Windows Mobile Still Sucks


I know there are a large number of readers who just love Windows Mobile, up to and including our own Mystictrust. Personally, I think you are all in love with the worlds worst phone based operating system. I would rather be waterboarded than have to endure a day with Windows Mobile. I’d rather the Cubs never win a world series than go back to a Windows Mobile device in its current state. Thankfully, my thoughts are echoed by Launce Ulanoff of PCMag. He chooses stronger words for his thoughts on Windows Mobile Windows Mobile is just plain awful. There. I’ve said it, and I feel pretty good. No, wait. Actually, I don’t because those words aren’t strong enough. Windows Mobile is a scourge, an embarrassment. It’s a mass of over-engineered effluvia that only serves to slow you down, get in your way, and make you miserable.” Using Windows Mobile to me is like the screeching of nails on a chalkboard in my third grade history class. I hate it, there I said it, and I hate it. I’m open to debate about it, but I’m just frustrated as hell trying to use it. I went into my local T-mobile store lately to test the TouchPro2. Mystic REALLY wants me to drop my unlocked iPhone, thinks it’s a shame that I use one and I think it’s a shame that he thinks the TP2 is the end all be all of phones.

I think it’s safe to say that we all look forward to what Windows Mobile 6.5 can bring to the table. Perhaps an operating system that doesn’t make me want to watch hours of White Sox World Series Championship videos. Few things could be more painful. Anyways, I think you should all give this a good once over, WM lover or not, it’s an interesting read.



  • T1 connect

    wth, winmo sucks, iphones and tp2’s. listen the tp2 as a phone itself its murder its a hot phone…with winmo 6.1, im not gonna lie its doo doo..but with 6.5 it gets it just deserts….

  • Everything isn’t for everybody. That might not have been a good idea….being as though…: (dedicated to Windows mobile) You might have left a lot of people very disappointed. There are 6201 members on the site. How many of them might really have love for Windows mobile? Not all. However, some of the members actually like it. ;-)

    • David

      I’m merely voicing my opinion, I’m not saying anything about the people who use it. This is the problem with writing articles like this, people take it personally as though I am insulting the user base. I’m insulting the fact that the hardware behind WM doesn’t give it enough power. The article is extreme, but so is my desire to gain page views and engage in open debate. Anyone who leaves this site or the forum because of what I wrote here is welcome to do so. I’m entitled to my opinion!

  • Darron

    I’m a dedicated WM user, and honestly the article brings up some valid points. It also kinda makes me wonder why I’ve been putting up with such half-a$$ efforts by Microsoft developers. So I can open Windows documents and spreadsheets? Even Exchange doesn’t work for me anymore the way I want it to. Battery life stinks, so does speed.

  • SB7785

    I agree, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I also agree that stock WM sucks – I know; I used my Wing for a full year (a bit over actually) stock. Then I discovered the joys of XDA, and that’s where things get murky. Are you saying the stock WM sucks? If so, I 100% agree. But the chefs over at XDA are brilliant, and take WM into something far beyond what it was, and I love my Wing now. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Jose Medina

    I Dont agree with the PCMAG guy since he wrote he spend limited time with windows mobile and to say its the end of windows mobile. its like people saying symbian and nokia have been releasing the same looking OS for years and their going to fail. I know i said to david it was a hater article when i actually meant PCMAGS article. people shouldnt say the death of something because of their personals opinions.

  • nos

    i worked on WinMo at Microsoft for a long time. It started great, but lacked innovation and thus is now stuck with a dead fish. The SmartPhone variants were actually pretty good and I still like them as a phone that can play audio and video and syncs with Outlook/Exchange. In a head to head competition they kick Blackberry’s butt right up until RIM started changing the UI (moving to the trackball based UI).

    With the advent of the iphone and Android, Microsoft really has to come out of it’s corner swinging. Palm showed that a company can do that, but I worry that MS might not be able to do it. When I left, they still had the attitude that WinMo was a enterprise/corperate system and if they hold that idea, they are dead.

