BlackBerry Driftwood pic!

For those of you impatiently waiting for any kind of information on the Blackberry Driftwood, look no further than….. this post, where we have a picture for you. Okay, this is pretty much it, but it’s got T-Mobile branding! So, go ahead and take a look at the picture below… and then smile, knowing full well that the 3G-enabled Driftwood is indeed headed our way.

TmoNews Forums via CrackBerry


  • Finally.

  • CallawayBomber


  • Curve 8900 Luva

    Man that is crap. Its ugly as heck. That trackpad is crap also.

  • Can’tWait

    Hopefully they’ll include 3G bands for use outside the US as well.

    Some of T-Mo’s devices only include 3G services for use on their USA network but nowhere else.

  • Jerry

    Looks great

  • You know, I may just have to get this blackberry. I love the 3g support and I know that keyboard will be amazing. I don’t think the picture does the phone any justice.

  • Aaron Ratner

    Wow. Another BlackBerry that looks like all the other BlackBerry phones. I feel badly for BB users because all the phone are exactly the same. Some have 3G, some don’t. Some have UMA, some don’t. Etc. But they all run the same tired old OS with a terrible browser. If BlackBerry wants to be around in a few years, how about a phone that can compete with the G1, Pre and iPhone style phones. While they may not be perfect now, and BB is on top now, those phones are the future and BB has been releasing one phone after the next for the last year that look exactly the same. You could have posted a picture of any modern BB and no one would have known the difference.

  • well its i alrite i guess. i mite get it . cause were i live in california da t-mobile 3G is waaay better than at&t 3G. i have a blackberry bold from at&t. and da only reason i have at&t is cause da rollover minutes.. and cause of work… but i really regret signing up with them,. i could never call even when my phone has 5 bars of 3G i still get call failed. then it switches to edge and i still get call failed with 5 bars on edge, and the 3G is soooooooooooo slow . i mean i need a blackberry for work and it sucks… well at&t does cause my friends with verizon and t-mobile get waay faster internet and they never get call failed. my friend with da g1 has waay better 3G than i do hers is fast .. mine takes like 3 minutes to open yahoo on 3G, WHILE MY FRIENDS g1 opens yahoo on 10 seconds with 3G. so yea….

  • Scotty

    Yes! I have been waiting for this one to hit this site!! :D

  • J

    i don’t see the uma support of the phone?

  • Alberto

    FINALLY!! I was thinking of switching to ATT for the iPhone 3gs, or staying with tmobile for the Mytouch, BUT THISSSS, THIS phone is going to make me stay with tmobile..Finally a 3g bb..

  • timmyjoe42

    image not found?

  • timmyjoe42

    oh, there it is

  • SneakerFiend

    About time.

    And it looks like a Blackberry Tour. Still no bold competitor though. Idk buh there’s something about the wide-body bold that makes it look so dam premium and sexy x_x.


  • FILA

    told you it wouldnt be long till they release a 3G enabled track pad BB. They just wanted to TRY to make profits first off the non-3G track pad model because its “Hot” Were probably see this by fall.

  • Andrew

    Awesome, it’s great to see the device confirmed!

  • izzzy

    I prefer my 8900 body and trackball over this but the 3g speed will be worth the ugly body.

  • ManoloDF

    What is the UMA status on this phone? That is a deal-breaker, I have been waiting for a 3G + UMA phone for a long time.

  • foo

    someone clearly didnt read the confidentiality agreement when they signed up for this trial.

    The wait will be worth it you guys

  • Andy, Inc

    I actually like the look. It gives it a dignified and sophisticated appearance but it does infact look like most of the recent Blackberrys, almost identical to the tour if it still had the trackball but then again hasn’t the iPhone looked the exact same from the front for the last 3 years? Not to mention the 3G and 3GS are totaly identical :D. Phones these days haha

  • cDAWG

    our blackberry rep said that this could possibly be the first phone with uma and 3g but it wont be out till Q4…thats what the expert told me

  • Aaron Myers

    What’s up with the green phone call pick-up button being upside down?

