Christmas Coming Early For Blackberry Lovers?


If you aren’t looking for the next best thing in the Android world, Blackberry still sits on the throne as king of the Smartphone world. Sorry Apple, RIM still has some juice. Easily one of the most anticipated Blackberry developments in the T-mobile world would be a device sporting 3G goodness. We’ve been graced with an early look before with the always sought after T-mobile USA markings. Enough of the back-story though, when is it coming you ask? A “trusted” source has sent to me via pony express hinting that the phone should be dropping in the first week of November. Of course, this is September so with two full months of time to bounce that date around, nothing is set in stone. Anyone looking to upgrade around that time might be celebrating cellphone Christmas early. Anyone itching to upgrade now thought, would be better served picking from the available selection. Two months is a lifetime in this game and I wouldn’t bet the farm on any date this far out but hey, you’ve waited this long for a 3G Blackberry, 2 more months can’t hurt right?

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  • Krakenbound

    Sure wish it had a trackball! Can it be retrofitted with one?

  • Guy

    I sure hope this has UMA. No UMA will be a deal breaker. I would of bought the Touch Pro 2 yesterday if it had UMA.

  • rfgenerator

    Yup needs UMA or it’s no go. T-Mobile only has 3G in probably 50% or less in my geographic travel area, but I also have several friends houses where there is no T-Mobile coverage, so I need the UMA… Hopefully they’ve figured it out.

  • Rav

    UMA is must for me too!!

  • Dom

    damn didnt want to hear this news. i thought the driftwood was coming out in sept. iono if i should wait 2 months or just get the 8900. i need to get rid of my sklx!!

  • drivethruboy168

    YYEEEAAAA…. Can’t wait! I love Blackberrys!

  • yoo

    This would be major if “3g” on t-mobile was actually noticeably faster then EDGE.
    Powerful phone on a weak network. (love the price rates though!)

    • Andrew

      @ yoo I’m not sure where you are, but my 3g (here in Phoenix) is much faster than edge, and is faster than AT&Ts 3g here, at least in my experience. I will definitely be looking forward to this

  • sidekickuser

    I wanted thiss october man!! I’m so sick of my sidekick lx, contract ends oct 26. blahh, im in the middle of getting an android phone and blackberry, im just so used to this great keyboard, i would hate to be cramped. ahh i want that driftwood.

  • Akash1NY

    Guys, this has UMA… look at the second line in photo.

    Says its has 3G AND WIFI.

    YES!!!! CAN’T WAIT.

  • rfgenerator

    Having wifi doesn’t necessarily mean the UMA is working and enabled.

  • OMG!! i can totally wait-ive been waiting seen July when I saw this speak out on i got my son the 8520 and love/love the optrack feels like touch! chirstmas will be perfect!

  • I’ve posting the first video of Blackberry Onyx 9700 here –

    I hope you enjoy to watching this video

    warm regards,

  • miguel

    wow i saw this picture with the tmo branding i skeeted just in time to upgrade my service in november got to love it when the sun matches perfect with the moon

  • Hell no can’t f###en wait i this blackberry should come by the ending of Sept..or the beginning of Oct..

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  • To me this is still better than Android