130. So overrall, you would be paying more. I think T-mobile is the best carrier ever. I’ve been with Sprint ,Nextel, Boost, Verizon & Sprint. and T-Mobile has the best service. Even though it doesn’t have 3g in my area [Indiana] It’s still the best price and best service I’ve had. Verizon would come 2nd but there prices are wayyy to high–thats something I think business people can maintain with, not me. Keep doing what you are doing.. :)

  • William ibarra

    I agree 2 plus att have problems of the own cant keep up they 3g I have come acroos a lot ppl whit iphone having a lot problems like drop calls and delate on text. Verizion to expensive. Sprint sux ass yea we will give them credit for hero but thats all



  • cougle

    I think the resaon why t-mobile is upgrading to hspa+ by the middle of next year is to be ready for the hspa+ iphone that they are going to launch next year.

  • TheGuyWhoReallyWantedACliq

    I disagree. I was previously a Sprint user. I am honestly reconsidering. If the reports are correct, Sprint is getting the HTC Hero and a new Samsung phone soon. Both packing Android. That puts them in the ballpark to compete with T-mobile in the Android department. The Hero looks and feels better to a user than a MyTouch 3G, and for the same price. As for the Cliq, the expected price is way higher than peoples expectations (Check My Name). $199 for hardware that’s similar to what the G1 is not going to cut it. If Verizon, who is windows mobile central, can put the HTC Touch Pro 2 for $200 and ATT can place an iPhone for $99 bucks it’s sad to see T-Mobile pushing the Cliq for $199. T-Mobile needs to boost their phone selections quickly. Their options honestly do suck right now. MyTouch 3G and Cliq isn’t going to switch people from Sprint/Verizon to T-Mobile. People will stick with sucky customer support for a cool phone. Look at ATT for example.

  • JL

    I thought T-Mobile hasn’t committed to LTE yet and that that’s why they’re gung ho for HSPA+.

  • I think T-Mobile really needs to get some high end Nokia devices, that would really put them upto par with European carriers and put them ahead of the fold in regards to American carriers.

    Also, regardless of Verizon being possibly more expensive per month (Though if you get basic minutes and data its only about $5-10 more), the consumer will see the initial price of $199 and go for it. As evidenced with the iPhone, even though the ultimate cost is the long term, the drop in initial price really spurred sales.

    Sure the iPhone may not have everything, but get one for $99 that has 8GB of storage and GPS and a good OS and a good touchscreen and then think you can compete with higher priced android that has 1-2GB of storage and not nearly the amount of Apps is stupid. Sure you might argue for about a keyboard or hackability. But the myTouch 3G has no keyboard. And most people don’t hack their phones, they add apps from the respective app stores or load them from their PC if possible.

  • Jesse

    You know I completly agree. It was pretty interesting this last week to sit down with three top dogs of Tmobile and be able to have a conversation about things to improve. Discussing rate plans to compete and also at the same time providing a better stable service to make sure the tmobile customers are having a good customer experience. I think over the next few months there will be a lot of more noticeable changes to improve system stability, services, rate plan changes, and better phones being provided to tmobile.
    The biggest concern I think with the cut backs this last year was a huge issue for customers. T-mobile sure didnt see that coming but with budgetting the economic slump, T-mobile’s stock holders should receive a better quote in business expectations of what we can actually deliver for next year.

  • why not add the number one mobile manufacturer of smartphones to the deck??

  • Kickstar13

    Awesome write-up Andrew! I have a strong feeling tmobile will be offering the iPhone next year. This should definitely increase sales and the number of subscribers, considering that mre than Hal the customers on AT&T with iPhone’s hate AT&T.

    Also I wish tmobile would maybe get higher end Nokia phones and newest Blackberry devices. You have to realize everyone doesn’t like android.

  • mikeeeee

    i’ve been with them since voice stream/ariel days and i aint goin’ nowhere.

    i left verizon when they were nynex.

    i left att before they were part of cingular.

    i had a sprint data card while a t-mo customer and dumped it.

    t-mo is the best and i live in wifionly, tennessee.

    only thing i want is a UMA android.

