Welcome to 3G, Bellingham


T-Mobile has been slow lately with 3G launches, but nonetheless they are picking up the pace. Today, T-Mobile has officially announced 3G in Bellingham, WA. I know all Bellingham residents have been waiting a long time for this! Welcome to the 3G club and enjoy the super fast 3G speeds! And if you’re still looking for a nice 3G enabled device, why not the Android powered Motorola Cliq which is now available for pre-order? Sound off in the comments with your excitement! And if you’re one of the few residents still waiting for 3G, we will keep you guys updated!


  • Tom

    I live in Bellingham, WA, and my G1 now shows that I’ve got 3G. I haven’t played with it yet to get the full experience. Now I’ll have to decide whether to enable it and let it chew up my battery.

    But, that’s not Bellingham in the picture.

  • Tom

    Okay, NOW that’s Bellingham :)

  • Richard

    okay i live in Yakima, and i’ve seen my 3G flicker on and off for weeks!

    does anyone know if this a sign for 3G if not im getting a new phone the 3G enabled ones use ALOT of battery!

  • Jam

    What about Omaha, NE? It was supposed to be activated last quarter. It’s the reason I switched to T-Mo. No love. :(

  • brad

    St. Louis still does not have it and we were supposed to have it in Q3 of this year also. oh wait, we are having a huge rollout to have the fastest network around!! yeah right. project crap

  • timmyjoe42

    Billingham? Really?
    I’ve never even heard of it.

  • JL

    I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of Billingham. Because it’s in the UK, according to Google Maps.

  • ultravision

    Any news on Bremerton, silverdale area? Kitsap County? there are close to bellingham but right across the water from seattle. any news on these areas?

  • Chris Meyers

    Brad: shut up and wait. They have gone from 100 million pops covered to 170 million by September, that’s a HUGE increase. Will be at 200 million by year end. Stop whining.

  • Chris Meyers

    Its not Billigham, its. Bellingham. Are you people stupid, or can you just not read?

  • Carl

    Well put Chris Meyers, they are going to have more 3G coverage than AT&T pretty soon, let’s hope next year we get some HSPA+ pumping out early on!

  • jaymax

    Brad – St. Louis has had 3G for a couple of months now. Perhaps you live in the sticks outside of the city.


    Rock Hill, SC is also reporting 3G!!! 30 miles south of Charlotte, NC

  • timmyjoe42

    @ Chris Meyers. My bad. Sorry for the typo, but you are right on the money. I am stupid and I can’t read. I really should get the spelling correct for that huge metropolis. I would like to express my sincere apologies to both residents directly. Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  • Darkalkamist

    My 3G has been going in and out all night. I get 3G in my bedroom, and bathroom, but not in the living room…

  • Mike

    3G for Kitsap/Bremerton went live last night at about 9pm. The roommate and I were complaining to our friend that works in Operations at TMO about the lack of 3G here…LITERALLY…minutes before it went live here!

    I had seen it flicker on and off a few times but it was always when I was at the top of a hill looking towards Seattle so I figured it was cuz I was getting a signal from way in the distance. But now I know it was cuz they were playing with it here!

    WOO HOO! 3G!

  • Scorpio112083

    I have had a 3g phone for 2 years now.. It used to be fast but now it has been getting slower.. from power resets to master resets turning off my phone and even calling tmobl themselves nothing is making it better…