    The hope for them lies with the ZuneHD. It’s a pretty device and a very functional handheld. It’s like a modern equivalent to the PocketPC MS introduced 10 years ago. And back then, they got a crazy idea to graft a cell radio into the PocketPC and boom, the WinMo phone was born. Here’s to hoping they put a radio in the ZuneHD…

  • Sanjay

    Wow, I did read the article and I can’t believe he is allowed to write on a web site. It is more personal hate (as if Microsoft fired him from a job in the past) than any practical comparisons. I have played with my brother’s G1 and it is awful and incomplete. Blackberry’s are great for e-mail and business apps but that’s it. My sister has the Blackberry Storm and it is hard to use (that onscreen keyboard is awful). I’m not saying I don’t have problems with WM and I wish Microsoft would dedicate more resources to it because otherwise the “others” will definitely overtake Microsoft. My only issue with WM is the memory leak issue. It happens with the TP2 as well right out of the box (no third party apps installed by me). Battery life on my TP2 is better than my brother gets on his G1. David, what is better on the G1 and Blackberry Storm that is worse on the TP2? Be specific if you want to analyze. Again, I don’t really intend to defend microsoft but for users this type of complaining is unhelpful in making decisions.

  • Beau

    What a waste of a read… I do agree, WinMo Sucks, but that article was all fluff and no filler. Waste of my time to read.

  • artiepants

    WinMo, lol ~ even my died-in-the-wool, drinks-the-kool-aid MS-workin’, xBox360 playin’, Zune sportin’, Vista defendin’ buddy just got an iPhone a couple weeks ago.

  • TehAndroid

    I didn’t read the article but for me winmo is like the crotchity old man who remembers the good times and doesn’t want to change because the old ways are better. Microsoft seems to think that because they are microsoft they don’t have to change because they have always been a power house. Now with Android being on like 80% of all new HTC devices micrsosoft better come back with something amazing or the will be done. Every other mobile OS supports exchange and office so they can’t keep hold on to that.

  • James

    I agree WinMo sucks..I played around with my friends TP2..the hardware is really, really nice. Too bad the OS sucks. He doesnt seem to mind, so to each his own I guess. It’s interesting that on my G1, the hardware sucks and the OS is just crack!Ha ha anyway..I thought it was interesting that MS announced 6.5 will be released mid-october. They listed all the carriers except it looks for the time being we wont get 6.5. Really a shame, everyone else’s TP2 looks better, will have a 3.5 jack and will get the 6.5 update. Tmo gets screwed again.

  • @David…I’m not at all offended lol.. I was just pointing out the fact that some people might be upset. Me..I could care less. I like Windows Mobile (even though it has it’s issues) no one can change will change my discernment. As far as people leaving the site…that’s like waaaaay out there. If someone wants to leave because you don’t like Windows Mobile I think that’s riduculous. I think we are all use to you not liking things by now. :-P.

    You said you were not attacking the people who use Windows Mobile but “I know there are a large number of readers who just love Windows Mobile, up to and including our own Mystictrust. Personally, I think you are all in love with the worlds worst phone based operating system” was the reason I wrote the response. I just feel like the people who love/put up with Windows Mobile have their reasons just like the ones who don’t. I do not have a penchant for Blackberry but I’m sure A LOT of people do.
    Someone who is not pissed of by what you said lol

  • Mobile Fan

    As much as I wanted to like the TP2, when I finally found a Tmobile store that demo’d it after about 2 weeks after the TP2 was released, unfortunately the TP2 is laggy. Wow Microsoft is still on v6.1. How nice…. NOT!

  • Bill Berry

    I’ll be the first one to admit while I’m not up to speed on the technical aspects of the MyTouch3G I did install NRGZ28’s EnergyROM Genesis Titanium – WM6.5 ROM and I like it. I’m not implying everybody rush out and download the ROM to their phone; one it is a two step process and it will void your warranty and if you’re not careful you could brick your phone. When 6.5 officially releases it will still have its critics but I promise those who do upgrade you’re going to like to facelift. Folks who like TouchFlo 3D, there is a version of it too. The version I use doesn’t have TouchFlo 3d or T-Mobile’s mods. I will warn all, it does you your battery up faster, but there is an Extended-size super high capacity 4500mAh Battery for HTC Touch Pro 2 T7373 (HTC Rhodium 160) and HTC Snap S521 (HTC Maple 100). GSM VERSION.

