Donuts Served to the Masses

As the extending dessert list led us to believe, Google and Android has dished out Donut (well technically, they dropped new code for Android Donut).  Some people over at XDA Developers are reporting that Donut will be stuffed with system-wide multitouch, universal search, text to speech, automated backups, a new camera app, and somehow (supposedly) better performance (sounds yummy).  There also seems to be some CDMA support (for those lucky Sprint and possibly Verizon customers).  The people over at XDA Developers are trying to get a version of Donut to work on the G1, so start getting anxious for that and we will keep you posted.  Some Pictures and a video, from the Google I/O conference, showing some of Donuts capabilities after the break.







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  • Acsteffy87

    this looks awesome! cant wait till it hits the mytouch! man i forgot i have to get the mytouch in my hands first, Hurry up with the shipping already

  • John

    Transdroid is already pretty great, but try translating strange elephant to French and having text-to-speech read it for you.

  • simply put…whopeeee

  • ImGunnaEatU722

    I know this may be a stupid question but is this being sent ota?

  • safil

    nah, its stupid! there gonna come oyh when an official build is released (over your house)… dumbass…

  • x9f

    i guess this won’t arrive on HTC Hero?

  • Maryam

    If Flash is coming to all Android devices in October, and Donut has multitouch, then do we even need the Hero? What makes it special (other than the Sense UI)? I think the hardware on the Magic is much nicer, so a Magic with Flash and multitouch sounds great.

  • Eric

    Many of us want the Hero instead of the MyTouch b/c it has a faster processor and a hell of a lot more RAM AND ROM. Basically, the internal hardware is a “real” upgrade over the G1, unlike the MyTouch…

  • Robert_x24x

    If you go to, you’ll read an article about a Google Android spokesman stating that Donut IS NOT Android 2.0 and it WILL NOT have multi-touch support. Kind of expected something like this, to be honest.

  • Magenta Magic

    Oh, silly us… chasing the iPhone dream with the multi-touch and all that nonsense.

    Wait… I mean… DAMN THEM! I WANT IT NOW!

    Seriously, people… when it comes, it comes. You’ll see if something rolls out for one later generation Android phone, someone *cough*XDA Developers*cough* will roll it back to earlier gen devices. We already see Work Email and Sherpa for the G1.

    So don’t panic… unless you just have to have the latest and greatest handset… chill. The software and OS and who knows what else pastry-monikered goodness will come.