Fender MyTouch, Polished and Pictured

I’m just as surprised as some of you may be, with T-Mobile deciding to redesign the MyTouch before the next Android phone (after the Cliq at least).  As we have already told you, T-Mobile  has a Special Edition MyTouch 3G that is made with Fender in the works, and it is now more than words on a piece of paper.  As you can see, there are now press shots of the guitar themed MyTouch.  Spec wise, the Fender MyTouch is very similar, just adding the desperately needed 3.5 mm headphone jack; but the outside appearance has been revamped with woodgrain finish. This time the MyTouch will come bundled with a 16GB microSD card with preloaded music content.  There is a picture of the front after the break.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Kickstar13

    Not diggin’ the look. I rather the White MyTouch.

  • missjuliebaby

    Me either. I have the white MyTouch. I’m surprised they put a 3.5mm jack on this one, but not the others !! , but it’s okay, I don’t mind the attachment. I’m going to be switching to the Cliq soon anyway :)

  • Adrian

    OMG a 3.5mm head phone jack!!! Are you serious? Thats all they added…… GODDAMITTT, was this really the idea they had to compete with the Sholes on Verizon, and the Hero on Sprint, was their only idea was to add a freaking headphone jack, and giving it a wood looking skin that could be mistaken for baby vomit from far away :)

    But seriously i really don’t care about the ecstatics of a phone, but the hardware….
    What they should of done was to add a freaking 1GHz porcessor and more RAM and ROM, that would really get me to buy the MyTouch not a freaking headphone jack.

    If this is T-Mobiles main phone for the holiday sales i am going to cry because i didn’t get a G1 and MyTouch because of their shitty hardware and i am definitely not going to get this phone. When will T-Mobile release an Android phone thats worthy of rivaling the three other big companies?

  • Seth

    Personally, this looks awful, just awful.

    But hopefully this is the last phone from HTC with no 3.5mm jack.

    Part of me is regretting getting the mytouch last month, but at the same time I’m enjoying it and when I’m eligible for an upgrade again, hardware manufactures and the Android software should have all the kinks worked out or there will be some new mobile OS out.

    HTC will probably still be using the Qualcomm MSM 7201A 528 MHz processor though.

  • missjuliebaby

    Adrian the mytouch with the new update is wonderful! Also the Motorola Cliq is good too!

  • Rob

    No matter what its wearing, its still a mytouch… unimpressed…..

  • Armytank

    ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS!!! Lol what a joke this “upgrade” is.

  • haha this is really nasty…

    not a very good upgrade in my opinion…come out with a solid competitor to the iPhone that runs Android…so that I can spend money that I don’t have on a new phone…

  • 30014

    If I owned a mytouch I would be pissed. Good thing I didn’t get one. I doubt they’ll move a lot of these.

  • Red

    I’m thinking about getting a mytouch. I wonder when the release date will be for this.

  • Jeremy

    I used to play guitar and while the hardware isn’t that big of an upgrade, the look is awesome! It looks just like a sunburst Fender guitar. That’s the point I believe. I wouldn’t get one based on that alone, but imho it looks great!

  • Craiger

    Doesn’t look like this forum is frequented by very many music fans. Obviously, the 3.5 mm jack, plus 16 GB microSD filled with music, and the sweet guitar-like finish is a fine way to get the attention of instrument-playing potential customers. If it came with a preloaded fretting or strumming app, it would probably complete the package!

  • Rick

    Oh, hell yeah I want one of these!

    Now I gotta go and mock up a veneer battery cover for my G1. At least it’s Bronze, so I can do something with it that won’t look too lame…

    But damn, that is sweet. Will it hold tune? Does it go up to 11?

  • matt

    I’m with Jeremy on this one, I play bass myself and it looks sweet, and finally they add a damn 3.5mm jack! Even their TP2 doesn’t have one… stupid carriers stripping down good phones… ill stick with my unlocked phones and just buy new casings to replace ugly stock ones… either way, good call tmo with the sunburnt woodgrain

  • AW

    “But seriously i really don’t care about the ecstatics of a phone…”

    It took me a minute, but I think you mean ‘aesthetics’. This is what happens when people don’t read books. They use words they’re only heard, never seen in written form.

    • jeff

      i think you meant “THEY’VE only heard”–maybe you should read more!

  • Todd

    This looks sick. I’d trade my black My TOuch in for this in a heartbeat!!!

  • SEFan

    It seems there’s a customer base out there, though I’m not one of them. Put the 3.5mm jack in the regular MyTouch and I’m in. Assuming I haven’t already gone with something else; still hoping for good specs on the Behold 2 and of course the N900 would be killer…

  • Erin

    I just got a Mytouch recently, wish it would have come with a headphone jack, but I find that phone to be ugly.

  • deeboy

    i wanna see an android phone that will compete with the iphone. equiped with 3.5 inch screen and better capacitive feel to it and loud speakers, faster processor and internal storage hellooooooooooooo!!!

  • Mrs.Crazybob

    Anyone who finds this phone “UGLY” clearly has no appreciation for music! Fender is classic. Android makes it all the better! :)

  • Erin

    Thinking a phone is ugly =/= No appreciation for music. Wtf.

  • I would really like to see this thing in person, but man, the press shots are positively lustworthy.

