Clearest photo yet… dare to dream?


We know there are plenty of you who just can’t get enough of the Touch Pro2, and now we have an image that showcases it very clearly with great lighting. The closer we get to August 12, the more pictures we’re sure will be flooding our inbox, but this should help you get your fix for now (if the others weren’t enough)! There’s even a picture with the stylus partly out of the phone for any of you interested in seeing that sort of thing. Speaking of the stylus, those of you who may have been worried will be glad to hear that it’s not just going to be falling out of the phone with any little nudge it gets. According to an anonymous tipster speaking of the stylus, “You need something to catch the end of the stylus to pull it out such as a finger nail or a lot of finger pressure on it. Can’t be knocked out accidentally.”

Other impressions from our anonymous tipster follow…

  • From Power on to Home Screen: 55 seconds
  • From Home Screen to Power Off: 8 seconds
  • Camera is amazing for being on a cell phone and only being a 3mp camera. Beats the hell out of the G1 camera.
  • The build and feel of the phone is quality. Heavier than the G1
  • Slide is very tight and feels extremely durable. Needs a little pressure on it to slide. When closed, it feels like a bar style touch screen phone. Very solid phone.
  • Loudspeaker is good. The auto speaker phone when you place the phone face down on a table + the mute button is a really neat feature.
  • And now for the bad:

  • The in call quality was what disappointed me the most on the phone, the earphone speaker. People hear me fine but the quality of audio coming from the phone didnt impress me much.
  • I suppose with that comment, we can all hope that individual results will vary (leaning on the good side) or that it at least isn’t THAT bad. No word on what type of audio was being referred to, such as it being muffled or garbled. We’ll keep you posted if we hear anything else.


    Yet more pictures/video: If you’re looking for more, forums member docprego has added even more photos and video from his 45 minute encounter with the TP2, and those can be found here.