    Li-Polymer, 3.7V, 4500mAh

    Colour: Black with extra battery cover in SILVER colour

    Replaces Original Battery Model No.: RHOD160 (1500mAh)

    (Made by Mugen Power)

  • I use windows mobile and although I will agree, that windows mobile is an ugly, underdeveloped, underpowered, and unfriendly OS, the folks at xda dev and htcpedia have made my xperience ;P much more tolerable.

  • Rob

    I have been using windows mobile for years now. Yes windows mobile by default yes if you use the core stock roms and do no modifications yes they do suck. But out of all my devices I Have ever had from blackberry to the G1 which to all of you android fans out their the only thing I like about the android device is the google marketplace. Now microsoft needs to get in the game and hurry up with their marketplace. I have people at work going AWWW over what I have been able to do with my device. Not to mention skyfire web browser and multiple applications that make my device out perform and actually be better than both my blackberry and my G1. People think windows mobile sucks you should go over to the XDA developers forums. Those guys are dedicated infact I am a member myself because they allow you to do all with your phone. I don’t usually get offended by articles and by comments nor by posts but I like many other people who use windows mobile its not a dieing operating system. The operating system does not suck its what you do with the device that matters. This post/comment is merely preference. Some people take the time to mod and make a device fit their lifestyle and make it what they want to be and put time into it. In fact thats why t-mobile is selling the my touch so that people can make it themselves. The only difference is you have to go to multiple locations to do so on a windows mobile device. Might have to even get a registry editor or move files around but both OS are just as good its just USER preference. Its like gaming consoles it can be the most powerful system on earth but you have to have the developers behind it to develop games and apps. Same goes for with windows mobile hopefully once windows launches marketplace make it easier to download applications on the phone. But until then their are places like xda and various other places that assist people with customizing the phone and making it what you want. And to everyone that says windows mobile sucks THAT is a personal preference not fact.

  • Michael

    I’d love to see a well reasoned subjective article talking about the features of WinMo, what is good and what is bad. Maybe from the perspective of a “normal” user. I love the form factor of the TP2, and am seriously considering getting one. It would be great to read a real review/article that makes actual constructive points.

    Otherwise it is like me saying “the Phillies are great, the Mets suck.” Of course THAT statement can be backed up with subjective facts! :-)

  • ala

    worse than waterboarding huh? go get waterboarded just once and come back here and make the claim again.

    • David

      Seriously? You took that literally? Try reading between the lines my friend!

  • Ed

    Last week I went to my T-mobile store to get the TP2. I played with the demo unit and was immediately concerned by the lag…it was just a little “off”. Also got stuck a few times where I had to pull out the stylus because the icon/button was too small for a finger. Ended up in this weird place where I’m playing input roulette (stylus, keyboard, finger). Then I tried the browser was disappointed. What’s the point of 3G if you have to use mobile IE? Opera was better but slow. I browsed to some online stores and got some of my favorite apps (ebook readers) installed.

    Then (because it’s almost unavoidable the way the store is laid out) I tried the MyTouch 3G. The user experience was fantastic. The browser was awesome. The app store was a breath of fresh air after manually downloading apps through opera on the TP2.

    Left the store with the MyTouch 3G. I like it but I really really miss the keyboard. The MyTouch screen is a little small for a virtual keyboard. Maybe the Morrison will fix that? I thought about the G1 but the battery life and rumors of no 2.0 update are scaring me away.

