Monday 3G Madness


Another Monday, another set of 3G launches to grace the lucky residents of…Peoria and Bloomington, Illinois. Not to be forgotten are the residents of Lancaster, PA who also find themselves waking up to the 3G icon and all the goodness it brings.

For Salt Lake City residents who find themselves on the cusp of 3G, all signs continue to point to a September 20th launch so we can’t figure any reason for a delay. We hope that a holdup for any reason is rectified super quick so you can begin enjoying the 3G service you so richly deserve.


  • Come on Tmo you can do it, drop 3G in Salt Lake! Do it, do it now!

  • cartmna

    What about oklahoma city?

  • acsteffy87

    still waiting on Waco, Tx. I hope that the HSPA+ upgrade isn’t going to be too far away either

  • Tehseen

    I can’t wait till Dallas to Houston gets lit up, will probably take some time, but I want to tether all the way

  • Kershon

    Hooray! We got it in Peoria! Now I gotta get me a 3G phone. Anybody wanna buy a Blackberry 8900? T-Mo hurry up and launch the Bold 9700.

  • danska

    I wonder if Galesburg will get 3g in Illinois. Galesburg is not that far away from Peoria. There are like what, 2-3 towers for the entire town? Wouldn’t be that hard to do!

  • timmyjoe42

    If Cincinnati ever gets 3g…. Is there anything in our contracts that lets us upgrade devices to utilize this service that wasn’t available back when we joined the tmobile family?

  • Beau

    I shoulda’ never moved away :( I could have had 3G!

  • ultravision

    any new news on fresno/merced? i remember brandon saying its gonna be a few weeks delay but october is 4th quarter. anyone have any news on Fresno?Merced?

  • West

    Will or is Raleigh North Carolina the capital of the state the center of the Research Triangle next door to the Univ. Of North Carolina and just miles from Duke Univ. which sits in the city of medicine Durham even on the list for 3g this decade?

  • Jam

    What about Omaha? T-Mo not showin’ any love. :( Still… 9 days left in the quarter.

  • Crux

    St Charles, Batavia, Aurora, Geneva, and even Wasco IL now have 3G

  • 30014

    West…….all of those things u just checked off about Raleigh sound impressive, but they mean nothing to Tmo. When and if your area gets Tmo 3g, it will come no sooner than its going to. Outside of the 10 largest markets Tmo hasn’t had a particular launch order or strategy. Whenever a city is ready is when it will launch

  • krivak

    hells yea 3g up and running in state college, PA!!! gotta say it feels good

  • rdaneel72

    With 9 days left in the quarter, Albuquerque is STILL waiting!

  • rdaneel72

    And the 2Gs we do have keep cutting out. Are they monkeying with the network in preperation of an impending 3G launch in the Land of Mañana?

  • Lanc, Pa gets 3G.. wow, except it is a mere 6-8 mile radius around Lanc, Pa, I drive a bus, I actually watched it turn off & on, worthless.

  • frofro

    3Q is few days to end. Inland Empire, California??? Nothing?? Come on t-mobile. Metro PCS is gonna beat you at it.

  • anthony

    +1 for IE california

  • Ashley

    Im in Lancaster Pa and I had 3G this morning but nothing the rest of the day.. Booo.. LOL

  • edward

    please do a honest speed test on tmob 3g network then compare that test too sprint verison and at&t ..i think once you compare..speed and latancy you wont be that excited about tmob s 3g and you wont feel compelled to have to tell the whole world when a slow network is being turned on in each and every city

  • FILA

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~greattt so the Amish get 3G huh

  • FILA

    F Lancaster, tryna be like Philly, and Philly tryna be BMore

  • FILA

    But I just looked on the map, Im glad to see they filled in the gap between Baltimore to Havre De Grace here in MD with 3G. They just need to fill in between Grace and North East (Cecil County) and you’ll have non-stop 3G along 95 all the way from New York to Fredricksburg VA

  • MoAzzam

    Still waiting in Dayton….

    According to a rep..Cinci and Dayton are supposed to light up at the same time, but he said there were/are some frequency issues at the Cinci airport..

    Reps are saying everything from mid-Sept (passed), Sept 27, Sept 31 (End of Q3)

    But since theyre planning on doing Cinci and Dayton at the same time…it leads me to think they might be doing the Cin-Day Corridor (Franklin, Mason, West Chester).

    Who knows with this company

  • 3G!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!!!!! SALT LAKE CITY 3G!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOhooooooooooooooooo!

  • Mark

    Hurry up Fresno/Merced, CA ….

  • Finally have it here in slc!

  • Birtel

    no love in the south (La, Ms, Ala)…hurry up baton rouge!!

  • Anynomous

    No love for Idaho. Washington, Oregon, and Utah all have 3G. Come on T-Mobile!

  • Jim

    To my surprise I had 3G, this past weekend, while driving near the intersection of I-75 and State Route 63, in Monroe, Ohio, between Cincinnati and Dayton. I checked again and it was there! This is the location of a new outlet mall so I’m wondering if T-Mobile tweaked the system here. Hmmm…..

  • Keebler

    ABQ is getting flipped soon. Noticed a few towers showing 3G downtown and near TMO tech center off Jefferson

  • g_willi


    ‘G’ is NOT 3G. ‘G’ is GPRS, aka 1G. Give it up, there’s no T-Mobile 3G in Cincinnati or Dayton. The problem is that Cincinnati Bell already operates on the same frequency.

  • Sara

    Looked at my G1 this morning and had 3G! I’m in Centerville, OH about 20 minutes from Dayton.

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  • dew

    Here’s another TMobile customer looking for 3G in Oklahoma City. We were on that “secret list” published for 3G startup in 4Q 2009 a few months back.

    I’m holding out hope and optimism my myTOuch will magically show 3G just anytime now.

    Get after it, T-Mobile!!!!!!!!!!