Big T-Mobile Annoucements & The Mysterious “Project Black”


It’s been a while since we’ve heard something REALLY BIG. Well the guys over at PhoneArena have received word from a tipster that T-Mobile is about to “shake up the status quo of the U.S. cellular industry”. T-Mobile employees are being trained tomorrow for “Project Black”. This mysterious but catchy sounding name is supposed to be something so BIG for T-Mobile USA, that it is expected to lift T-Mobile out of 4th place among the nation’s wireless operators (Take that Sprint). PhoneArena’s tipster has stated those involved in this have signed non-disclosure agreements, so this looks to be huge. Also, their tipster also claims that we should expect a 3G enabled BlackBerry (9700 anyone?) headed to T-Mobile by Christmas time. The tipster also bumped into an ex-Nokia Rep who revealed to him that there will be two Nokia N-Series smartphones headed for T-Mobile USA early next year, one of them being the N900 with Maemo5. She says to expect more high-end Nokia devices headed for Magenta in the future. It looks like T-Mobile subscribers just won the Lottery! Sound off in the comments!


UPDATE: After doing a little digging around I’ve found some more interesting info. Our trusted ninja claims that there is something big brewing (not chicken soup) for the end of the month it seems. Bigger than a phone or a promotion plan. Everyone involved in it had to sign secondary non-disclosure agreements apparently. It is seemingly rolling out on October 25th because all field supporting positions are being required to work (its a Sunday) to support this mystery offering. Trainings will be the Friday before. T-Mobile USA is keeping this a super big secret so nobody knows what it is quite yet.

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