HTC Touch Pro 2 Pricing Revealed


As we count down the days to the wondrous release of the Touch Pro 2 there has been much debate surrounding the price.  It just so happens that patience IS rewarded and the pricing has been uncovered, for better or worse.  The HTC Touch Pro 2, diamond encrusted with T-Mobile 3G, will run you exactly $213,487.23 $349.99 if you sign a 2 year death wish contract (with no rebate, sorry), and about $400 for a one year sentence.  In case you were wondering, the retail price will cost you an arm and a leg $550 (perfect to buy in installments) .  I hope this doesn’t ruin the surprise, but trust me, it is definitely worth it (for all that qwerty, WM, Touchflo, 3G goodness).  While you continue to lay awake at night count the days, drool over some video and pictures of the glorious device.  Larger (slightly) picture after the break (if you want to look over other prices, or just check my eyes).

Thanks! Anonymous