Donot Doubt Us

You may remember yesterday I posted a video showing of the new Android build 1.6 (now with techno), and how I some of you thought I made an error and pointed out that Donut was coming out that night.  Well, you were right, it was a mistake, but I was not mistaken.  Seeing as our sources later told us that Android 1.6 was going to be pushed to a select set of G1 users that very night.  Well, it is now about 12 hours after the fact and there have been confirmed reports (and a confirmation form T-Mobile themselves) that Donut updates have officially started.  So, let me just take the time to point this out, donot (see what I did there) doubt us!  Check out what T-Mobile had to say on the matter after the break and tell us what you think in the comments!


The rollout of Android 1.6 (Donut) to T-Mobile’s G1 and myTouch 3G customers is now underway, and provides new features and software enhancements. The update also includes an important fix for isolated instances of system reboots after dialing 911. We have worked with Google and HTC on a solution, and the rollout of Android 1.6 is being accelerated to ensure the system reboot fix is rapidly delivered to our customers.

The over-the-air update will be delivered to all G1 and myTouch customers in the coming days. Given the system reboot fix, we strongly encourage all users to install Android 1.6 when prompted to do so.

Regarding new and enhanced features, Android 1.6 includes:

* An improved Android Market experience that makes it easier to discover great applications.
* An integrated camera, camcorder, and gallery interface.
* Updated Voice Search, with faster response and deeper integration with native applications, including the ability to dial contacts.
* Updated search experience that make it easier to search various sources, such as browser bookmarks & history, contacts, and the web, directly from the home screen.

Additional details on Android 1.6 can be found at

  • yea I got the update this morning. The reboot takes about 2 minutes on the G1, well mine at least. After a few minutes of wonkiness it all smooths out and I think 1.6 fixes a few lag issues.

    I wrote more about it here

  • Yeah @ Buffwhat. Hopefully, this update fixes my lag. If not, i’m going to have to exchange to another phone. Cause my lag is horrific.

  • I hope this fixes my battery problem, it’s making me crazy. It never shows “fully charged” until I restart the dang thing. Less lag would be nice too. Besides that this G1 is a fun little phone.

  • cashmony

    I’m interested to see the differences from Cyanogen rom. if im not missing out on anything ill keep what i got.

  • D

    Hey, they finally fixed that 911 issue. It’s kinda scary knowing that I wasn’t the only one who had that problem. On June 12 of this year I was in a car accident, called 911 on my G1 and it rebooted as soon as the operator answered. That did not help my nerves any.

  • is there a site we can download this manually?

  • tony

    When can we exect the flash player 10? Othwerwise looking foward to donut update
    Billy v. I don’t thinks there is a site unless your phone is rooted

  • Cory

    Just got mine today guys via wi-fi for my G1….loving it so far…Market by far is biggest improvement…nice interface….now if the folks at Adobe could get their act together for the flash player for the android operating system…i will love this phone all over again.

  • FILA

    Well I had an update to “T-mobile Account” app on my myTouch and it said its an update for Donut. Im like shit there probably about to start releasing it. I came directly to this site to tell you guys, and what do I see on the front page. Donut releases tonite! lol So that explains it, now I’ll know that when they update there own apps for new versions…next up, Eclair

  • Land Of The Trill

    Adobe will have the flash 10 beta available to dev Oct 4-7
    Now stop asking and if you want flash buy a computer.

  • jorge martinez

    how do you update your phone

  • rdaneel72

    So, will ABQ get Donut before 3G?!?!?! 3rd quarter is over, Tmo, and my G-cap is still 2!

  • tony

    Land of the trill…..for your infoormation I have a computer……so if I happen to inquire about something on a website for my phone please feel free to keep your negative comments to yourself…..

  • William ibarra

    Any 1 whit my touch got the update yet

  • joshua


  • WXman

    I don’t have Donut…but I knew it was coming this morning because my phone said there was an update for T-Mobile MyAccount…and the fine print said “supports Donut”. So I knew Donut was about to roll out and I came here to verify. :)

  • WildBIll31

    I’m a MyTouch’r and not Donut here…not even the T-Mobile MyAccount updat notification yet…

    Mobile Phone in Dallas, TX

  • William ibarra

    Well I did got the my account update. but no notification I. Always go to market n then to. My download easy is way to always be up to date whít appz. @willbill

  • david

    i havent gotten my donut update yet. i live in maryland n i also got the g1 so if u havent gotten yours ur not the only one either

  • david

    got a ??? if were spose to be getting adobe plash player beta then why dont they wait to push the android 2.0 update cuz i been reading and they people are saying they are gonna push the android update 2.0 along with the adobe flash player update on the same day of the beta release and it is spose be the donut update,so im so darn confused becuase the update we spose be getting is only the android 1.6 update and not the 2.0 update and there only 2 days left till the adobe max 2009 release of the beta release.

