Cliq Pricing And Release Date Formalized

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The Cliq is dominating headlines in the T-mobile world today with glimpses at the packaging and an official confirmation of the pre-order date. Well, what about the  information that you, the readers, truly want: release date and price. Starting first with the release date, November 2nd is the day. The pre-order window is open from October 19th through November 1st with nationwide availability the following day. As for pricing,  it will not be free as previous rumors had given widespread hope to, as T-mobile remains in love with the $199 price point.  Of course, if you don’t want to shell out any dough, take a jump to this link and enter to win one of 105 available prizes from T-mobile and Motorola.

Let the kvetching begin!

Thanks to Taylor at Androidandme for catching the contest details!

Hit the jump for the full press release:

Today, T-Mobile announced the October 19 start of the Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR pre-sale for existing T-Mobile customers.  Those who order the device during the pre-sale, Oct. 19 – Nov. 1, will be among the first in the U.S. to experience the CLIQ because devices will be shipped to customers as orders are received.  The CLIQ will be widely available in stores and online beginning November 2.
The CLIQ, the first Android-powered device from Motorola and the first device to feature the innovative MOTOBLUR solution, will be available exclusively to eligible T-Mobile customers for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement.  With T-Mobile voice plans starting at $29.99/month and qualifying data plans starting at $24.99/month, the CLIQ’s total cost of ownership over the course of a two year contract stacks up well vs. the competition.

T-Mobile Announces Upcoming Availability of Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR

CLIQ Registration Begins Today; Customer Pre-Sale Begins Oct. 19
BELLEVUE, Wash. Sept. 29, 2009 T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced the Motorola CLIQ™, the first Android-powered device from Motorola Inc. and the first device to feature the innovative MOTOBLUR™ solution, will be available for pre-sale for existing T-Mobile customers starting Oct. 19 at
Customers who order the CLIQ during the pre-sale period, Oct. 19–Nov. 1, will have an opportunity to be one of the first in the U.S. to experience T-Mobile’s latest Android-powered phone, which automatically syncs and streams social messaging updates, text messages, and work and personal e-mail directly to the home screen. Devices ordered during pre-sale will be shipped to customers as orders are received and will include a complimentary car charger. The CLIQ will be available exclusively to eligible T-Mobile customers for $199.99 with a two-year service agreement.*
Beginning today, customers can visit to register for CLIQ updates, learn more about the phone and check out a demo of MOTOBLUR. Those that register to receive CLIQ updates are entered into a grand prize sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip with five friends to one of four select destinations. In addition, those that register before Oct. 19 will also have the opportunity to instantly win a new CLIQ.
“T-Mobile customers text message and access social messaging on mobile devices more than those of any other carrier,” said Wendy Piñero DePencier, vice president of brand marketing, T-Mobile USA. “That’s why we’re excited to give them the first opportunity to purchase the CLIQ, and then in early November offer the CLIQ prominently at T-Mobile stores nationwide in time for the holidays.”
About Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR
CLIQ is Motorola’s first Android device and the first to feature the innovative MOTOBLUR solution that manages and integrates communications — from work e-mail to social messaging activity — all to your home screen. Updates to contacts, posts, messages, photos and more are streamed together and synced from sources including Facebook®, Twitter™, MySpace®, Gmail™, and work and personal e-mail. MOTOBLUR automatically delivers these updates to the home screen in easy-to-view streams so there is no need to open and close different mobile applications to keep up with the latest content.
In addition to the unique MOTOBLUR experience, the CLIQ features a premium design with a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a 3.1-inch HVGA full touch-screen display. The phone delivers a powerful mobile Web experience by harnessing the strength and speed of T-Mobile’s 3G network and Wi-Fi. Additional CLIQ features include a 5 megapixel auto-focus camera with video capture, a 3.5mm headset jack, a music player with pre-loaded Amazon MP3 store application, Shazam, iMeem Mobile, AccuWeather, MySpace Mobile, Quickoffice and a pre-installed 2GB microSD memory card with support for up to 32 GB of removable memory. TeleNav GPS Navigator is also preloaded on the device with a free two-week trial, including voice-activated turn-by-turn directions.
With integrated Google technology, CLIQ brings one-touch access to the popular Google™ mobile services millions use every day, including Google Search™ by voice, Google Maps™ with Street View, YouTube™ and Picasa™. CLIQ also provides easy access to both personal and corporate e-mail, calendars, and contacts supported by Exchange Server and Gmail. E-mail is also supported by Yahoo!, Windows Live Hotmail, and other POP3 and IMAP e-mail services.
T-Mobile’s 3G network is currently available in 222 cities nationwide and covers more than 160 million people. By the end of 2009, T-Mobile USA expects its 3G network to be available to approximately 200 million people across the U.S.
Pricing and Availability
Motorola CLIQ with MOTOBLUR will be available exclusively to T-Mobile customers in both Titanium and Winter White beginning Oct. 19 at or by calling customer care. CLIQ will be available in stores nationwide and online beginning Nov. 2 for $199.99 to eligible customers with a two-year agreement.* Customers can visit to learn more about CLIQ and MOTOBLUR and register for updates.

