TouchPro2 On The Cheap


If you have been looking to pick up a TouchPro2 and the price tag has been scaring you off, then do we have a deal for you. Courtesy of WMdeals you can snag a TouchPro2 for $49.99, with the activation of a new line. I’m not sure if you can snag this deal without the whole data plan requirement, but if you could, the cost of purchasing the phone with an add-on line here and paying for a 2-year contract is still less than the upfront price of purchasing from T-mobile directly. Not sure if my little scheme would play out, but $49.99 is a damn good deal. Hit the link for terms and conditions and shop away!

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!



  • The Wizard

    Is it just me or does that picture look like it says that you can get a TP2 for FREE? Weird.

  • Justinhub2003

    I just got it… and it was free after ADDING a new line plus a free bluetooth plus a 50$ credit on my next bill plus activation fee wavied… I bought it just to sell it.. I am gonna pay 200 to cancel the 3rd line and then sell it for 400$, tmo sells it for 450 to existing customers with a new 2 year contract, im gonna unlock it as well to maybe get more…

    The TP2 is free and only for today.. i called just to see if it worked and i couldnt refuse all the offers, they had a free bb too..pretty damn good deal…..

  • TriniNY

    Yes it works!!! They did ask if I had a coeporate discount which I do, if I can use my G1 data plan with it I am set. Cancel the additional line, pay the ETF and I am happy ’cause I still miss my wing I ran it into the ground. Thx for the tip keep them coming.

    ***Now I really need a great deal on a hotel in Ft Laudaerdale, do you do hotel discounts :)

  • NY Certified

    I was hoping for a better price than free but hey…..

    All jokes aside this offer is for real. Free phone plus $50 credit on account. Data is required but you can cut it off after 1 month from activation. Great, great deal. Way to go TMO News! I was tired off getting all radiated from my “My Touch”.

  • yesy2007

    Do you have to be a Microsoft Partner,Developers IT Professional to get this offer?

  • craig

    What I must do to get this free Device? Please someone tell me

  • watbetch


    Donate both kidneys and they’ll give you two.

  • NY Certified

    At craig, just call the number listed above in the add and tell them you want to set up a new line and when they ask you if you have any promotional offer codes just say “windows mobile”. Just that simple…they’ll also give you the $50 credit without you asking. At yesy2007, no developers or IT association required. The offer is actually only in affect if you use your social security number NOT a tax ID to create the account.

  • craig

    @watbetch I guess it was hard for you to tell me just re-read the Ad.

  • Ya, I got it for free! Plus $50 credit on my bill, and plus a free Bluetooth headset. I am a Microsoft Partner, but they didn’t ask me any credentials, all I did was mention the promo code.

  • TScene

    I just did it toooo! Wow, this WinMo conference on Tuesday better knock my socks off. I’ve been holding out for CLIQ and its Android goodness, but I’m glad I skipped the G1 this summer. This is such an improvement.

    Deal I got was FREE phone plus bluetooth headset, she offered a $50 credit but since I insisted on going with FlexPay the credit didn’t apply. No biggie. Unreal deal.

  • David Almonte

    OMG, i really got the htc touch pro2 for free, i love tmobile and tmonews. I am super duper excited because this is my favorite phone in the world and plus, i didnt have enough money at all to buy this really expensive phone and now i got it for free. Mines is comming to my door on tuesday. Thanks tmonews and GO TMOBILE !!!

    -Even if sprint or verizon have their touch pro2 for $200, tmobile is offering it for free plus their are the cheapest carrier. What more u can ask for? THANKS ALOT TMONEWS ESPECIALLY “DAVID” =D . GO TMOBILE !!! =D

  • Manny

    Does anyone know or have tried sing this offer to upgrade?

  • James

    Was the offer only good for today? Saw it only after they closed! If not, would they let me open two new lines and get two free phones? One to keep and one to sell!

  • Deaconclgi

    Hmmmmmm… out my social in response to an ad that seems too good to be true PLUS extras…..hmmmmmmm……

  • TScene


    I just started thinking the same thing! But I went back to the confirmation email they sent, and after clicking on the order status link, it does indeed take you to a secure Tmo page and the rest of the page links all check out. Looks to be legit.