    If only…TP2 Hardware + Android = Epic Win

  • sid

    I was a die hard wm user with my t mo shadow. Now I’m entering this off of a new bb 8900. I’m gonna give my impression of wm vs other smart phones.
    The first thing I noticed on the bb was the lack of lagg and the instant responsiveness. Which all wm users have to admit the os is ridicolusly slow.
    This is the only advantage that bb has over wm.
    On my shadow I had a cooked 6.1 rom installed with a custom ui and even a app to replace the stock pim manager. I also had lotsof other apps that gave my 2007 shadow phone bb 8900 functionality. Wm has way more apps and customization then other smart phones. Plus emulators
    But wm lack of responsiveness and ugly stock ui certainly do make it suck and hard to use. I agree that the stock version of wm sucks and you shouldn’t have to install hacked roms to make it usable. The wm community needs to let msft know that this is unaccetable. Tp2 was an awesome phone till I tried it and saw how slow it was because of wm when you compare it to other touch screen phones.
    Wm has great potential but it currently isn’t up to par.
    Even with all of that said I’m still gonna return to my wm device because in the end I can do what bb can and more

  • Why did they make the TP2 so ‘spensive? Any chance of a price drop after Sprint releases theirs next week? I’d be all over it if it wasn’t so much.

    Now I say, F*CK the TP2! It’s all about the iPhone, baby!

  • A.coll

    I have the tp2 and the only thing i can say , is that it is way better then an iphone , is fast I can get a ton of programs for free , i can multitask on my phone (use more then one program at the same time) ,I can watch movies on my tv using wmp and the a/v cables , i can us Microsoft office , without having to buy it, I think might not be as friendly as the iphone’s os but , come one there is a lot of things that you can do if you know how to use WM that you might not be able to do whit fancy OS like apple’s .. but what i love the most about WM is active sync :D (FREE) I lost my tmobile wing and i got my contacts on my TP2 in less then a minute, I LOVE WINDOWS MOBILE LOL

  • james

    if they could just fix the search function and have it TELL YOU where the file is or let you DELETE from the search results. you know something windows 3.1 could do, i had an mda had 6.1 run great but i lost faith and found my way to blackberry, ive owned a g1 for 6 months wasn’t my cup of tea great entertainment device. iphone again great entertainment but still to get work done bb makes its simple thats all a field tech can ask for.

  • Andrew

    I have to agree, while I found the TP2 to be one of the best ways to live with WM, I don’t think I could ever live with it daily. I would go with Palm before WM, but I will stick with BB, iPhone or Android.

  • FILA

    Android for the Win!

  • TRobshi

    This is the best article title I have ever seen on this site….

  • hector

    am stuck on windows mobile have been for a year, truely the frist time i got one i was dum as a door nail didnt know what i got into lol i may as well have gone water boarding blind folded, but it took me time to figger that thing out, the old dash htc i had was ok memory on the phone was like haveing Alzheimer’s disease but was hack city on this phone, now my new dash 3g syncs perfict with my windows vista with no problemo with better memory , true windows on mobile needs lots of work, but have to say if your not into windows and only into fart apps then the windows mobile may not be a phone for you,

  • THIS is exactly the kind of post that drives me away from here. You know, I expect more out of a semi-respectable tech blog. This kind of just biased bashing belongs on a forum, NOT on the front page of a blog. This is prolly the last time i’m going to visit this site. If I wanted iPhone loving WinMo hating posts i’d just stick to the forums at XDA. And by the way, I hope you enjoy that iPhone…gotta love that locked down OS.

    • David

      The fact that a post can drive you away from a site speaks for itself and your close minded approach to how you want things done. Any website that bends to the idea that it CAN’T post something out of fear or intimidation that it might offend a reader or two needs to close up shop and call it a day. If you want to leave the site then fine, thats your prerogative but don’t make ridiculous statements with such extreme points of view while parading around saying I can’t do the same. Thanks for the jabs at the iPhone, I’m sure its deeply insulted.

  • Mike

    Christian, I agree 100% with that, this “story” was neither objective nor informative, and with words like “sucks”, very unprofessional. If I was T-Mobile, I would want any site using my name to do things in a professional way.

