Dunkin’ Isn’t the Only One Delivering Donuts Tonight


You’ve seen the Android 1.6 aka Donut preview vids, drooling as you watch them. And now its time to fill that G1 or MyTouch 3G up with Donut! According to our source, T-Mobile has plans to start rolling out stage 1 of their delicious-baked-goods plan. Select G1 handsets at 12AM Eastern Daylight Time tonight will receive the Donut update. Next, after a 24-hour waiting period, T-Mobile will extend its deliciousness to MyTouch3G handsets–that is, if there are no hiccups (meaning no bricked phones). Then, if all goes well, the rest of the users will start seeing the trickle down effect, regardless of handset. We are assuming like the rest of the launches, this release will be staggered over different groups getting the update each day. Hip hip hooray for Magenta! Sound off in the comments!

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  • David O

    I won’t be seeing Donut updates… at least not until Cyanogen provides one.. :D

  • angelo

    Ya what about us with rooted phones any idea when Cyanogen will be back.

  • Santiago

    Don’t Know Much About Rooted An Stuff Yet I Managed To Root My G1. I Won’t Get The Update.?

  • WIlliam

    I’ll believe it when it hits my phone. We were promised Cupcake so many times I lost count. I just hope the eventual update fixes the Gmail app for me.

  • Alvin

    Source? There has been NO notice of this at T-Mobile Android support, so I’d be surprised if this update is just going to be dropped without any warning, especially when there are known compatibility issues with some programs.

  • Cory

    If your device is rooted you will NOT receive the update from T-mobile via OTA

  • Yess, cause this will decide whether or not I keep this phone. T-Mobile said this update will “probably” fix my issue with my phone. I’m hoping cause I put so much money into these accessories for it, it’d be a waste to invest in another phone. I’d be cutting my loses, and that’s a big loss.

  • nesha

    whenever this update happens, will it help the keyboard, because my mytouch keyboard is soooooo freakin laggy. and when i try to get other keyboards, they make my phone slow. so will this update improve the keyboard?.!! btw, i love my mytouch!!

  • Drizzle

    @nesha…you tried HTC_IME keyboard? You’d probably like it a million times betta.

  • Sweet I just got the Update! lol

  • yaser q

    The app for tmobile is already updated for donut in the app store

  • LipGloss712

    Gee why the hell would mytouch get the update before all G1 users? Some of us have had the G1 since day 1!

  • Big Ed

    I knew it would be coming soon. You know how some people have their arthritis flare up before a big storm? Well, my jock itch always flares up before an Android system update.

  • Justa Notherguy

    @LipGloss712 – Try reading the article again.

    It says some (‘select’) G1 users would get the push, first, then a similar subset of MyTouch users, followed by everyone else, regardless of phone type. I don’t see how you could take that to mean _all_ G1 phones will necessarily be positioned after _all_ of the MyTouch owners.

  • Kickstar13

    G1 users ARE getting the update first. Mytouch users will be getting it 24hours later if all goes well.

  • Namdroid

    Using G1. Got my update about 5 hours ago. Living in Namibia, Africa.

  • Automization

    … not at all without Cyanogen!

  • fort

    Only a select few G1 user will get the update because T-mobile is testing to see if it’s stable in the real world. Just received my account update for 1.6.

  • sxyswtwm

    do they send ur update thew the phone or on the tmobile website??? new at all this stuff but I LOVE it!!!!!!

  • Karl

    @ sxyswtwm

    It’s all automatic if you didn’t root your phone. Just go to bed, then wake up and check your phone details under settings.

    Rooted phones cannot get OTA updates, we have to wait for updated ROMs.

  • 30014

    @sxyswtwn… you will get the update over the air directly to your phone unless it has been rooted, in which case you will have to manually load any updates.

  • Bob

    0930 CST, October 1st 2009. No update for my MyTouch 3G yet. I rebooted the phone and checked for updates manually. No update yet.

    The one thing I hope that they put a lot more effort into is the Email app. It’s pretty bad, and unfortunately K9Mail isn’t any better because Android’s poor handling of self-signed certificates is the problem. :( (The issues with the Email application are well documented at the Google Code site, but it seems people are upvoting FLAC on Android over stuff that’s actually important, like being able to send a fookin email.)