  • It’s official — I ordered my iPhone 3GS via my employer sponsored plan! Bye bye TMOUSA — you were a good deal back in the day since 2003 but you just haven’t kept up with the phone offerings, lack of exclusivity (see TP2, and top Android phones ala HTC Hero, and pricing). Not so much of a deal anymore. And, the iPhone apps store recently broke 2 billion downloads, nothing else comes close.

    Since I’m in Southern California, I’m already on AT&T towers anyway, and they chip your phone so that you get worse signal with a T-Mobile phone. I compared with my sister’s identical AT&T phone and my T-Mobile phone, she got a signal in the garage and I couldn’t, with the phones put down side by side. WEAK! iPhone here I come! F*CK the TP2 and it’s $350 2-year contract pricing.

  • Brandon

    These r my thoughts on what Tmobile should work on.

    .Mobile TV
    .Including unlimited internet in your $99.99 unlimited minute plan.
    .Adding towers to the states that don’t either have coverage or very little coverage
    .Put an extra signal attenna in the phones for when people who gointo certain building and houses
    .Make every phone that you have 3g and wifi capable
    .Start nights at 7pm
    .Have roaming agreements with Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint
    .Have unlimited text and picture messing between Tmobile customers
    .Come up with more phones that have the full qwerty keyboards, touch screens, and touchscreen with keyboard
    .Charge $19.99 for unlimited text,picture,video,instant messaging, and internet for both pda and non pda phones
    .Make every phone have GPS services
    .Have roolover minutes
    .Get some LG phones
    .Make commericals about how good nthe services are at Tmobile

  • Travis Jacobs

    T-Mobile has a quality that counts that none of the other carriers have. That quality is truly real customer service. When you have a contact with them, especially by phone, you are treated as a valued customer and spoken to as if you live next door. That kind of rapport with customers is rare thing nowdays. During Hurricane Ike I called to buy more minutes since our home phone was still out and the cell was the only mode of communications. They gave me minutes. Anytime I have a problem they try to help me. They even sent techs to a tower in a remote area to see if my signal in the country could be improved when we go to a second home on weekends. As long as I’m treated this way, I think I’ll be a loyal customer. Whoever in TMo decided to train all personnel in good PR should get a raise. It was a good decision.

  • Moose

    just stop forcing people to get data plans with phones

  • Rob

    Hum! This is a well written passionate propaganda piece.
    I’ve been with Deutsch Telekom for about 7 years.
    Throughout those 7 seven years they have provided me with good reception and bad data service.
    However, their customer service has really kept me with them.
    I once had sprint and I can state that they are bad handling customers and their CS leaves a lot to be desired. However, their DATA connection has always been far superior than T-Mo’s.
    I have friends in Miami who can talk every where with Sprint and AT&T while I have to look for a bar.
    However, since T-Mo is cheaper I stayed with them.
    In the last couple of months Sprint has really made an interesting appeal to where it matters, the pocket.
    Their family plan also includes sprint tv, turn by turn gps and unlimited minutes to any network in the states and shared data (Something T-Mo should have thought about since the introduction of the sidekick.).
    With 4 phones, 2500 mins, 4 data and unlimted text, I’d be spending over $60 xtra with T-Mo rather than Sprint.
    The fact that T-Mo has the TP2 w/o a 3.5 jack and $150 more is not something to spin. Against Sprint that is $150+ at initial cost plus you have to carry a USB adapter to listen to music or TV.
    T-Mo has been promising a lot of updates with DATA and they have really taken a back seat.
    Even their investors in Germany are asking what’s going on with T-Mo America.
    They let AT&T supersede them in the 3G race.
    If they had money to merge with Orange they had the money long ago when the economy was good to actually do something about the data coverage and phone coverage.
    As a 7 year customer I’m not bitter. I just feel they rested and counted on the fact that everyone knows they have excellent customer service.
    I happily paid $25 for a year to get EDGE connection on my G1 80 percent of the time.
    Ultimately, I think T-Mo could offer more and could have been a lot more diligent expanding their services.
    Sadly, they are know either going to buy Sprint or share expenses with METRO PCS to build a HSPA+ network together.

