T-Mobile Launches White 8520


While today and for the near future will be fixated on Project Black, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other happenings in the T-Mobile world. With that in mind, T-Mobile launched the White Blackberry 8520 yesterday–the very same model as the current Black 8520, only in white. If you are looking to dip your feet into the Smartphone world without completely diving in, the Blackberry 8520 is a perfect place to start. Irrationally priced at $129.99 from T-Mobile online and in retail stores, the white 8520 can be had for a lot less if you live within a hop, skip or step of a Walmart.



  • Prasad

    You are correct, Samsung highlight Fire listed for $149.00 on the T-Mobile website but in Walmart i got it for $48.66 only. I made a decision that From now onwards whenever i want to order a T-mobile phone i better wait till it shows up in walmart.

  • James

    Tmo wants to move up in the Carrier world with overpriced phones? Riiiiight

  • js-1

    is this even 3g? it doesn’t say so…