More Behold 2 Goodness


You saw the pics our friends over at AndroidandMe took at CTIA 2009 behind the glass. But now Engadget has their hands on this gorgeous device, but sadly they were not about to play around with the phone since neither T-Mobile or Samsung were willing to slip a battery in the phone. With this baby ready just in time for the holidays let us enjoy some pics. So without futher ado, enjoy the in-detail, close-up pics after the break. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments!








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  • D-COOP

    Look like a pretty good phone…

  • Mr. Genius

    was gonna wait out until the blackberry 9700 came out, but i may end up getting this

  • Kickstar13

    @ Mr. Genius
    Both the 9700 and the Behold 2 will be releasing around Christmas Time.

  • David

    I had a G1 and traded it after 7 months for a Blackberry 8900 (on craigslist) and after a month traded back to a G1. I learned that there is nothing like an android device and I will always have android. Probably get the Motorola Cliq though. the Behold 2 is nice….very nice, but I just like the option of a slide out keyboard as well as onscreen.

  • MadProfessor

    I like that battery cover. I’d rock it.

  • JDean86

    What’s that sound? A choir of angels singing? Buy me Buy me Buuuuy meee.

  • tmolover

    if its anything like behold… which is what i am currently using, i love it and the added andorid is great. cant wait!

  • -ray

    So, does this phone only have assisted GPS?

  • rushmore

    There aint nuttin’ good about this device. It just encourages more of these non keyboard devices with no multi-touch. Give the people’s multi touch or stop making these dang things.

    Keyboard FTW!

    I know people like these slim devices, but then they cry about not being able to play certain games or emulators on them. Snif…

  • James

    No multitouch..fussy bottom..what’s the processor speed? The samsung moment has a 800mhz processor and no special UI..this suppossedly has a special “TouchWiz over Android U” so what will we get? The same ‘ol 528? Let’s see 800mhz for plain android (which I really like) or 528 for customized UI? I’ll pass on this for now unless it does come with the 800mhz chip.

  • Jason

    I’d bet this is what Project Dark is all about. If it has a beefed up processor, that would make this one of the (if not the) fastest touchscreen smartphones in the USA. That’s a big deal and a big, big selling point I might add.

  • Joe

    Definitely most likely probably going to be my next phone – I love Android – and google for that matter – I don’t like the idea of only haveing a virtual keyboard (I have a G1 now) but with apps like “Betterkeyboard” on the app market and being able to skin them makes the deal a little sweeter – some of the skins allow bigger keys like that on the iphone

  • Jeff

    This phone looks solid. It doesn’t look as “plasticy” as some of the HTC phones look and feel. If anyone from the team that took the pics reads this, maybe you can comment on the in-hand feel of the device. Confirm and deny my assumption that it feels as solid as it looks.

    This could be a touch decision Bold 9700, Behold 2, Cliq…it’s all going to be good.

  • rushmore

    “Easy” answer- slap a keyboard on this one and everyone wins!

  • Kickstar13

    I gurantee you this has NOTHING to do with “Project Dark”

  • Jason

    I”m just guessing, but unless you know something or are privy to inside info – to each his own.

  • Kickstar13

    Definitely. Everyone has a right. I was just posting my opinion on it.

  • DAMGIC448

    Its an ok phone. Im not a fan of the custom UI’s they keep puting over Android & the button layout on the bottom is FUGLY but if it has a 800MHZ processor and at least 1gig of RAM AVALIABLE to the users then it will be my next Andriod phone. I love that Samsung Moment for Sprint but I’ve been with T-mobile since 2001 (well they were VoiceStream in STL at that time) and I dont wanna switch to Sprint but if they dont come with faster Android phone with more screen realestate, I’ll be switching to whoever does………….P.S. – This has nothing to do with “Project Dark” what so ever. The Behold 2 is not gonna change the US cell phone market. Mark my words…… When it comes to “Project Dark”, I got 2 words APPLE TABLET

  • Razius

    Looks snazzy, but I prefer the customizations of the myTouch 3G, but an 800MHz cpu would be amazing to have. I prefer the trackball over dpad though. Tough call mates; lets see what happens towards the end of the year.

  • Red

    I wonder if there can be more home screens than 3 without rooting. Maybe ahome or open home?

  • assexyas

    I need to know the specs T moible need to come up with better phones. none of there newer smart phones can teether. this is a shame. because all of at&t phones can and Verizon even have plans with teethering included. now me myself i wouldnt switch because their plans are way to high. I just need a phone that can occasionally teether It would be a added convenience for me with the andriod market it is a wonderful thought.

  • IwantToKnow

    so is this the htc hero tmobile version :p

  • Jay

    As good as this phone looks.. I refuse. I have the behold now and its the worst decision ive made.. Never again with Samsung..

  • mikeeeee

    just let the sucker have UMA.

  • dan

    so this and the mytouch fender and cliq are supposed to stack up against the Motorola Droid? gimmie a break! tmo had better release some serious phones or i am O-U-T OUT! more power, less software.

  • JayJay

    ughhh I want this phone. But leavin’ a Sidekick going to a touch screen .. man…

  • Blacksunshine

    WTF! this is the behold 2? What happened to the 12megapixel camera? that case says 5MEGAPIX WTF?! Look we all know that Tmo caters to the low end customer. We know this. Buisness users go to att we know this. But come on! how can you release a 2nd version of a phone with lower specs then the original!?

  • XProflmfao

    looks like it’s going to be a pretty popular and good phone for the holiday season.