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  • playthecharade

    Sort of. I was going to buy this until I heard Snapdragon-based phones were coming up soon. 1ghz? Mmm, emulation fodder

  • MadProfessor

    7. PRIZES:

    A. INSTANT WIN PRIZES (105): A T-Mobile Motorola Cliq cellular phone. The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) of each T-Mobile Motorola Cliq cellular phone is Three Hundred Sixty-Two Dollars ($362.00 US)

    Not a very good subsidization if you ask me.

  • James

    Yes a very bad subsidized price. Once again Tmo just doesnt get in when it comes to price points for their phones. This phone should have been anywhere from $99-$149 tops. The MT3G price,the TP2 price..I can only imagine how much the Nokia n900 will costs. Verizon even sells the TP2 for $199 (yes with a rebate but still) How can you convince a new customer to choose this phone for $199 when you can get a $99 8GB iPhone 3G? I mean this costs more than the HTC Hero from is that justified? Sorry I will pass, im not going to pay $200 for a Android phone until better specs come G1 will hold me down for now.

  • MadProfessor

    Yes. Definitely a price point fail. They’ve been doing A LOT of that lately. Even with dumphones. That new Samsung T659 slider is friggin’ $70 on contract. $70 for a slider. I could go on and on.

  • Genise

    Any idea what the price will be for existing customers with a full upgrade?

  • MadProfessor

    “CLIQ will be available in stores nationwide and online beginning Nov. 2 for $199.99 to eligible customers with a two-year agreement.*”

  • Pedro

    How much will it be if I’ve just been on my contract for little over a year?

    I NEED to get rid of my sidekick o8!

  • MadProfessor

    I haven’t seen that info yet.

  • Randy

    My contract is about to expire for my current phone (Shadow) and I’ve been debating between a myTouch 3G or the Cliq. I’m inclined to go with the myTouch now, since it’s $50 cheaper.

  • artiepants

    should have dropped it @ $99 if they wanted to make a splash.

  • T-Mobile drops the ball again!

  • mrjlwilliams

    This price is more than I thought it would be, but I’m not looking to get it anyway. The phone seems nice, but not for me. I have rooted my MyTouch 3G, and have done all that I could do to it. I’m bored…(get bored really quickly with phones) And if I get this phone, it will not be any different.

  • 30014

    Epic fail. Tmo couldn’t beat sprint and get this phone out before the hero and on top of that they want to charge more for it than the hero. I will also stick with my g1 for the time being.

  • jusblase

    Give until December and it will be $149. Look at what they did with the MYTOUCH

  • WEAK!!! Bye Bye TMOUSA! I’m getting an iPhone at the end of the month. You screwed up royally with your dumb a$$ Touch Pro2 pricing. See your company get fractured and cannibalized soon!

