Christmas Coming Early For Blackberry Lovers?


If you aren’t looking for the next best thing in the Android world, Blackberry still sits on the throne as king of the Smartphone world. Sorry Apple, RIM still has some juice. Easily one of the most anticipated Blackberry developments in the T-mobile world would be a device sporting 3G goodness. We’ve been graced with an early look before with the always sought after T-mobile USA markings. Enough of the back-story though, when is it coming you ask? A “trusted” source has sent to me via pony express hinting that the phone should be dropping in the first week of November. Of course, this is September so with two full months of time to bounce that date around, nothing is set in stone. Anyone looking to upgrade around that time might be celebrating cellphone Christmas early. Anyone itching to upgrade now thought, would be better served picking from the available selection. Two months is a lifetime in this game and I wouldn’t bet the farm on any date this far out but hey, you’ve waited this long for a 3G Blackberry, 2 more months can’t hurt right?

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