  • Maddy

    In addition to what Rick mentioned about

    – It would be awesome if T-Mobile pioneered the concept of SIM-only contracts in the US, which are far too common in Europe but are almost non-existent in the US. Cheaper plans with no included cost of subsidizing the phones and giving users true freedom of choice on the phones will help T-Mobile not being forced to fight on the handset front. The competition may have all the cool phones they want when customers would just buy them and use them with T-Mobile at the end.

  • Julacho

    T-Mobile USA is missing A HUGE MONSTROUSLY BIG market called….IMMIGRANTS..

    1st there are 50 million Spanish speakers, some born in the US some not, mostly 95% with families in Mexico and South America. Metro PCs is offering for 5 bucks to call unlimited to all the Americas, China, Australia, Europe..you pay just 5 bucks extras a month. If T-Mobile does that it will gain MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS, is a no brainier.

    2nd there are immigrants from China, India etc who call back to their countries using calling cards expending in average 20 bucks a month plus they have a cell phone, WHY NOT CREATE AN UNLIMITED WORLD PLAN you can do it now with Metro PCs.
    T Mobile can easily make these international calls VOIP.

    Please T-Mobile be wise and play hard, you can EASILY transfer to your side 10 million customers in a short time, create a campaign(unlimited international calls) and people will line up to sing for your products.

  • bigs12

    I agree, Tmobile is going in the right direction. I think they need a touch screen BB (The magnum) whould be nice, also WM phone for you WM lovers out there and more android phones that are slimmer style, 8g internal memory min, faster Processor, 5mm headphone jack, 8 MegaPixel Camera etc… @Brandon i like you points i can roll with those ideas.

  • Maddy

    O. And one more thing…

    T-Mobile: You introduced an excellent technology such as UMA and then keep it subdued with such a lackluster selection of phones for it. Give it a bigger push and improve the selection of your UMA phones, please?

  • Hurlamania

    T-Mobile has good plans and Decent phones but they could do a lot better and very easily as well. T-Mobile has the ability to Jump to the top or at least make a giant leap but don’t.
    First Off with Phones. The most popular phones are high end Nokia phones, N97 N95 ect… They sell like hotcakes on ebay and elsewhere for Hundreds of dollars. Can you Imagine the influx of new Customers if T-Mobile were to offer these ad a lower price, It could even work out as cheaper to pay an early termination fee to move to T-Mobile. These phones are offered in the UK by T-Mobile. It is time T-mobile Flexed there global Muscle.
    Second is Plans T-Mobile has cheap plans but they are lacking in some ways. The talk was when T-mobile started offering 2 year commitments it was because they were adding 7pm nights, standard on sprint, extra on AT&T and Alltel (but offered) and sprint offers a 6pm option.
    Data plans as a must has got to go if someone wants a my touch and only use the web via Wi-Fi so be it. Don’t lose a sale because the customer wants to use wi-fi at home or work and has no need for a data plan. The Nokia N97 even has a feature to disable cell data and only use Wi-Fi. Now if only a cellular provide would accommodate this Hmmm, a Nokia N97 offered cheap and no required data plan, I bet sales would Triple.
    Family Plans are the biggest ripoff in the Business other than text and data and Oh well it in the top. There should be no difference between and Individual plan and a family plan other than the $9.99 line added. Your telling me I pay $9.99 more to add a line and I lose 75% of my plans minutes, how does that make sense it is supposed to be a value for families not how to rip off the family and when a company decides to change this model the will thrive.
    Text plans, we all know texting plans are a ripoff consumer groups investigating it, and that a months worth of text is equal to 1 minute of talk. So it would be smart to get ahead of the curve and have it as s standard feature.
    These are all small and logic moves to push a company to the top of the wireless game. If you want to be guaranteed this then just have unlimited everything for 29.99 a month and get 200 million subs overnite.
    All the major networks in the US are known for local or long distance phone service T-Mobile isn’t That why the need to tout more about being a global company
    and that they are GSM more global coverage ect… They use sim cards,so you can swap phones when you want have a Phone for work and play, show the people they are in control and T-Mobile gives them what they want at a price they can afford.
    I believe that T-mobile is a better company and a better value but they need to show it more and I think my Idea’s are the way to go. I would love to see them implement these changes and be #1.
    Just so you know I’m not biased in my opinion I don’t even have T-mobile cell service. Not because I don’t want to but because I’m on a 8 year old original AT&T wireless plan than can’t be beaten to this day, I guess that shows the sad state of wireless in the USA today. (2 lines 1,050 Minutes, 7pm nights, free incoming text(even thou the text portion above speaks for itself I still wonder why people have to pay to get a text, even if they didn’t ask for it? I guess if AT&T and V do it it is ok for all), that’s when outgoing was not .20 cents either. all for get this with tax included $69.78 a month. I guess one company had the right idea I wish T-Mobile would continue that Idea.
    If I had to get T-mobile it would be a disappointment because I couldn’t get a my touch because I would be force to get a data plan and I’m happy with the Wi-Fi portion only.
    T-mobile can contact me if the want, so they can name there new plans after me, I could use a job at the moment.