  • btrace

    Just won a free Motorola CLIQ from the Motorola CLIQ Sweepstakes on the CLIQ promo site on Said it should be shipped to my address in six to eight weeks. Doesn’t tell me whether I’m getting the Titanium or Winter White version…

  • -ray

    Tmo had better hope that the sholes will be more expensive, but somehow I doubt that… Verizon is finally looking better…

  • FILA

    November 2nd will be a good day. New Super Mario Bros. Wii also comes out that day!!! And this moto phone, although you kno Mr. FILA is not a Moto fan and wont be gettin this, it will be fun to go to the store and play with it. Now a little lesson of speculation before you guys jump ship

    Look its like quite before the storm. This is not a google phone for starters. The G1v2 WILL be coming out by the beginning of the new year. That will be a true Google phone, a true successor to the G1, a true QWERTY slider, and hopefully features a better processor, hopefully a snapdragon and give us 1 GHZ of power. no lags, and more RAM and memory. UMA support, 3.4 mm headphone. Im gonna wait it out, I personally have no choice. I have the MT3G right now and the onscreen keyboard sucks, everyday Im closer to throwing it against the wall. Im not going back in time to get a G1 and im not gettin a MOTO, so I wait, and when those screen shots of the G1v2 leak right after the cliq debuts, you guys will start to cry, cuz something big is coming, its time for the next gen Android phones, and I have a good feeling about this.

  • Bigg

    199 w/ 2 years contract and madatory data plan? Man Tmobile you’re smoking crack, $199 for the Tp2 maybe but not this crap by motorola, should be free or 49.99 after rebate.

  • almostmoto

    I was waiting to get this phone, assuming it would be free (or almost free), but 200$ for this? with the mandatory data plan? come on.

  • reachthesku

    not to brag or anything, but i just won the instant win game! i have a cliq “arriving at the address you provided at the time of registration in 6 to 8 weeks”! i’m pretty excited, because i was totally going to get a cliq had it been free or $99 with a contract, but after seeing that it’s going to be $199, i’m really excited to get one for free. i’m a poor college student using a nokia 6030 (google image search that phone and you will see how poor i am) so this will be a HUGE upgrade for me. i’ll be sure to post and let everyone know how it is!

  • shhon75
  • shhon75

    @ FLia I believe the G1v2 is the Motorola Cliq. You can see the volume rocker, the distinctive button with orange in it probably a lock on/off button and the usb port in the pic. Cliq’s code name was the Morrison.

  • Akulamenuri

    I’m not liking the price for this device either. The D-Pad on this device could really be good for using Game Emulators on which i’m a big fan of.

  • Karl

    Yes yes, T-mobile is going to shrivel up and die because a handful of people won’t pay $200 for this phone. blah blah blah…

    Here’s the thing. Don’t come here and TELL us you’re leaving. Just f’n leave already, then come back and tell us. Until then, its a bunch of empty hyperbole which most likely will never come true which in turn just makes you all liars.

    Not words.
    Do it.
    Until then, STFU with your whiny asses.

  • JH

    See ya Tmobile!!! hello sprint!!

  • AMS

    I can’t say that I didn’t see this coming, T-Mo has been making mistake after mistake lately. Sprint is a logical option given their prices, coverage, and phones; BUT they use CDMA technology which I’m not down for. So I’ll be staying put for the time being.

    I’m just praying for a Snapdragon, TI OMAP, or newer Samsung chipped phone in the early part of next year, then atleast the high prices with 2 yr contract will be justified.

  • FILA


    The roadmap leaked in this image clearly shows another device as the G1v2. the black block right to the v2 image is the moto morrison aka the cliq. I honestly do not believe the cliq is the G1v2. They are 2 different devices, we just have seen leaks for the v2 yet. I talked to a T-Mobile guy back in August and he told me the v2 comes out in the beginning of the year and the morrison would be heading by fall. with that and these roadmaps everything is lining up. I also suspect the “G” in these device names are clearly for Google, and since the cliq is not a certified “with google” experience its not meant towards the G1v2. Im sorry, but everyone watch and see and be shocked when we start seeing leaks right after this gets released. And ive been counting on this v2 coming out since spring.