WebConnect Promo Plans In The House


T-Mobile has yet to make deep inroads in the 3G market considering the lateness of their network. However, they are, in this instance, trying to undercut the competition starting with a price cut of $10 on their webConnect data plans. With a smaller 3G footprint, we’ve long discussed T-mobile’s need for a competitive advantage over its larger rivals and undercutting their data connect plans is a great place to start. The webConnect customer can often be a frequently traveling businessman who is looking for reliable and inexpensive service and that’s where T-mobile can step up to the plate in a big way. The $59.99 data plan often catches people off guard, and starting off at the $49.99 price point for T-Mobile employees can be a great way to say, “Hey look, T-mobile is the best value.”

The offer runs from September 30th-January 12th after which the prices will jump back to $39.99/59.99.

• 200 MB data bucket• $29.99 monthly recurring charge during the promotion• Ideal for people who occasionally want 3G access for accessing the Web or e-mail, but primarily plan to be stationary (coffee shops, airports, hotels) with Web access via T-Mobile HotSpot for Wi-Fi.• The monthly recurring charge will change to $39.99 when the promotion ends.

• 5 GB data bucket• $49.99 monthly recurring charge during the promotion• Considered our most generous service plan for those who plan to frequently use our 3G network to connect to the internet while on the go.• The monthly recurring charge will change to $59.99 when the promotion ends.•



  • Bob

    The 5gb plan should be $49.99 – and that’s it. These mobile data plans are grossly overpriced as it is. It’s nice that they lowered the price, though.

  • Centipede

    Maybe if the promotion is successful enough, they’ll keep the prices at those points. It’s nice to dream, anyway.

  • chris

    Still too expensive, cricket has a unlimited 3g plan for $40, just that after 5GB, they throttle you down to 128kbps

  • 30014

    If Tmo had a decent number of hotspots in my area then maybe I would jump on this offer, but unfortunately At&t has a hot spot monopoly in my town.

  • chris

    one more thing, what’s the difference between the t-mobile total internet plan that’s unlimited for $40 and the webconnect plan that’s only 5GB for $50

  • iron_c

    Since we have Qwest DSL at home here in AZ, they offer free hotspot access at most major “Wayport” areas. B&N, Starbucks, McD’s. I tried it and it works just fine. So we’re looking to get new cellphones with WiFi, to take advantage of this. Also worked with my work laptop’s wifi.

  • stan

    It’s the second time when I’m saving big money with tmonews. I called tmobile and they switched me from a 59.99 plan to the 29.99. I am not a road warrior, I use this from time to time, the new plan is a blessing.
    Thank you guys.

  • GlockBuster

    lol @ 200 MB… how generous of them.

  • FILA

    I will agree, expensive, this doesnt spark me, but an up side is, T-Mobile’s 3G is alot faster then ATT

  • Hairy Belly

    Can we use individual liable discounts from our employer or organization at the $49.99 price point.

    T-Mobile USA should market this as a business advantage.

  • mingkee

    I think the priceline should be
    $30 for 1GB
    $40 for 5GB
    $50 for 10GB
    $120 for truly unlimited

    and overage should be set at $5/GB thereafter, or speed goes down to 256kbps

    don’t forget, the higher the speed, much easier to hit the cap

  • watbetch

    This site’s comment engine sucks.

    An extra $10 off won’t make up for 3G service that is dotted all over the US. The coverage estimators suck because it says I should have 3G but I don’t. So ideally coverage is even worse than it looks on the website.

  • Karl


    The unlimited internet plan is for phones. The webconnect prices is if you want the USB 3G modem. I mean, I think that’s what you’re asking about?

    So I got a G1 and pay for unlimited data.
    If I want to use Webconnect, T-mo is going to charge me another $30 or $50 per month on top of my data plan.

    See, now my beef is: Why not design a package deal for people ALREADY paying up the butt for data plans on their phones? I’m already paying $34.99 for G1 data plan… so let me get webconnect for an additional $15 – 20 a month? Why not?