  • Michael

    Wait, does this mean that just because I rooted my phone, I can’t get the OTA Air update?

    And by rooted, I mean it in past tense context. I put it back to stock a while ago.

  • prettyboy85712

    If you’re running the latest experimental ROM from Cyanogen then you’re running Donut already.

  • its funny they started with someone in AFRICA getting it first.. they must not care as much for them! what if it bricks’ everyones phones over there.. OOPS

  • citizeninsane
  • sleebus.jones

    “its funny they started with someone in AFRICA getting it first”

    What’s really funny is that you think location has something to do with getting the update.

  • J

    The phones are picked by their IMEI numbers most likely. I doubt they base anything on location.

  • sxyswtwm

    thank you 30014 and Karl for the info. my phone is not rooted to chicken shit to do it lol!

  • DAMGIC448

    I believe those who say they already have the update either have ADP1 phones or they are flat out lieing. I’ve had a G1 Since BEFORE the relaese date and ALL major updates have taken place over night. Minor Updates come at anytime but MAJOR updates come when network traffic is at its slowest which is in the middle of the night. I saw people posting they had cupcake after rumors like this one went out. So dont believe the hype untill you get it yourself!!

  • nunyabiz
  • Karl


    Yeah, go figure I try the root thing for the first time… a WEEK ago. Now I miss out on donut. LMAO. No biggie, eventually the ROMs will be updated too.

    I could be wrong, but from what I understand… if you flashed back to stock/standard, then you could still get the OTA update. You might want to check xda forums to be sure though.

    Do this though: Goto “Settings>About Phone” and look for the menu item “CHECK FOR SYSTEM UPDATES” (or something to that effect). When I rooted my phone, that option disappeared from my About Phone menus. I would *assume* that this would be the tell tale sign if you can get the OTA update or not?

  • sleebus.jones

    “The phones are picked by their IMEI numbers most likely. I doubt they base anything on location.”

    You are absolutely correct, sir.

  • rj123

    can we unroot are phones and get the update?

  • rj123

    can we unroot are phone and still get the update

  • Kickstar13

    Yes if you unroot your phone you will eventually get the Donut update.

  • kel.

    october 2nd and i still dont have my update. ugh im so anxious. does it really have flash? thats what excites me the most. i was to chicken to mod my phone so i really hope this donut update is what is expected

  • d-ton the g1

    I don’t know exactly all the updates the donut fixes but everyone that I know that already have the donut don’t say anything about a flash. They just say its better. And the donut is legit. Everyone will get it. It has already been said. You just have to wait. Like when they took for ever to send out the cupcake

  • tekbboy

    I’m eating scrumptious donut 1.6 in sunny salt lake city since early morning.

  • Kickstar13

    Congrats! Good to hear that!

  • Bob

    Saturday, October 3rd, 2009. 1138 AM CST. Still no updates. :(

  • jAY_BABiEE

    i just got my update right now 2:30am pacific time!
    whats new about it?
    please email me simply.jessikuh@gmail.com to
    let me know!


  • I rooted my my touch but herd doughnut was out so i unrooted to get it (Hero roms are just not Functional and i tried every one Macadco’s, Jac, Evil all SLOW AS FUY&^&*&&&) i hope this update will give us something to work with.

  • fort

    Just got my UPDATE!!!!!!! Washington DC, YA

  • Jeff

    I just got my update… Sunday, Los Angeles, CA 12:10 a.m.

  • Bob

    Sunday, October 4th, 2009. 0600, it beeped and said “Update Available.” Installation was a no brainer.

    Camera really does seem faster, which is very nice.
    New Market is nice too.

    Inability to properly handle self-signed SSL certificates still exists. This is a big problem, but I’m still hanging on. :|

  • Cedric

    I have donut, I want my cupcake back. My phone crashes anytime I try to use search. I tried search in the market, crash, reboot. I tried search on home screen, crash, reboot. I tried to adjust the search in settings, force close and lock. This donut is stale.

  • WILD!!!! Here it is Feb.10th, 2010, and I just got the OTA 1.6 donut update on my myTouch3g!!! Sheeesh!! I’m not feelin’ da love T-Mobile!! Maybe it’s because of this ‘blizzard’ we’re gettin here on the east coast!!!??