The “Jet” Is Ready For 3G webConnect


It’s as if the webConnect deities have spoken as they unveil another solution for those seeking to use T-Mobile’s unclogged 3G network on the move. Coming right on the heels of the promo plan announcement is the leak of the newest data connect card for T-mobile, the “Jet.” As the above image states, the already existing webConnect card is more for the on-the-go businessperson, with the “Jet” being the Mom and Pop data card. The real kicker is that this little goody is going to come in at the best price of all: free, zero, zilch and I’m out of languages.  Expect this to drop on November 11th, right before the Holiday season starts and what we hope is a strong push of the data connect promo plan that we hope will kick T-Mobile data sales into high gear!