BlackBerry 9700 Get’s Reviewed BGR Style


After getting a look at the T-Mobile branded Blackberry 9700 I believe its safe to say that this device will be landing on T-Mobile USA. As you may recall we are expecting a release somewhere in the first week of November. Well Boygenius Report has got there hands on a Blackberry 9700 and have blessed us with a review of this beautiful device. Head over and check it out! Blackberry 9700 Review Part 1. More 9700 goodies after the jump!

BoyGenius Report




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  • T.Price

    WOW! I have the 8820 and love it! I was actually hoping the storm would find its way to T-mobile, but the 9700 will do!

  • Juan


    DO WANT.

  • damian

    I gotta have it, I just gott* have it!!!

  • Danny

    God that back look bad, I rather much have that Tour battery door versus this.

  • hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for it

  • Mr. VIP

    Whilest the back cover does look a bit like ass… it’s nothing that a gel skin or hard shell couldn’t mask… Phone looks pretty awesome!

  • drivethruboy168

    I’m just frickin excited I’ve had the chance to play with one! I definitely can’t want till this Blackberry comes out. As a devoted Blackberry user, and have been tempted by Android and future coming Winmo software, I’m definitely buying this Blackberry and future to come RIM will be releasing that T-Mobile releases. Knowing that T-Mobile is stepping up there game as far as data transferring and voice enhancements and starting there journey to 4G with the deployment of HSPA+. There is no doubt that the German parent company Duetche Telekom will be wanting to step up T-Mobile US’s network to keep the T-Mobile Brand all around the world. Verizon watch out, T-Mobile DT, UK and US are taking over the Wireless Industry! Expect this phone to work to it’s full potential on T-Mobile USA’s upgrading 3G Network! all the way down to it’s Visual Voice mail and 5.0 software.

  • rfgenerator

    This review appears to be the ATT version. Has anyone been fortunate enough to get their hands on the T-Mobile version and confirm UMA as well as that it is NOT using some dumbed down processor and battery?

  • batman26

    From reading posts on other wesbites such as cb, it does work perfect.

  • Frenchie

    Blackberry’s are the ish… and I cant wait for the 9700 to drop… its goign to be the best blackberry yet… Anyone who truely loves blackberry will be able to appreciate it >>>

  • asian_inspired

    this is by far the sexiest blackberry thats out there.. finally tmobile stepped it up in getting a blackberry that is 3g.. this is a must have.. i will be selling my mytouch to get this phone

  • bchan

    I got the My Touch 3g, but since this is coming out, I obviously wasted my money. I’m past the 30 day timeframe. Shucks. I went from the Curve to MT3G and soon I’ll be back to Blackberry once this 9700 drops. For those who are used to a querwty keyboard, I highly recommend not getting the MT3G. touch capacitance screens take getting used to and sometimes are not that responsive. The Cliq unfortunately doesn’t have a physical PhoneDial button, so you have to use the touchscreen – something that takes a lot of getting used to. Nuff rambling and bring on November!

  • i really love the cool features of Blackberry. my hubby and i both have Blakberries and we use it all the time to communicate.

  • andria

    I want! No trackball though will take some gettin used to!