It’s Friday And Here Are Some Things I Missed


Well its Friday Tmonews readers, and this week is going to close out well for T-mobile lovers, especially those in the Android camp. Your serving of Donut is underway, bringing with it a host of enhancements to the Android experience. With Android in mind, the Cliq pricing brought a flurry of traffic this week as the next big thing in magentaville came down at a disappointingly high $199.99. For some reason T-mobile is just in love with that price point, much to our chagrin. These weren’t the only happenings for magenta this week as the following was not given front page billing, but not forgotten either.

  • Sams Club has discontinued the sales of T-mobile products and services as of October 1st. As Sams Club has a 30 day buyers remorse period returns can still be delivered by Sams Club for a refund, however, any exchanges will be handled by customer care.
  • On September 30th, the T-mobile Connection Manager 2.04 software update was made available. Providing customers with an enhanced display screen and user interface improvements; it can be downloaded at
  • For those brand new to Android and wondering what the whole Donut hoopla is about, here is a short list of enhancements that Donut will bring to your device:

  • Updated search experience that makes it easier to search various sources, such as: browser bookmarks and history, contacts, and the Web, directly from the home screen.
  • New battery usage screen which allows customers to see which applications and services are consuming battery.
  • An integrated camera, camcorder, and gallery experience that allows customers to switch between still and video capture mode with a touch screen switch.
  • Updated Voice Search, with faster response and deeper integration with native applications, including the ability to dial contacts.
  • An improved Android Market experience that makes it easier to discover great applications.

That’s all for now!

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  • Julacho

    T-Mobile USA is missing A HUGE MONSTROUSLY BIG market called….IMMIGRANTS..

    1st there are 50 million Spanish speakers, some born in the US some not, mostly 95% with families in Mexico and South America. Metro PCs is offering for 5 bucks to call unlimited to all the Americas, China, Australia, pay just 5 bucks extras a month. If T-Mobile does that it will gain MILLIONS OF CUSTOMERS, is a no brainier.

    2nd there are immigrants from China, India etc who call back to their countries using calling cards expending in average 20 bucks a month plus they have a cell phone, WHY NOT CREATE AN UNLIMITED WORLD PLAN you can do it now with Metro PCs.
    T Mobile can easily make these international calls VOIP.

    Please T-Mobile be wise and play hard, you can EASILY transfer to your side 10 million customers in a short time, create a campaign(unlimited international calls) and people will line up to sing for your products.

  • Nick

    Oh and 3G in the DeKalb/Sycamore, IL area! Now they need to extend that down 38 to Rochelle and up along I39!

  • MK

    FYI, T-Mo is not totally out of Sams Club. They are only out of the locations whose wireless departments are managed by Radio Shack, known as SCK (Sams Club Kiosk.) Those locations whose wireless departments are wholly owned and operated by Sams Club directly are still selling T-Mobile. Admittedly the SCK locations are the larger portion, but Sams is taking control of more and more locations all of the time.

  • zippy

    in response to MK: Why would Radio Shack owned kiosks be removing TMO when Radio Shack just started carrying TMO in their retail stores?

  • adam

    sidekick lx 09’s are coming out with OTA’s
    you guys should figure out whats in them

  • Pororo

    Here’s a great deal on a Touch Pro 2…..FREE

  • Mr. Moon

    I have a question, will the new 1.6 Update for Android bring the extra ringtones the MyTouch 3G has to the G1? I have both of these phones I just wish I had the ringtones from the MyTouch on my G1. Or how can I get those tones over to my G1?

  • Pro

    In response to zippy: I work at Sam’s Club owned wireless center work are still selling T-Mobile and confirm MK: “They are only out of the locations whose wireless
    departments are managed by Radio Shack, known as SCK (Sams Club Kiosk.)” He is right because the one I worked at was one of those that was operated by SCK. Radio Shack treat them has sub-company.