Obvious Simpson’s reference aside, here is some news for those current (or upcoming) Android users.  Google has released the SDK for Android 1.6 or Donut (which really gives the power to developers to fine tune the update).  However, what interests the consumer is that Donut will officially be served to the masses “as early as October” (HEY! that is in like two weeks!).    This Donut will be stuffed with a tasty cream filling of QuickSearch (which is like the universal search of Palm’s WebOS), a text to speech API (with translators!), a revamped market place, and the capability to run on CDMA networks (for Sprint and Verizon) and in different screen resolutions or sizes.  You can watch the video above for a run down and demonstration of 1.6.  Seems like an interesting update that will be eaten up around the world.  Tell us what you thin in the comments!


  • BC

    I’m not expecting the next update before the beginning of the new year. Remember all the times they said we’d get Cupcake?

  • Jeff

    CyanogenMod experimental builds are incorporating donut features already so I would say that it is pretty soon, through t-mobile it will probably be with the release of the Moto Cliq.

  • Gotz

    Now they have to take the Cliq and make a bigger screen with a better resolution!

  • anthony

    i wonder if the ability to run on CDMA means that the guys wanting the G1 on verizon can finally do it

  • raysilverstone

    I wish they would put that Shelves app on the market and quite teasing us with it. It was in the how to video when the Dream came out. I think the video was called Apps without borders. The developer said he was to busy to give me a road map or release date of the product when i asked last month. I think if they are going to show it in official videos then they need to put it on the market. I am ready to start cataloging my books and movies with a good app. It looks good other than that i hope CM makes a stable ROM of it soon.

  • CM

    so, is this going to be available to us G1 owners also, or are we just gonna have to get our phones rooted in order to get this update!?

  • JDean86

    Is the Cliq going to have this? Will the cliq be updatable at all or stale in 6 months like the G1? or is it all up to moto?

  • Dre

    When is Android going to get Flash support???

  • Bryan

    I just downloaded cyanogens latest experimental, 4.10 it has the new market and all the ohter stuff included. It seems stable not too many forcecloses. if your rooted I would give it a shot I really shot

  • byounngg

    you can download the donut update HERE:


    For G1 or not?

  • Land Of The Trill

    Donut is awesome and they’re more improvements then the ones that were listed also to myself this update is just as important as 1.5 aka cupcake for all the stuff that was added and you all should know they never list every little change when new software is released.