    THANK YOU DAVID & TMONEWS!!! And to whomever sent this tip in.

  • yesy2007

    Thank you NY Certified.

    I was wondering if you have to add the data plan? And if you do, can you cancel it later on or is it part of the contract?

  • James

    This sounds cool and all but why hasn’t Tmo put the TP2 down in price like Sprint/Verizon? Are they waiting for AT&T to drop their GSM version w/3.5 mm jack and win6.5 for $199 before they act? Tmo the company I love, but frustrates the hell out of me.

  • IwantToKnow

    i just cancelled my service with tmobile and in order to get it back i must pay the reactivation fee but if i do that will i still be able to atleast get 1 phone for free by adding a line

  • Bleh

    So, could I get this as an upgrade?

  • Turbolsintegra

    So was this Saturday only, or can I call today after they open up at 9 AM PST?

  • IwantToKnow

    come Tmo news we need answers

  • abram

    ITS STILL ON. I just called and I still got the deal. They tried to charge me the $49, but I told him I thought I had heard it was free. He put me on hold and came back and said that indeed it was free. I then asked if they still had the free bluetooth and 50 credit, he put me on hold again and came back and said it was true, so he added that to it. SWEEEEEEET

  • IwantToKnow

    I JUST ORDERED MINES WOOOOO they let me open a new account because i had cancelled my other line within my trail period. they tried to charge me the 49 dollars also but i told them i was told it was free after being placed on hold she told said yea its free and i got the bluetooth head set but i didnt get no 50 dollars credited on my bill wondering if i can call back and get it or maybe i didnt get it because i order two phones but oh well i got me and my wife a tp2 each for free how cool is that cant wait till tuesday so i can go back to wm i was temporary using a crackberry because i got it for free though wirefly for sprint but WM 6.5 HERE I COME WOOO

  • Johnny

    I just called to add a line and was quoted a 49.99 price. I told the rep. I thought it was free and she told me T-mobile doesn’t allow them to give or say its free unless you already know. So if your told its 49.99 just say you thought the promo code was for a free Touch Pro 2 and you’ll get it. I also had to ask for the $50 credit. If in doubt just ask and make sure your getting a free Touch Pro 2, a bluetooth headset for a penny, and a $50 credit. Good luck.

  • IwantToKnow

    do you think i can call back for the 50 credit?

  • Johnny

    When I called I asked the rep if she had also given me the $50 credit and she said yes. It sounded like she thought the $50 credit was a given and that is why she hadn’t said anything about it. I would just call back and say you called back to make sure the credit was applied; act like the credit was a given too.

  • justinhub2003

    When i got mine i thought it was a catch, like a mail in rebate or something, but she said completely free with bluetooth and 50$ credit plus free activation I couldn’t refuse…. I never gave out my social either, just the last four digits… this is a huge deal….

  • justinhub2003

    They told me that there was a fifty dollar credit for every line of service that you added

  • yesy2007

    OK, I just ordered the phone!!! I also got the free deal. They asked me for the promotional code and how much the phone was advertised for and I said free. Let them know about the free bluetooth head set, activation waived, and $50 credit on the bill. I had to add the data plan and open a new line. Thank you!!!

  • Zouth


    The same thing happen to me. I called back to make sure I received the $50 credit and she said it was automatically given to you and you don’t have to ask for it.

  • Eric

    Hell to the yeah!!! I saw the post earlier today and called to see what kind of bull I’d end up with and to my surprise NONE!! I got the phone for FREE, plus a $50 credit(shows up within 90 days), plus no activation fee, and a free bluetooth!!! I love it!!! Like somebody already said, I’ll probably pay the ETF and use it on one of my other lines that the contract is up on.

  • Mathew Juarez

    So I just did this today, Thank god I found it, I am canceling my current line for $100.00 it was supposed to be $200.00 but they told me 100 by accident so I got the 100 and when I get the new phone they said to ask for a old phone number retrieval and I should be able to get my number back. how exciting, I got the phone for free you have to tell them about the deal they can’t say anything to you about it and I got a free bluetooth and free activation and $50.00 credit THIS IS AMAZING! he automatically knew which phone I was calling about as soon as I told him the promo code. I love t-mobile. except there retailer store workers are rude. But ill get past that.