    • David

      Ah yes, another lover of my handiwork. I’m sorry, where in bloggers guidebook does it say that all stories must be objective or informative? Is opinionated an illegal move that I somehow failed to recognize before I got my bloggers license. I deeply apologize for the use of the word “sucks,” how dare I use those four letters in that particular order. I think I need to go back and re-read the bloggers guidebook so I can make sure every post has me holding puppies and soft language so as to not offend the most susceptible of readers.

  • Mike

    I tried the MyTouch 3G and Android, and it was fun, but I returned it and got a Touch Pro 2, it’s 10 times the phone the MyTouch is. Android is a promising OS, and has a great future, but it’s just not there yet.

  • Mike

    You need to learn manners as well, you don’t insult your readers :)

  • Mike

    I mean, sucks, what is this a High School site?

  • John

    You just lost another visitor with this biased non informative post.

  • userfriendlyme

    Interesting article strong view but i have to say WINMO sucks and i have been a long time PDA user and i enjoyed the phone but as and OS i cant see myself going back to that. The touch pro2 as much as i wanted that phone maybe a year ago or so if it had been released things would be different. After using and iphone of Android why would you want WINMO??? maybe the 6.5 will offer something to compete with but right now its the most boring OS out there and even going to XDA TO SPRUCE MY WINMO phone up with a cooked rom still doesnt compare to a cyanogen rom or HERO rom . lets be real WINMO in its current state has seen its age…its time for a total revamp. Heres hoping 6.5 keeps up.

  • Sanjay

    David, I think you may be missing the point. I and probably others that are reacting to your post, have assumed this is a web site to come to get information on T-mobile and its offerings. And a forum where users can discuss what they see and experience with T-mobile. Your post and some other recent ones, appear to be taking a different direction. If this is your blog, then that is different than what I assumed it was. As a blog, yes, it will express your opinion instead of an objective posting of T-mobile offerings. The title says Tmonews not Tmoblog or David’s Tmoblog. News is just that, news and not a blog. Certainly posting objective criticism of what T-mobile is doing and problems with phones is one thing but radicalizing your position is another. You appear to be taking this personally.

    • David

      While I am thankful for your point of view and of course welcome the criticism for one to think this blog will solely be about news/rumors is well founded. The title is indeed Tmo”news.” However, I have a hard time conceptualizing why one might want to leave a blog over a single article they simply disagree with. Will you stop reading the New York Times if they are taking a position on healthcare, did you stop watching a tv show after a plot change? I mean its radical to say I am leaving this blog, I hate this blog, this blog isn’t what I thought it was based on my thoughts in a single post. This website will continue to bring T-mobile news and lead in that respect. Thats my foremost mission, is to bring you the T-mobile happenings in today’s wireless world. That doesn’t limit me however to not being able to interject once in a while with an opinionated (you say radical) article that states my opinion. I have an audience, why not put it to good use? Its not a matter of taking it personally, I don’t, if Windows Mobile was the last phone on earth and I had to use it to save all of mankind, I would. I wanted to stir a discussion and I achieved my goal, nothing more, nothing less.

  • So I am a lurker. I got my TP2 from UPS at around 1800 yesterday (9/1). I’ve been with TMO for just a tick over 5 years and I like them, but I sometimes can’t understand the logic they employ when offering a new device. I had an MDA, graduated to the 1st generation Dash and then to the Wing. I think I had warranty/equipment issues so often I ran like an Olympian through 6 Wings (exchange)…and then I got my G1.

    I was on my 2nd G1 and I love it, but missed something about the WM experience….what I am not sure. Truth be told, I just like the newest gadgets and am blessed with the recklessness to go with the urge.

    I agree with David. Windows Mobile blows Dolphins for nickels.

    Sure, HTC gussied the UI up but underneath it all is the same clunky and antiquated spine that could barely support the Wing, which was how many years ago?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am still feeling out my TP2 and I think I can live with it but all I am saying is that Microsoft could have done better and T-Mobile sure as hell should have demanded as such.

    Anyone for Android on TP2?

  • Wow from this article you wouldnt be able to tell that this site isnt biased..