  • James

    Lets see how much excitement will continue when we find that TMO is charging $249 or more for this phone. The BB Tour is selling like hotcakes for Sprint and Verizon at $199..but lately TMO is on crack when it comes to prices..yeah nice way to add customers. I’ve been with this company for 12yrs and don’t see the “value leader” tag staying attached to TMO for much longer.

  • Tyler

    Hrm, just bought my wife the 8900 not too long ago. She will like this though … T-mobile should give me a discount for buying new phones every couple months :l

  • mfabela

    hmm…let’s see some more pics

  • Stormtrooper

    To me it looks like a step back, the 8900 is a better looking phone…

  • zack

    Most likely its because of the answer symbol is ‘up’ and the end call is ‘down’ facing.

  • SneakerFiend

    Oh really??? In that case this blows. I’d rather get a Blackberry Bold than this narrow piece of shxt x_x

    I’m still happy they’re finally stepping their game up and getting serious about their phone line up.
    And like i said the wide body makes it look so much more sexier and capable in my eyes. This phone just looks like a Blackberry Tour knockoff with a touchpad x_x

  • SneakerFiend


  • Kenna

    I have the Curve 8900 and though it’s branded “T-mobile” on the back, I love how it’s not branded “T-Mobile” on the front. Too much branding!

  • Kenna

    I hate how about 6 months ago I bought the 8900 Curve, which seems pretty similar to this yet doesn’t have 3G. It’s pretty frustrating that I support the company when it comes out with a new phone, just to upgrade/get a better one a few months later. I guess this is how business works though…

  • RCtennis3811

    This is one of the reasons why I love using a GSM-based carrier (at&t) – the ability to have both 3G AND WiFi. Glad to see T-Mobile is going to get a great 3G BlackBerry too!

  • drivethruboy168

    this phone is SICK!!!!!

  • While people are mentioning 3G, I must say that it completely blows. I won’t waste one minute on battery on it. I have it permanently turned off on my [rooted] G1. At best, I get two bars (AT BEST) and I consistently get five bar edge which is quite fast and I see no need to turn on 3G. ATT talks about the “first 4G network” when no one can seem to get 3G right. I know that 3G is two-way (you can use data while on a call) but that feature, while very nice, does little for me when it sloooooooow. Perhaps RIM knew what they were doing when they failed to include 3G in their TMO 8900. It’s a battery killer with zero advantage.

  • Just give me a release date. This is the device I “ORIGINALLY” wanted, and I will sell my MyTouch 3G for it, no QUESTIONS ASKED!!

  • Mr.Genius


  • Mexifornian

    Why would anyone be jumping on this at this point without having even tried the touchpad? I tried the new Curve down at Walmart today and I’m not a fan of the touchpad… I get more precision out of the trackball on my 8900, which really makes a difference when web browsing and selecting those “micro” text links on-screen. As for 3G, it’s only good in center city areas in most of So Cal…No coverage in the Burbs, so it’s not a viable selling point yet on Tmo’s network. My Verizon Storm with 3G isn’t all that much faster than EDGE on my 8900 anyway, so no I see no need to upgrade… once again, T-Mobile fails to score the premium BB devices the other carriers have (Bold, Storm, Tour). Ah well, at least the kids have those kewl Android phones to surf the web all day with on TMo!

  • phoneking13

    Well I too will be getting this device. And YES it will support UMA… I’ve tried out the touchpad on the 8520 and I like it. :)

  • Nice! I’m actually leaning more towards the MyTouch though, because the BlackBerry market has really been left behind when it comes to applications that I’d actually use. And I have to agree with the others, it really does look cheaper than the 8900.

    UMA is a huge selling point but my UMA router fizzled out, and myfaves has been great.

  • GlockBuster

    T-Mobile used to relaunch the same phone with improvements all the time (Pearl 8100 to the 8120, V195 to the V195s, V300 to the V330, numeroud relaunches of the RAZR, etc). With that said, I’d rather see them relaunch the 8900 with the same look as the 8920 and just add 3G to it.

  • dee_shock

    Well I’d sent back the tp2 on aug. 13 It wasn’t for me. But this sh.. here I will be coping finally a replacement for my BB curve with 3g.

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