  • GregP

    @Scott – No. A 3G Touchscreen Blackberry isn’t NEEDED. Only 1 company has one, and it isn’t the “ultimate” phone people made it out to be.

    While I agree with the author that evolution is necessary and Android will be a big win for Magenta, there isn’t enough cash to develop LTE, expand HSPA+ AND expand network.

    In my opinion, T-Mobile needs to expand coverage first and foremost. Being able to blanket more customers will allow more customers to join. With that added revenue, 3G needs to be the new GPRS. Only then should T-Mobile expand aggressively into HSPA+.

    T-Mobile customers are accustomed to less than EPIC speed, but with data devices now being more content heavy and advertising 3G all over, those customer still covered by GPRS (not EDGE) are starting to be alienated. I drive, everyday, into areas plagued by GPRS and my myTouch struggles to work smoothly. My Touch Pro 2 has a hard time with MMS. I feel like there is no incentive to push data in these areas.

    That’s the problem though. Evolution is fueled by demand. If data doesn’t work well in an area, less packages are added, less revenue is driven, and less progress is made. These areas become neglected and customers are alienated. This is the ultimate catch22 though. It’s not that there isn’t demand, it’s just that the demand can not be satisfied yet. It is for this reason, that 3G should be the big priority and not LTE, 4G or HSPA+.

    We survived without 3G just fine. We will survive without 4G.

  • Chaos4all

    Ok, I as a 16 year veteran working in wireless agree with this blog…. but as a company T-mobile is missing the boat for staying profitable and keeping DT happy. The main problem with T-Mobile is not enough new customers (exspecially good credit.) The problem is no brand recognition or trust. About 4 years ago T-Mobile was adding about 1 million new customers a quarter, now only about 350,000 per quarter, most of which are flexpay (not so good credit). They pushed out most of their dealer channel to try and compete in national accounts, such as wal-mart and best buy. The problem here is the $8 an hour employee at Wal-mart doesn’t care who you buy. They tell customers lets check your credit with AT&T, a brand you know. If they don’t approve you T-Mobile always will. The customer knowing and trusting the bigger name agrees. Thus T-Mobile being 2nd or 3rd choice and last resort if the other well known trusted carrier doesn’t approve them (flexpay). This now has branded T-Mobile the low cost, bad credit carrier. They have lost most of their “grass roots” push with their alienated local dealers who only sold and cared about T-Mobile. Now not having the marketing cash to compete with the big 2 and no grass roots push like they had 4 years ago (when 65% of new customers came from dealers) they are left with the bad credit last resort customers. This unfortunately will not turn out well for those of us who know T-Mobile has a great network, customer care and affordable plans. Because if we can’t get good customers at the rate of the big carriers then all of the great things in this blog will not become reality as DT will drop us or sell us off. T-Mobile needs good marketing and lots of it. Point out that android has apps like the Iphone, take it head to head with it. Instead of just handing it off between famous people and saying you can print a cool battery cover for it. Point out JD power awards for network reliability and customer care. Brand a name the consumer can trust and let them know we have great phones that do what the other big carriers have at a lower price per month. Without getting the good credit masses to swing our way, the high speed 4g and awesome phones will not come as their will be no money or backing from DT to make it happen. I love and sell the big pink T but they are missing the boat and unfortunately the higher ups have a wall of yes men keeping them from the real world. The national accounts like wal-mart do not “sell” a product they sign people up. T-Mobile needs brand recognition and trust and people who care and sell the big T.

