Donut Previewed, Enjoyed

For all of you Android users, it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the cool stylings of Android build 1.6 (Donut).  Not much is done with the presentation of Android, but it runs smooth now.  It seems that Android might be capable of becoming all that jazz (I am done, I swear).  While we have seen some breakdowns of the Donut update before, you can now watch a lengthy preview of it on an actual MyTouch 3G.  You can get a great look at the new Android Market and the photo and video capturing has been improved.  If all holds true (and I have a feeling it will) Donut will be served to the masses sometime this month. Leave your comments after the break, and keep it classy (I couldn’t resist).


Update: Sorry for the confusion, by end of the month I meant October.

Update:  I won’t hold questioning me against you.

  • eYe

    Google can bring in as many sweets to the table as they want but the bottom line is we need some decent devices to run them on. Android, while being an excellent mobile OS needs some serious memory to run smooth. Not a single phone on US market (with the exception of Hero) has enough. Andrroid needs at least 256Mb or ram total with at least 192 dedicated to OS. Anything less is a compromise. Any more is always welcome and will make Android stand out.

  • sleebus.jones

    Darn video is blocked here at work. I hope they did something to tweak the god-awful reply feature of the gmail app. The problem: if you reply with quoting the original email, you can’t do anything with the quote, insert comments, trim it or anything. Makes it pretty much pointless to do, and I’ve never seen an email app that doesn’t let you edit the quoted portion of the email.

    Let me know if you see anything about it in the vid, thanks.

  • Dave

    So, what you are claiming is that Donut is being released to the masses today??? I don’t think so. Today is the last day of month…

  • James

    Well I loved the end of te video. ITs nice to see even in 1.6 the home screen still crashes

  • JDean86

    Can you put stock google donut android on the Cliq?

    I would like to know in case I will hate Blur.

    And would it be fairly easy to do?

  • Drizzle

    Wait a minute…I cant hear the video here at work but I saw on the storage screen it shows SD secondary…is that the same as apps2sd? So is that built in to the official 1.6 now?

  • 30014

    A while back there were stories that the g1 would not receive any more updates after donut due to memory constraints. Does anyone have any new info about this?

  • “sometime this month”… That leaves today and– today?

  • Kholdstare79

    @drizzle… I caught that as well too! Since he is a developer what did he do to have app2sd enabled or did he keep the partitions that he had before he used custom roms?

  • Jon

    He’s not a google developer… That’s Cyanogen’s 1.6. NOT the official 1.6 release.

  • The Observer


    your a phony, a big fat phony. hey everybody there’s a phony

  • bing bang

    This 1.6 release everybody speaks of… is it basically an update that has to be purchased (like the iPhone updates) or is it over the air updates?

  • jusblase

    what i would like to know,if it has multi touch.

  • FILA

    looks good, not many updates thou, cant wait till eclair now. I just wish i saw some important shit like BT file transfer but that can be done with a root device, animated gif support, picture of whos calling, view of details in contacts, ringtone to actually be in sync with vibration on call alerts. Along with alert sounds. This update looks really good with hopefully noticeable improvements in performance, and along with the major camera update will be exciting

  • daniel

    hey who sings that techno song lol my girl loves it she making me play it over and over again she driving me nutz

  • Andrew

    I am disappointed that he took away the jazz music, but as for that song, here is the link

    it is Be My Dream by DJ Dejan (it said it in the video for me)

  • Juan

    @daniel LOL, you don’t have to lie to kick it…you know you added that to your iPod!

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