Cliq’s Off Contract Pricing

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We were up to our necks in Cliq news yesterday, and now there is more.  While we learned that the Cliq will run just under $200 (1 cent under, in fact) for those on contract, what about those of us that aren’t eligible for upgrade?  Well, the folks over at AndroidAndMe went and asked T-Mobile themselves and got this answer:

The CLIQ will be available for $199.99 with a two year service agreement. Additional pricing levels vary based on the customer’s tenure, but these pricing levels are less expensive than purchasing a new phone without a two year contract. In the case of the CLIQ, the no-contract price is $449.99.

Then, when they asked “Will pre-sale Cliqs begin shipping on October 19, 2009?” they received this as a repsonse:

T-Mobile customers who purchase a CLIQ during the pre-sale period will receive their device within days of when the order is received. Orders will be processed right away and depending on when the device is purchased, customers could receive their CLIQ just days after Oct. 19.

The moral of the story, off contract the Cliq will run you $450 and the sooner you buy it, the sooner you will get it.  So, once October 19th roles around you should jump on the pre-order wagon and be the first to roll with the Cliq.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • ummm for $450 I think I would rather buy a TP2 from eBay or something…that is a ridiculous out of contract price…poppycock!

  • JDean86

    Holy shit!

    My 2 years aren’t up until April 2010 and I need a phone now. I love everything about the Cliq but it looks like I will be screwed paying luxury price for a not quite high end luxury phone.

    Wow way to suck Tmo. You’re lucky I hate CDMA and won’t pay ATT a $800 deposit.

  • Rob

    What about a one year contract? How much would it be for that?

  • bc

    @JDean86, if you’re over one year you can still get a discount as long as you re-up for two years. At least I’ve been eligible for this offer in the past with T-mobile. Just read the T-Mobile response:

    “Additional pricing levels vary based on the customer’s tenure, but these pricing levels are less expensive than purchasing a new phone without a two year contract”.

  • LipGloss712

    I am still a little confused. Will it cost $450 if I don’t want to extend my contract since I still have a year left? And if I am willing to extend it, will it be $200? Because the contract was extended for the G1 and we still had to pay $300 for them. Are those the only 2 prices or will there be a middle price for people with contracts?

  • TheGuyWhoReallyWantedACliq

    T-mobile. I can’t believe it. The phone was almost going to be paid for a $399, but $449. That’s utterly ridiculous. Not going to happen. Good luck. You are going to need it.

  • Galen20K

    What the HECK!? Seriously, these Phone Manufacturers and Carriers are really getting ridiculous with their pricing.

  • LipGloss712

    well, i guess thats the price for having a smart phone, as opposed to a janky one that only makes calls and texts. i don’t know if i can or should wait to see what comes out for summer 2010.

  • JDean86

    At that price I might bail. SURELY something android flavored better than the Cliq will be out by April 2010. Right?

    I just have to deal with a sick Shadow that only vibrates for alerts. 7 more months. Sigh.

  • Ross

    I don’t know why anyone is really even considering the Cliq. I suppose the Moto-touch (Blur if you will) is pretty nifty and all but this is looking like the last of the old-generation Android phones. What I mean by that is I doubt we’ll see this processor in any phones moving forward.

    The N900 is looking like the best pre-Holiday bet for T-mo right now. Unless of course that samsung tegra device rolls out in the coming October weeks.

  • Bigg

    Cheaply made looking phone, I dont know how good is it, but from the pic, it doesnt look expensive at all, and plus with the bad batt life going on, no way anyone will pay 450 for it, TP2 is so much better for about the same price.

  • motoohoh

    You can get a Touch-Pro 2 with a new 2 year service contract for 149$ through amazon. seems like a much better deal.

  • Chad D

    Why would you want a n900? nokia basically said the symbian os is dead.

    • Andrew

      the N900 is Maemo

  • Ekim

    TP2 is not about the same price. It is $150 more.
    $149 through Amazon for a new 2 year agreement not an extension. tried that

  • With all these new phones that are coming out or have come out, T-Mobile should have a week, just one week, near the holidays (or during Black Friday) where people can upgrade their phone and get the upgrade price and extend their contract, whether they are available for upgrade or not. I would assume this would bring a huge surge of sales. I have 11 months till I am available to upgrade and so is my 2nd line. However, I would shell out 400 bucks easy to get a Cliq for my wife and a MyTouch for myself. I’m sure there are a ton of people who feel the same…or maybe I’m just a dumb-dumb.