  • mydroid

    I have mytouch and i haven’t got my update yet and i live in Kansas city,Kansas.

  • missjuliebaby

    I have a white mytouch–I live in Indiana.
    I got the update for the My Account, but not the update for the Donut 1.6!
    Still waiting..

  • sxyswtwm

    I have a mytouch and I live in San Antonio Texas. I got the my account update but the the 1.6 yet :(. I hope it hurry I excited.

  • lttl.espana

    I too live in San Antonio, and still waiting in line for my Donut. LOL!!!

    24 hrs has passed since the first batch, so everyone should be getting it soon.

    Note: it has been said that Adobe Flash will not be able to be supported on G1’s due to memorey issues when flash is pushed out in the near future.

  • david


    i was hearing they were spose do something to help the memory for the g1 so that can get the flash and so on but they may have decided on not doing it

  • sleebus.jones

    For the folks who (obviously) missed it earlier, your physical location has absolutely ZIP to do with you getting the update.

  • Land Of The Trill

    Regarding flash on the G1, its possible and although it has memory issues they’re other ways besides its not like flash hasn’t run on a G1 before and as for Tony it was a joke lighten up its just I had a flashback of the market being spammed again about this and it came out wrong but if it makes you feel better I lol

  • D

    Here’s the if anyone wants to install manually, from Tmo forums user “Htxj”:

  • Slick

    The HTC keyboard that I use instead of the Android keyboard doesn’t work on 1.6! :(

  • davedice

    Got my touch update in Los Angeles at 1pm…

  • Scott

    I have the Mytouch 3G and still no update for either 1.6 or my account……boooo

  • davis

    im sure the my account app update becomes available to oe at the same time. Just go to market and update it if you want. And I’m in san Antonio with a donut-less mytouch as of 10 pm central

  • tinalooks808

    Woke up to it for g1 in fl 33064

  • moblow55

    Got my G1 update this morning. Miami!!!!
    Lost my youtube on my homescreen, but still works on the popup menu.

  • a_minor

    Has Anyone Else Gotten An Update… I Am Going Insane Waiting Over Here… Even Contacted A Tmo Rep …. No Help.

  • david

    still no udate for me yet and im in baltimore md,still waiting havent even got and update from my account yet.the heck taking so long

  • William ibarra

    No up date yet sux I spoke to coustumer service they say it could take week no its send by a system the gets random # wish sux I ask her if there was any ways to send it she say no u just have to wait

  • brian

    updated this morning. The htc keyboard i use on my mytouch no longer works which totally blows. others are experiencing the same issue so hopefully they fix that soon as i hate the default keyboard.

  • a_minor

    That’s Terrible About The HTC Keyboard… Honestly Makes The Update Not Worth It

  • Got my update this morning! I like the new market and camera feature, along with the search feature! BUT I personally would rather have the CLIQ or an Iphone so pray I get an upgrade this Christmas lol

  • david

    Got my update jus now at 420am est.haven’t really got to play around with it to see how I like it yet or not

  • William ibarra

    I got my update yea mytouch a lot better loving it let me play whit it more will comment tomorrow

  • Roger

    Just got my update this morning.

  • ryan

    or you can just root your phone and already have the update

  • fort

    What’s your location for those that have it?

  • fort

    Just got my UPDATE!!!! Washington DC, YA.

  • Brian

    My wife and I have two identical myTouch 3Gs. They were both sitting on the kitchen counter 6 inches apart charging last night and and hers got the update and mine did not. So evidently location is not the only factor.

  • William ibarra

    On no location don’t matter like I say b4 the update gets send by a system the pick random # u just have to wait

  • William ibarra

    Ight I promise I was going to comment today about the update so far so good am still playing whit. I do notice my mytouch is a lot faster and better respond. Voice command like calling is great. Also new youtube and market a lot better. There is no much to say for now ama keep playing around whit it o n b4 I forget the search is a lot better went u look for local store u have the option to call from home screen o look at it on the map. Does lucky pol the got the update no wat am talking about.

  • KC

    Received my update for my MyTouch this afternoon. Logan, UT. My wife is still waiting for hers.

  • g_willi

    Got my update this morning (Sunday). My friends are still waiting for theirs.

  • Fernando

    Can someone help with this question? I have Mytouch as primary and G1 as back up. Well, mytouch battery died so I switched sim onphones. I was charging mytouch and update was promoted on G1 , so I went ahead. Will I get an update to mytouch aswell when I re-insert my sim card?

  • Noel

    I too have g1 &g2(mytouch)Igor the upgrade on the g1. Now I have the sim in mytouch will it get the upgrade

  • John

    I got my donut this morning on my MyTouch.

  • Scott

    Got mine yesterday!!!!

  • Mateo