  • In my job I get to play with all of the phones. I know many of the modders in here have stated you can really make winmo sing. But the point is, you should not have to hack your phone to make it work. The default browser should be able to access the manufactuers own site without bogging down. I am sure even with the release of 6.5, the underlying core of the os will still be WinCE (read: wince) from way back in 2002/3. Untill MSFT puts their full resources into getting a true mobile OS into the hands of the public, they will continue to loose customer base.

    I am not praising any one OS, they all have it’s faults. Though currently I am happy with my G1 (running Cyanogen, yes modded. I am eagerly awaiting a GSM webOS device, and the new Nokia N900 looks very interesting. I will never go Apple due to the proprietary nature of their systems, and their appstore approval process needs serious investigation. Unless you jailbreak your phone you cant sideload apps, BS.

    What gives Android my current thumbs up is the open source nature of the OS. Maemo as well, but that is still a wildcard. WinMo, has had several bugs since 2003, that MSFT refuses to fix. One of them is caller id with call waiting. It does not always work, put your sim in any other devices and it always works. Little things like that nag at the back of your mind.

  • Deke218

    Them there fighting words, part’ner!!! Having had the MDA and Wing, I might agree with you. Switch to a BB Curve then the G1. Both great operating systems. Now I’m back on WM with the Touch Pro 2. Windows Mobile is no longer the slow, work when it wants to work operating system.

    I like being able to mod my phones and the only way I’d ever buy an iPhone is if someone had a gun to my head and forced me to. I think everything Apple sucks the big one. Overpriced sissy phones made to the lowest common intelligence factor.

  • CeluGeek

    I disagree with David and with that PCMag article. I’ve been using Windows Mobile since the Audiovox SMT5600 and a Dell Axim X3. Still to this date, WinMo is for me the perfect balance in between the all-play no-efficiency of the iPhone and the mother-of-all-bureaucracy that is the BlackBerry OS. My only gripe with Microsoft is that since now everybody wants to be an iPhone, they are neglecting the non-touchscreen version of WinMo, which is way more stable and efficient than the touchscreen version. I can think of many things that BlackBerry OS has done right that WinMo Standard should have but probably won’t. Anyway, you guys can keep following the fruity herd or selling your soul (err, privacy) to Google. Until RIM eases up on the bureaucracy or something truly better that can go beyond “looking cool” comes along, Windows Mobile will still be my smartphone OS of choice.


    Android sucks a$$ for business users, it’s not ready for prime time yet.

    F*CK the TP2, it’s all about the iPhone, baby (unless they lower the price)!

  • Be

    IMO…I think WinMo’s biggest problem is the user interface. After having the G1 since launch and now having the TP2, I can honestly say that while the TP2 may be a more powerful device, I would rather have my G1 back. The ease of use and UI were just incredible. TOUCHFLO 3D is really just a pretty, albeit thin, mask of WinMo and it makes me wish I knew more about phones…I would def hack this thing to make it look like Android…

  • 30014

    Why does anyone on this site feel the need to justify their likes and dislikes. I’ve never used winmo, but I was ablackberry addict at least until I tried android. Outside of email bb has nothing going for it except awesome hardware. That’s my personal opinion and everyone should make their choices based on their own opinions and preferences. I think android is the bomb some think winmo is, but someone else’s opinion won’t change mine. People research and test the product then form your opinion about it.

  • Miguel

    The only thing holding Anroid back is hardware. HTC is stingy with the hardware. Then they open it up a little bit with the Hero, and give it to Sprint… WTF!!

    G1 is a great phone, it just lags sometimes because of the hardware, depending on what you have installed to run in the background.

  • Megabonix

    Until recently I was a WinMo clone… blind to the fact that anything could be better. Then one day it hit me, constant reboots, crappy UI, poor selection of apps, etc… there had to be a better way.

    Thanks Google, Android is exactly what I was missing in my life. I <3 Android.