  • rickysyfee


    Bring down the internet pricing -get more phones! and dont forget windows

  • mojo

    Andrew makes valid points. T-mo is positioning itself as a low priced competitor and is trying to get better quality phones. While they are looking to roll out expanded coverage and faster speeds, they are providing a paradox to the customer by over pricing their hardware. The tp2 for 350 on a 2 year contract??? wtf? Verizon and sprint are at 199. Walmart is even offering the tp2 for tmo at 199. The mytoch for 199, the g1 for 129, the dash for 169?
    As the brand, they cannot be over-priced on their own hardware; it ruins overall customer price perception and contradicts their “low priced” branding. On hardware that is available on other networks, they either need to undercut the competition or match price. Even if their plans are $20.00 cheaper a month, a us consumer looks at initial out of pocket expenses; saves the $150 up front and pays more each month for some other provider to get better service. No matter how they sell their phones, they either need to stick with the low price concept or change. They don’t have the network to compete with the other 3 carriers and can’t expect to demand a premium for a quality phone with sub-par service.

  • Roamingcharge

    Well… stay tuned. Rumour has it that a BIG announcement is coming withing the next 2 weeks. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will address some of the things mentioned here. I know my paycheck could use a shot in the arm!

  • Derek Deulus

    What about Danger and the sidekick and the upcoming project pink?!!? You tottaly forgot about them. As long as T-mobile holds it strong relationship withDanger/Microsoft, we could have the next big thing. Project Pink looks promising to me. I want the Turtle!!!

  • I agree with everything you said.

  • Florence Drocan

    If Magenta will bring me the HTC Touch HD2 I will sign a contract for life! I have the Touch HD and the only thing I’m missing is the 3G. This phone does everything, except coffee….
    Love you all!

  • regularJOE

    Roamingcharge, would you mind expanding on your BIG announcement comment?

  • Mr. Tactful

    Commenter “Chaos4all” nails TMO’s issues better than anyone, including Andrew. (Sorry man!)

    It’s fun to talk devices, but the vast majority of cellular subscribers are NOT tech heads.

    The average Joe Potential Customer doesn’t have a clue why he should choose T-Mobile. He can see they’re a little cheaper, maybe he heard they might have good service, and that’s about it. MyTouch commercials saying it’s 100% you are NOT getting it done. People know EXACTLY why they should want an Iphone because ATT has pounded into their heads 10 buhzillion times what makes it so slick. People know Sprint is good for data, the Pre, and maybe businesses. They have been told nonstop for 3 years that Verizon’s network is stout. But T-Mobile is showing accountants on green lawns getting hit with a frigging garden hose, and oh lookie there’s Catherine and Whoopie. WTF are they thinking?

    No brand is damn right, and it needs to change YESTERDAY.

  • Raomingcharge


    I don’t know anything more than there will be an “announcement”. It could be something BIG or just a standard 4th quarter offering. I was told by someone who seemed rather excited about but… it might have just been the Cool-Aid.

  • 30014

    A lot of peoople may not agree with me but Tmo needs to position its self as a more adult oriented carrier. The sidekick gave Tmo the perception of being the cheap teen focused carrier. Hell take a look at the mytouch commercial. How many adults care about changing the faceplates on their phone. Tmo’s commercials should focus on their advantages over the other carriers as well as letting people know how they are addressing their shortcomings. And finally get a exclusive phone that will actually make people want to change carriers to Tmo.