  • Bigg


    Yea you are a dumb-dumb, there are plenty of ppl on cl selling almost brand new mytouch for around 300, and u dont have to sign a contract. And why would you want to spend 400 on pos motorola made cliq? Get yourself a N900 for about 150 more.

  • TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains!!! WTF is up with the stupid pricing stuctures? $349 for TP2 with a 2-year contract, $199 for this POS with a 2-year contract?

    Good bye TMOUSA — I’m getting an iPhone at the end of the month after 6 years being with you. Can’t believe you couldn’t get better. TMOUSA will be gone in 5 years.

  • MadProfessor

    According to Tmo’s own website and the Register To Win contest, this stupid phone has an ARV (Approximate Retail Value) of only $362.00
    Hooray for a sudden $88 mark-up!

    Wow. All of these asinine on and off contract prices are making me consider exactly which carrier I would like to spend my money with.

  • Red

    Yeah madprofessor, I’m thinking the htc hero with sprint now. Especially with their $70 plan, I’d be saving $25 a month.

  • MadProfessor


    T-Mobile does not have their stuff together, or they arechanging their minds in the favor of profit. The Register For Updates promotion states they are giving out $38,010.00 worth of Cliqs. Which at the ARV of $362.00, which is stated in the contest rules, they are giving away 105 Cliqs. With a retail of $449.00 only comes out to 84.65 instant win phones. They’d have to up the total value of $47,145 if they still plan to give out 105 phones.

    Get your shit straight T-mobile.

  • MadProfessor

    This whole ARV this is pissing me off.
    Is the phone $362.00 according to T-Mobile?
    Or is the phone $449 according to AndroidAndMe
    I like the first option a lot more.

  • MadProfessor

    That’s only an APPROXIMATE retail value. Even though it is in a legal disclosure, that does not make it the true retail price.
    Wishful thinking.

  • TMOUSA execs have sh*t for brains. They are driving their customers away. I have been a loyal customer since 2003 but I’ve had enough. Between their TP2 pricing (which I thought would be the savior of the company, but, not at those prices) and their ongoing stupidty with being unable to secure good phones (ala Hero) or exclusivity with the TP2, they are going down. iPhone here I come in a few weeks!

  • Steven

    Wow. The angst in here is amazing. T-Mobile has been a great company to me and my group of friends for years. Yes, the price on the CLIQ out of contract is high, but that doesn’t mean people should jump ship. It’s not like Sprint or AT&T are going to be kind to you. The phone will drop in price in two months after its release anyway, so don’t get your panties in a bunch and just wait a little while longer to buy the phone. Geeze.

  • Ross


    Yeah, I think a level-headed approach with T-Mo will get you the furthest. I’ve been with them since 2002 and because they’ve been so amazing with customer service, overall call quality (rarely ever do I get a drop), and network coverage (my phone always works and I travel quite a bit), I’ll be sticking with them for at least a little while longer.

    I do have to say that it’s pretty frustrating watching everyone else play with their iPhones, Hero’s, (insert next big thing)’s here though while we’re stuck with the exorbitantly priced TP2 and uninspiring myTouch3G/upcoming Cliq.

    They would make me extremely happy if they invested in a solid handset (N900 crossing fingers) and gave us a break on the price while they were at it.

  • motoman

    When i saw the (no longer relevant) article saying the cliq is going to be given away for free for a 2 year contract, i was thinking, wow, what a great move by t-mobile and motorola. People will be standing in line outside the stores to sign up.
    TMO could have raised the ETF for those contracts, and maybe even increase the rate of the data plan a bit (lets say $30 a month?), and i believe people would still get those in masses.

    Now, with the 200$ price, it’s just another android phone on the market. nothing special here. Silly greed.

  • It’s official — I ordered my iPhone 3GS via my employer sponsored plan! Bye bye TMOUSA — you were a good deal back in the day since 2003 but you just haven’t kept up with the phone offerings and pricing. Not so much of a deal anymore.

    Since I’m in Southern California, I’m already on AT&T towers anyway, and they chip your phone so that you get worse signal with a T-Mobile phone. I compared with my sister’s identical AT&T phone and my T-Mobile phone, she got a signal in the garage and I couldn’t, with the phones put down side by side. WEAK! iPhone here I come! F*CK the TP2 and it’s $350 2-year contract pricing.

  • motoman

    check this out : – get a touch pro 2 for $49 when you sign up for a new line of service (2 years of course..)

  • Dan

    Let me make sure I have this correct…

    So if you preorder on Oct 19th, you’ll get it a few days after you preorder? (even though official release is early November)

    So how is that a preorder and not an order?