    I called T Mobile at the phone above, I talked to Business Sales Monday Oct 5th and the promotion changed as of today.

    The new cost is $49.99 for the Touch Pro 2 with new line, activation is free and you get a $50 credit in your account about 3 months after you buy the phone. Plus shipping and a bluetooth device is free!!! I mean wow! It equates to a free TP2!!!!

    I just added the new line to my current T Mobile account. I couldn’t believe it!!! I’ll have my TP2 in 2 days!! Thanks to the person who posted this info, what a blessing from GOD!!!

  • z_alo_g07

    i did dis yesterday!! i couldn’t get da 50 dollar credit cuz i didn’t get a voice plan just da data plan

    but still im gettin everything else!! im so happy!!

  • Michael

    I called a week ago to see about an upgrade through Business Sales, but I’m not eligible because I’m on the Unlimited Loyalty Plan (I probably could have added a line for $39.95 a month). So I called Customer Care and asked for the retention dept.

    Told them I know I’m supposed to raise hell, say I’m canceling my service, etc, but I’m not. I just wanted to see if they could give me a fair deal, since I’m full upgrade eligible and Verizon has the TP2 for $199. Reminded them that they had it through Business Sales for $149 in August (then $199 in September) but I couldn’t get it due to the Loyalty Plan.

    Rep put me on hold for a couple of minutes. When she came back she said I would need to get the $24.99 data plan (a $5 savings off my Blackberry Enterprise plan). Then she said her manager approved the following: I buy the phone at the $349 upgrade price. No upgrade fee. They would then give me a bill credit for $200 to make it a net of $149. She would also give me 2 day shipping for $9.99 ($10 savings). I was stunned and jumped on the deal. After getting my TP2 I called back to confirm that the credit went through, and they actually credited me a little over $220 (no explanation of the extra $20+ credit)!

  • matthew

    Great deal.

    They said the free graphic was an error, that is why people got the deal free over the weekend. But still, $Free after credit and bluetooth is awesome.

  • ts195

    Did anyone receive their phone yet? Do you have to give out your full social security number or just last 4 digits? what other personal information you have to give them other than social security? I went on and there is a different number listed for business sales and this number is not mentioned anywhere on

  • yesy2007

    Ts195, most likely I will receive my phone by the end of the week. First I called the regular customer service number and then they give me the business direct number to call them (which is the same number from the ad). The only personal information they asked me was the last 4 digits (since I already have an account with them). I went to my profile in and it does show I open a new line.

  • Mathew Juarez

    I just received my phone today, i love it. no you dont have to give out the full social. and they have to talk to the primary account holder.

  • TScene

    As a new account I had to give them my whole SS. Operator screwed up and didn’t do the next day shipping (and they can’t add it later) so I’m still waiting for the phone, but it’s showing up on UPS w/ a confirmation number and delivery date, so don’t fear–this is the real Tmo.

  • matthew

    I got my phone & headset yesterday, after ordering Monday.

  • IwantToKnow

    i got my tp2 on tuesday with this kool new bluetooth i recomend anyone who just received their tp2 to download opera mini 5 its amazing on the tp2

  • hien34

    just ordered – deal is still going! thanks tmonews!

  • sunny

    I just ordered mine 2day. The promotion ends 11 10 09
    Great deal.
    I had 2 sign up for the data plan, can I just cancel it. After a month or something

  • Josh G.

    Thanks to this website I saved over $300 today. I am so glad that I dug through the Google search results.

    The promotion is still valid, however they have dropped the Bluetooth headset and the $50 service credit. No activation fee and overnight shipping is $11, however. Cost of the phone was added to my bill.

    I have an existing T-Mobile Unlimited Loyalty plan but was able to add a line with a data plan. Even better, I recently moved so was going to add a new line in my new area code anyway.

    Now I can keep my old number for a few months while I transition to the new one, then drop it. No additional costs for me as I will drop the data plan on my existing Wing tomorrow…


    By the way, my local store and T-Mobile customer care both told me that there were absolutely no discounts on the Touch Pro 2 now, although they would happily let me finance the new phone over several months!

    I am so grateful for this site!