Cliq’s Off Contract Pricing

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We were up to our necks in Cliq news yesterday, and now there is more.  While we learned that the Cliq will run just under $200 (1 cent under, in fact) for those on contract, what about those of us that aren’t eligible for upgrade?  Well, the folks over at AndroidAndMe went and asked T-Mobile themselves and got this answer:

The CLIQ will be available for $199.99 with a two year service agreement. Additional pricing levels vary based on the customer’s tenure, but these pricing levels are less expensive than purchasing a new phone without a two year contract. In the case of the CLIQ, the no-contract price is $449.99.

Then, when they asked “Will pre-sale Cliqs begin shipping on October 19, 2009?” they received this as a repsonse:

T-Mobile customers who purchase a CLIQ during the pre-sale period will receive their device within days of when the order is received. Orders will be processed right away and depending on when the device is purchased, customers could receive their CLIQ just days after Oct. 19.

The moral of the story, off contract the Cliq will run you $450 and the sooner you buy it, the sooner you will get it.  So, once October 19th roles around you should jump on the pre-order wagon and be the first to roll with the Cliq.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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