  • Sprint on 042410

    Had Win Mo on the 07 Shadow, Android on the G1 and now WebOS on the Pre. Android and WebOS both have their strong points, I miss Android but find WebOS just as interesting and can finally enjoy a smartphone now that I have 3G. Win Mo is very business oriented but I have a desktop and laptop for that, prefer the combination of fun and productivity that Android and WebOS offer.

  • efjay

    Thanks for posting this, made me realise just how intolerant the site owner is and how windbags with a misplaced sense of importance let it go to their heads. WM is not the prettiest but that really isnt why I and many others like the OS, rather its the FREEDOM you get to do what the heck you want to do with YOUR device, not being beholden to sign up with a google account or be quivering with fear lest apple reject an applicaiton you would like to use.

    You must be really sad and pathetic to have this much hatred towards what equates to computer code and sorry to say to all the haters, WM is going nowhere!

    • David

      Do you realize how infallible your logic is? You just went on a short rant about how misplaced I am and personally attacked me when I did nothing to offend YOU. I didn’t offed you, only the “code” that made you write a personal attack against me. Seriously, who is taking this more personally, you or me?

    • Andrew

      As far as personalization goes. Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BB OS and Jailbroken iPhones all have the same amount. Also, no matter what, to use the functions of these smartphones to their full potential a data plan must be purchased. After that, its personal preference. I can see the merit in some of these operating systems but I greatly prefer some to others.

  • Lance Romance

    I love Android!

  • Well this has gotten even more out of hand ever since I started this fire, which is pretty cool don’t get me wrong to know that I started this. But David, do you not see that by feeding all of these trolls you are making us hate this site even more? You know, it is one thing to reply to me, since I was the first commenter that said anything, but to each and everyone of us that is saying something against you? Shows how big of a man you are, yes sir! This fact just cements my choice in leaving here. Ive been here through your countless vacations every other week(good lord blogging must make you all tired, I should have your job. I could hit the beach at least twice a month!), all the changes that the main site has gone through, the crashes…everything and this post alone has driven me away from here. What I am trying to say is enjoy your blog, I am sure that you will be successful, jackasses with huge e-peens like you always are.

  • efjay

    Actually when I said “you” I meant generally people who feel this strongly about WM or any other OS to post such a rant in public as the pcmag author did are sad and pathetic. I dont like android or the iphone but dont go posting on the web ranting about them.

  • To add insult to injury, Sprint will be getting the TP2 next week, and confirmed today THEY WILL BE GETTING THE HTC HERO in Android OS!!!

    F*CK the TP2 for being so ‘spensive. It’s all about the iPhone, baby!

  • The rant on PCMag seemed to me just be another it’s a Microsoft product so I hate it rant. He compliments on how the system can actually multi-task and do it well then complains about his battery. Well, the idiot knows each task he uses remains open so he should simply open the task manager that is under the START MENU and close the ones he no longer is using. The other problem he had was with how the loading symbol shows up when he opens a program. If he has a problem with how long it takes to load he may want to look at the hardware (processor). If his problem is with the loading symbol itself then he’s just being a prick to be prick because he hates MS. Once you get further down into his little article you notice his main complaint is how MS didn’t bring out WM7 yet, how they missed the boat (like with the internet) that they are idiots. He just decided to use WM6 as his intial target because he isn’t man enough to say what he wanted to upfront. He’s a little whiny baby made at Microsoft.

    No one is saying the standard WM homescreen is pretty like the newer, updated OS’s. We all know that not to be true. Truth is skins are a big part of having a WM phone and have been since WM 5. That’s what SBP Mobile Shell 3 is for. Which brings me to point that having a visually appealing and easy to use skin/shell/homescreen is quite easy to be had and the OS does actually multitask out of the box without being jailbroken, etc…. I would also like to add that 3/4’s of the reason WM sucks out of the box is the carriers (all of them) include enough bloatware that the phones run like complete crap. All the other OS’s except the Iphones (since they are anal control freaks) come optimized on the phones and that is a big plus.

    We all also know if you want real customization of all HTC made and many other WM based phones you go to and get your swerve on.