  • Carl

    Well, I think android phones were a good exclusive, but now Sprint has the Hero. I agree with you 30014, the thing is they don’t advertise about the faceplates (T-Mobile Studio), it’s there if you want it. All they really need to do is keep those Androids coming, get the iPhone once Apple contract with AT&T runs out, and keep rolling out 3G/HSPA+(3.75), and start advertising about their 3G as well.

  • Sgt. Cell

    Get a touchscreen Blackberry, my brother has the TP2. I’ve become such a fan of Berry’s that I don’t want to drop them. If AT@T (reportedly) and Verizon can have a touchscreen Berry why can’t we?

    Loyal customer of 6 years.

  • antoine

    I think tmobile needs to start carrying high end nokias for the people who dont mind spending the money to get a great phone.

  • Wesley P Griffiths

    T-Mobile needs to lower the start time of their unlimited night minutes to 7pm. This would put them on top when it comes to regular cell plans because they already offer more minutes than the other companies at the same price levels.

    They also need to add unlimited messaging to their 24.99 data plan, add mobile TV and turn-by-turn navigation to it and make it their only data plan for all the smart phones they offer.

    If they made these changes, they would have a nice plan that would start to compete with Sprint. I’ll make a few comparisons of plans that are priced close to $70.

    What Sprint offers for $69.99:
    450 minutes for calls to landlines
    unlimited nights/weekends at 7pm
    Unlimited minutes to any mobile on any network
    Unlimited data
    Unlimited messaging
    GPS Navigation
    Mobile TV
    NFL/Nascar mobile

    What T-Mo offers now for $64.98:
    600 minutes
    Unlimited nights/weekends at 9pm
    Unlimited data
    400 messages

    What T-Mo should offer for 64.98:
    600 minutes (For $10 more you could get unlimited calling if you qualify for the loyalty plan.)
    Unlimited nights/weekends at 7pm
    Unlimited data
    Unlimited messaging
    GPS Navigation
    Mobile TV

  • Ron

    I agree with Scott!!! If TMO releases a touchscreen blackberry, I would never think about leaving.

  • joe

    TMO bLOWS cant wait to hero to come out so i can jump ship. tmobile 3g sucks even here in ny. tmobile is way 2 expensive for what you get. no tv,media,gps ect. Sprint hero here i come…………………

  • yor PAPPI

    Iam bak for more , i feel that i was the culprit y yor buddy andrew wrote this post ,cuz everytime i came on here to comment it wasnt allways positive news about TMO i myself am a TMO customer NOT BY CHOICE but becuz no other carrier wouldnt take me. they all wanted deposit 200 or 300 dollars WTF dats like a car note , but TMO took me for free an i wuz relieved i had a phone , the phone i got wuz the HTC SHADOW alrite phone HAD 2 return the phone a week 1/2 later sound didnt wrk complained got a new one months later broke down again they sent me a new one its happened like 4 times already WTF TMO still cant go with other carriers but u need to fix yalls phones get better ones or hire better tech 2 fix them i dont no how TMO won JD POWER N ASSC. for good customer servive cuz it realy suks 4 real not only that but becuz their coming out with all android phone that does mean everyone likes those programs or Windows TMO u need 2 step it up a notch i have literally review an played with almost all of TMO phone an NOT ONE took me by surprised on their features or plans they offer or even their appearance they all look generic horrible ugly WTH sum phone that i hav checkout on cnet.com or cnet.asia hav realy intrest me but then 2 find out that their going 2 the OTHER carriers just upsetted me but not suprised me TMO just cant get the high end phones that everybody wants , dont know Y maybe cuz those grest phone dont want 2 be associated with TMO dont blame them but dammm try aleast TMO. There is alot great phones out their still in the making or process so go out their an try 2 reel them here 2 us the customers the ppl that realy count we pay for tor bills so at least make the effort to make us want 2 buy the phones a good phone that realy got my attention is the Nokia N900 WOW its the S..T REALY EMPRESIVE features an apperance aswell so wut iam trying 2 say is cmon TMO get the best u can get dont settle for less cuz i feel that we are when we hav 2 buy this crap u offer us an dont try 2 spell check this fool ukno who iam talking bout jus read an shut up

