What Do You Want From “Project Black?”


I think it goes without saying right now that speculation for “Project Dark” or “Project Black” as we believe its mistakenly been called around the web is quite high. With that said, either everyone thinks they already know what it is, what it should be or most importantly, what they want it to be. The real question is what it would really take from T-Mobile to pole vault over Sprint to the number three spot. Is the iPhone as a number of you have come to speculate really the answer? Is the iPhone even on the table or is AT&T retaining its kung-fu like grip on the Apple relationship? Regardless of your opinion on the idevice it’s undoubtedly the key to AT&T riches right now regardless of whatever network hell their customers are enduring. So here we have it, a mighty poll for “Project Dark,” as we have read your comments but now want to see where the majority falls with their hopes for whatever it turns out to be. So vote below, if the option you like isn’t there, check other and comment below. Want to continue discussion on “Project Black?” The forums are a mighty fine place to discuss it and they look oh so good these days!

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