    Beyond that we all know the phones lack the proper power generators (processors) and that is a major drawback on WM phones because they do multi-task out of the box. What Microsoft needs to do is make a few phones themselves with a large WVGA screen, fast/large processor and no bloatware. Then advertise their app store. For some reason the general public has accepted that as meaning you are the end all be all for operating system creators.

    That’s my rant and if you don’t like. Suck it!

  • gar

    I currently have Android, but a back when I had my T-Mobile Dash, I upgraded to a copy of WM7. Once you try it, you’ll like it.

  • henry

    i gotta agree with the author and i think you guys who are piling on the “WM IS AWESOME OMG U DONT LIKE IT USUCK!!!!!!!111!!!

    i had an winmo phone and I fucking hated it.
    1. lag. like, every time i write a text message i just love how the input is a good 10-15 letters behind what im typing. EVERY. TIME.
    2. i love how apps crash. constantly. and not third party apps. im talking IE. Text messages. the fricking CALENDAR.
    3. i also loved discovering how IE would like to put my personal data and browsing history in about 5 different places on the phone. dont believe me? go into your system folder and start poking around. you’re gonna find a whole lot more in there than you thought. Clear out the history in IE? heh. guess what. its still there.

    i tried out a touch diamond a while back, with winmo 6 and it was still as laggy and craptastic as 5 was.
    you people just dont get it. It’s not about apple, its not about Palm, its about the fact that winmo is a crappy, bogged down, bloated OS with so many bugs and holes (hello memory leak? how is that even remotely acceptable?) that it consistently borders on unusable.

    i mean, seriously guys… even you lovers out there… how many times a day do you have to reset your phone?

    And there you have your answer right there. You shouldnt have to reset it at all. Hell, even compared to a windows desktop OS, winmo is a sad embarassment.

    take the stick out of your asses and realize its a shit OS and something needs to be done. It’s called tough love, and WinMo is in desperate need for a LOT of it. I’ll be honest, im using an iphone now, but im not a fanboy and i dont love it like a fanboy. I’d love to go back to winmo in a second if I didnt become infuriated with the device at least once a day. I think that’s part of why people like blackberries and iphones and Palm Pres… they work. you dont end up wanting to throw the thing against the wall on a daily basis.

    it has nothing to do with fanboyism of a particular OS over another. it has to do with the continuing fail on a daily basis that winmo is. sure, it has more productivity apps, but what good are they if it crashes and lags and freezes all the time?

  • jackio


  • CallawayBomber

    Just upgraded from the G1 to the TP 2 this evening. It’s for my wife who IS the IT Professional in the family. Face it, the G1 is not a professional device. Regardless of the Android Market and the vast number of programs you “have” to download just to sync with GMail so that you can sync with Outlook and Calender and Contacts….It’s just not worth the headache.

    We had the Wing as well and we all know it blew chunks.

    Within 10 minutes, I had her Pop3 Outlook, Yahoo, Outlook contacts, Calender, Photos and Music transferred. Simple enough with no errors and didn’t even have to crack the owner’s guide open.

    Don’t hate or waste your time if you’re wanting to “toy with it or mod it”, the device is sound out of the box for people who are depending on a business class device. If T-Mobile can’t win business customers with the TP2 or the 9700, just close the business division. These two devices are finally what T-Mobile needed “just” to play ball in the corporate environment.

    Paid a bunch for it to work like a field horse in a thoroughbred’s clothing.

  • Krakenbound

    In it’s Standard (non-touch screen) version, WinMo works pretty well as an advanced, moderately smart phone OS. It still syncs better with multiple instances of Outlook and multiple PC’s than anything else I’ve used, and it is pretty well supported by App developers. My three year old T-Mo Dash is still serving me well as phone. The touch screen Pro version, on the other hand, is painful to use due to interface shortcomings.

    I find my BB Storm and my friends MyTouch to be far superior modern smart phones, due primarily to their superior U.I’s. When my Dash dies, I’ll be going Blackberry or Android and shedding a little tear for end of my 15 year affair with Windows CE.