  • peachymomo

    I think that T-mobile should work on expanding their network and their phones. Really push out more amazing android phones and show that they are the company for those that have been screwed by the others. I stick with T-mobile because they don’t treat you like an idiot. Every time that I have had to call in for something I don’t get the run around and I don’t get fed crap. I have been with every major carrier out there and I have left because of the treatment I have received. T-mobile has earned my business and I plan on sticking with them. I remember reading bits and pieces about android and thinking wow. The other carriers laughed but T-mobile gave it a chance and I think that if they really push out an amazing lineup of android based phones then they have a major chance at beating the others. Yea at&t has the iphone but that is the biggest piece of crap and my Gq does circles around it. The iphone was put on a network that couldn’t handle the load and it is now paying the price.

  • Mattlong

    Tmobile has built its reputation on two basic schemes – better customer service and value. The knock on Tmo was always the strength of its network – you’re either in or you’re out. What concerns me (especially lately) is the company’s shift of emphasis from those two ideals. It seems to me that Tmo is more concerned with the line-up of its phones and its push of the Android platform than the backbone of any carrier – the network that supports the phones.
    I’ve been a loyal Tmo customer for 6 years. When I moved last year (a whopping 1/2 mi from my former home), my service at my new home was all but nonexistent. I called CS with my concern, only to be told the only remedy for my situation was to buy a wi-fi enabled phone, and add the HS-at-home to my plan for $10 a month. Bear in mind, I just upgraded my phone 2 months prior to this call.
    Let’s see if I get this right. Your network is ineffective at the place I use it most, so your solution is to make me buy a router, and pay you $10 more a month? In my world, that’s simply unacceptable.
    Now the big honus is on 3G. All fine and good, but why has the construction of the network fallen miserably behind the release of 3G enabled handsets? I’m not speaking simply of my own local area, as a lot of people would (We have it here). I’m speaking of large metropolitan areas. Things are seriously backward here! The network should (and has to!) exist before the devices to use it are!
    I seriously want to stay with Tmo (all complaints aside), but I have only one rather honest question: who do you listen to: your loyal customers, or the marketing geniuses that placed form over function?

  • Zollars

    People, before you put you pointless, moronic posts on here, run spell check! What are you all in the 3rd grade?

    To summarize what you all saying:
    1). You want the most expensive phones for free.
    2). You don’t want a contract.
    3). You want unlimited minutes around the world for $19.99/mo.
    4). You want the useless P.O.S. called the iPhone. It looks nice, but it’s not meant to actually make phone calls.
    5). You want data at a faster speed than cable.
    6). You want said data free.
    7). After you get your free phone from T Mobile without a contract, you want the salesperson to pleasure you.

    There should be a law restricting internet access to people with an IQ above 100.

  • StillWaiting3G

    It seems to me that T-Mobile is already the best carrier. I live in Maine and anyone who knows about Maine will tell you this: it’s not the type of place you would expect to see 5 bars on your cellphone. Yet, everyday I’ve turned on my T-Mobile cell phone since 2001, I have AT LEAST 3 bars, usually 4 or 5. Basically everywhere I go around Maine, I have a signal. So, I don’t get why people say T-Mobile’s network isn’t expansive. If we have near-perfect signal in Maine, you city folk should too. Ever heard of powercycling your phone? I shut mine off every night before bed. I’ve never had a problem with a T-mobile phone. 70% of “problems” with cell phones are user errors and can most likely be solved by power cycling the device- much like rebooting a computer. Secondly, whats the big deal about 3G? So you can talk on phone while browsing the internet? Are the really people on earth with that much time on their hands? I’ve been using EDGE since 2001- no complaints. EVen the BlackBerry 8900 worked FLAWLESSLY on EDGE, so 3G and 4G and LTE seems like over-kill. What T-mobile needs to focus on is COMPLETING their 3G network, then figuring out how to bring in a million customers a quarter again. It seems to me, offering an Unlimited Everything Plan for $75 a month would bring in a good chunk of new subscribers. Additionally, TMO needs to start utilizing smarter marketing and stop worrying so much about appealing to teenyboppers(they dont have money to pay bills, their parents do.) I think their commercials are humorous, but making me laugh doesnt make me want to go out and pay an ETF with my current carrier to switch over to the big pink funny people. And I don’t think it makes many people want to, either. Regardless I will most likely always be a T-Mobile customer. I enjoy their network, I enjoy their customer service, and they pay my fiance to talk on the phone to their ungrateful, whiny customers all day. And they pay her well. And besides LL Bean, T-Mobile call center up the road was voted one of the Best Places to Work in Maine. They are good to their customers and they are good to their employees. That’s something that can’t be said for many other Fortune 500 companies and mega-corporations. AT&T, Verizon, I am talking to you….

