Cliq Hits Ebay


Do you find yourself dreaming of the Cliq at night, or even during the day?  Then do we have a deal for you.  You can skip the pre-sale and official sales dates by going the shady route and bid for one on Ebay.  Now, there will be a generous markup applied, for the seller’s trouble and all, so don’t expect this to go cheap.  The 100% positive feedback seller is estimating a $1000 sales price and the current price is just under $800.  So, if you can’t stand waiting, head on over and “bid with confidence,” but watch out for those snipers.


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    PURCHASED. Pocket Change. ;)

  • FILA

    here we go guys!! 1GHz HTC Dragon. No screenshots yet, but very exciting to hear about a new HTC. Check out the picture of the Android Screenshot above! Stay tuned

  • Taylor

    How is the phone unlocked, but never turned on?

  • Sidekickuser

    Lol really? People can’t wait a few weeks so they spend the price of almost three phones retail just for one great.

  • Heezy

    Funny thing is whoever won won’t even be able to use it since the motoblur service isn’t live yet!

  • David

    Sorry, but $800-$1000 is just insane. U will wait a couple weeks for the release.

  • David

    I mean I will wait a couple weeks for the release, not u lol. Stupid blackberry keypad! Lol

  • timmyjoe42

    I’m glad this one doesn’t have the blue keyboard.