Android Market 1.6 Available Via Cyanogen ROM


I know how it is having to wait for something for a very long time. You guys saw the sneak peak of the Android Market a while ago which included a new look, application screenshots, promotional icons, and improved application descriptions. Well guess what? You don’t have to wait anymore! All you Android users out there can now download the new Android Market 1.6 via the latest Cyanogen ROM. All you need is a rooted Android device. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!

Engadget Via CyanogenMod

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  • trickinit

    I’ve been running Donut on Cyanogen’s Mod for about a week now, and it is pretty awesome. The new Market is MUCH easier to use and better looking!

  • acsteffy87

    i love the top paid/top free selection, really give you a better look at whats out there. Now if they would do that for the “just in” selection that would be awesome

  • anthony

    are you guys using it on the G1?

  • tato22

    this works one both mytouch and g1 and yes very nice

  • trickinit

    I’m using it on the myTouch.

  • joel2nd

    Not only does the market look better it also runs WAY faster. Can’t believe how quick the pages load.

  • Should i be scared to root my mytouch, or is harmless??

  • raysilverstone

    beware that the CM mod that has this new marketplace is still in the experimental stage. So you may get a lot of force closes. Cyanogen says that it is getting close to being stable.

  • SoTacMatt

    The screen shots are nice. Helps learn more about the app.

  • Josh

    good question, travis. the guy that works at my local t-mobile store has a rooted cyanogen mytouch and it is pretty cool. it has 5 pages, instead of three, better camera, less lag, etc. i know how to do it and i have found the sites to walk me through it, but i have been hesitant because of warranty issues and the unknown in general. it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help travis and i out. should we or should we not root our phones? thanks!

  • Mykalus


    Check out or for rooting questions… the folks at those sites are awesome… they’ve helped me root my G1 and deal with issues after I’d mess stuff up… I love my rooted G1!!

  • al3xander

    If ur new to the whole root world, check out it explains the root process and makes it way easy to do. Jus be sure you have a sd card reader on the side (just in case). And if its warranty ur worried about, theres a simple way to unroot if u need to. Good luck!

  • Josh

    thanks a ton guys! i think i am going to do it. i will let you know how i make out. what are the benefits that you enjoyed most? also, has anyone had battery issues with their mytouch? my battery was draining after a full charge in a couple of hours. i use taskiller and power manager, so running apps or screen brightness was not the issue. the phone would just drain during idle. t-mobile was great about it and sent me a new battery. so far, so good. i am just curious to see if this is a known issue.

  • AndroidFan

    I’ve been using Cyanogen Roms for a LONG time now. I think the first one I downloaded was version 3.68.
    Many updates ago. The latest version is pretty stable. I don’t get any Force Close errors.
    Try it out! You’ll love the updates!

  • oby6921

    I need help trying to download the new android market. I installed the cmupdater and tried downloading. When it gets to the screen where you have to click “apply now” I get the message “unable to root into recovery”. What am I doing wrong or where do I go from here? Please help me.

  • LaNsLyDe

    yea ive been running cyanogen roms forever…they are always top notch.

  • James Dinn

    I would like to root my mytouch…could anyone email me: themacgigolo at to give me some tips and allow me to respond with some questions??
    thanks in advance.

  • Nicole

    Can I root my motorola cliq? Can somebody direct me to where I can get the info.

    • Kickstar13

      The Motorola Cliq cannot be rooted yet.