  • Bob

    “2). You don’t want a contract”

    Well, I think that the way cell contracts are handled is uncool. I paid extra for my phones to only have a one year contract, but after that expired I wound up in a TWO year contract just because I changed my rate plan. That is a little ridiculous to me. The contracts/ETFs are meant to recoup hardware subsidies, but I never had any of those, so why should I be in a contract because I went UP in my minutes? So if I need to cancel for any reason, BAM, $175 x 3. :(

  • Bob

    Oh, and I see my previous comment was deleted Hmm… anyway, T-Mobile *does* court immigrants. The FlexPay plans are very popular with them, and T-Mobile has Spanish posters up in stores, bilingual reps, etc. (Why was this comment deleted anyway? It’s an honest to god fact!)

  • Although I did not see your last comment Bob you sure sound like a racist idiot. At one point or another everyone in this country including yourself was an immigrant. Wait.. I forgot you guys stole land from the Indians. Anyways to get to my point I am a tmo rep who originated from a foreign country and I do speak other languages. 7 to be exact and I probably not only speak english as well if not better then you “BOB”. Not trying to be cocky but I am trying to show you how smart you sound speaking that way.

    Bob when you change your contract it usually extends it for one year. If you chose a promotional plan your contract was extended for two years because it was a limited offer. That was your choice in doing that. All the carriers now not just TMO do the same. The contract wars no one will ever win it’s politics. No point in getting mad at TMo for an ETF. When you selected your plan before you even activated you were probably told that there would be one. No one put a gun to your face and told you to sign.

    T-mobile does not court anyone. In fact T-mobile is smart enough to actually go towards people who spend a lot of money on what they offer. Never judge a book by it’s cover. We get people from all walks of life daily in our stores. The “rich” barely spend a dime and when they do they want everything for free. The “immigrants” or poor as you say actually buy more things to stay in touch with their loved ones and actually 90% of them pay their bills. They also are the ones that treat us as their family. I have received countless letters stating that they come to TMO to see me because I treat them as a person and not just a number. True that there are jerks in all nationalities and no one race is perfect. I’m just stating from what I see in my daily dealings with people.

    I’m sorry but for a company to offer a discount towards a handset is a pretty good offer. You have electricity in your home, gas, etc.. You have had those companies for many years and do they provide you anything free? No. They are providing a service and you are getting what you agreed to pay for. People need to start thinking of cell phone companies the same way.

    I do understand that there are many others out there that do provide the same service but like with anything we have choices. Some choices work well for some and some for others. TMO does provide it at a cheaper cost and great service. I do not say that just because I work for them. I have worked for all the other competitors for many years and have seen some great things from them as well. The only problem is the bigger they get the more they start to reach their downfall. Example Nextel. Great company in it’s past and they got greedy and look at them now.

    I cant tell the future but I’m sticking with TMO for now. They are doing their best as far as trying to achieve more sales and provide a great product. Like anything in life things and mistakes will happen. Look at Take control, Smart access, etc.. Just give TMO time I’m sure in the next 3 years it will be a powerhouse in the new age we are facing.

  • Tony

    Wow great intelligent comment

  • Thanks! It’s just we hear things like this on a daily basis. You would get tired of it as well if it happens to you. I think I have a response for every customer comment or rant. Been dealing with retail for about 12-15 years now.

    I’m starting to realize why some people go postal. :)