  • FILA

    Well the myTouch was already made for T-Mobile after the HTC note stating they would start placing the standard 3.5mm jack in all there future phones. It was to late for the original myTouch. Now they get upgraded. Now crazy over wood grain, in fact I hate it. But throw a different back plate on that bitch and maybe a skin, and you have a good phone with a 3.5mm jack and a bigger mem card. Im also very surprised it doesnt keep ‘With google’ on the back plate. but keeping my original Merlot myTouch till the…

    G1v2 gets released early next year! Wait for it! Im telling you now!

  • mattymatt72

    tmobile, you have screwed up again. At least the mytouch should have originally come with a 3.5mm jack but noooooo. We your customers have dealt with overall sub-par phones for years, and on top of that are now finally getting 3g service. But the android community is now looking at everyother carrier and wishing we had that phone. Its the little things you miss. I understand that the my-touch might have good overall market appeal, however its the deep rooted android followers, that kept this going, that you are pushing away. I cant wait to see what spritn and verizon puts out in the way of android phones, cause my money will be going to them soon enough. Nice job dropping the ball.

  • Dan

    I’ve been excited about the Cliq for a while now, but not too thrilled about its smaller screen, and chubbiness. And given that I really won’t benefit from all that BLUR stuff, maybe I should wait for this. Same guts, bigger screen – just lacks the keyboard, which I never needed to begin with. I just hope this Fender phone retains the lower price tag.

  • Bob

    WHERE is the 3.5mm headphone jack going to be, anyway? Did they put it somewhere stupid, like the USB port? Wouldn’t surprise me.

    At any rate, I’d probably get one of these. I don’t mind the color scheme. But I already have the Merlot mytouch.

  • MaysBerry

    SWEET!!!! its beautiful!! finally a phone for the Rockstars!!!! i hart this…die haters :)

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ Bob

    u can clearly see its on the TOP of the phone

  • Heather

    Adrian looks like baby puke up close.

    Just sayin’

  • Greg

    Rick: It might not hold a tune but the g-string app (built-in chromatic) tuner sure does! I’ve been using it on my G1 for a while… love it for those times when I forgot my tuner. Just want a phono input for my electric :-) I LOVE the idea about the volume level going to 11! I hope some good android developer is reading this now!!

  • pkdann

    for guys that love guitars…we want it just for the look and also the 3.5mm headphone jack. I am definately getting it just for the looks.

  • Mileika

    That’s not fair! See, I have the mytouch, and it only comes with 4gb. so why does this edition get 16 gb?!

  • snuggl3s

    Dnt forget the 288mb of ram. ^.^

  • keith

    I do not understand why they would make a fender phone. This limits its customer base so much. I would love this phone if that was not on there. To me this is like releasing a phone with a specific sports team, only worse. At least they did not release a Detroit Lions phone. Way to come in fourth again tmobile. And get some 3g in Tallahassee for gods sake!

  • SweeneyA

    Wow. If you are thinking that the Iphone is better then you obviously love spending money when you don’t have to. I am actually sending this from a Mac and I love the company, but that phone sucks!!! I have the original MyTouch and I absolutely love it. Internal memory?! Yeah sure if you don’t want to be able to expand or lets say easily transfer to another phone. Hmm…not really having trouble with processing speed or anything like that. I mean damn are we trying to play WOW on this thing or what?! Hmm…if you want the android phones from VZ be prepared to pay more than double that of T-Mobile. I mean come on some people just can’t be satisfied. I actually live in an area without 3G service and still have no complaints. The MyTouch sells great. The Fender will as well. Also, for the subpar phones comment, have you even taken a look at the other phones from other carriers? Obviously not! I actually work at a T-Mobile store and we have people recently from AT&T, VZ, Alltel, Sprint and Suncom. They will tell you hands down that our phones have much more variety than most. Lets see…big phone for VZ, Storm is the worst BB ever!! Even the VZ reps will tell you that in a heartbeat. VZ, LG phones suck. AT&T, IPhone was ok but was missing features that were pretty standard on phones, has no ability for extra memory, most apps cost money and it is not customizable. Sprint, blah on it all. I mean really. I think the Fender looks great and I will most definitely be purchasing that for my husband.

  • terry

    it breaks my daughter’s heart every time she sees the commercial since we have at&t service and she just got an impression. Can i buy this phone but be able to use on at&t service? what does “unlocked” mean on ebay? I need to get her this phone – she is an avid guitar player …

  • DC

    i just got this phone and i think it is pure gorgeous. i am a huge music junkie … and i play guitar myself. i actually have a fender strat. mine is a navy blue though. i love that htc got with fender to make a phone together. this is something that will attract music fans all over. the sunburst look is already beautiful on an actual fender guitar but to put it on a phone … i was never too big of a fan of the mytouch at all. i always liked my g1 better with the slide out keyboard until my ex informed me of a new phone designed by fender. i just had to see it for myself first. i checked out the pics on tmobile, checked out the specs, and what it comes with … i ended up falling in love with this phone immediately. the headphones and the charger have that sunburst look as well. it’s great.

    • Brittmthomas

      I am looking for the green velvet pouch for mine. If you are interested in selling it on Paypal, i’d be happy to work something out with you.

  • Willy B

    This phone is amazing. I have had it for a couple weeks now and I just got back from a 6 day vacation with a 12 hour drive both ways.
    My friend, who has the iphone 3GS was wanting to diss my phone so hard…until he lost 3G coverage, and I still had mine. When we both had full 3G signals we decided to test our phones.
    His “nations fastest 3G” iPhone only beat my Fender MyTouch on websites like facebook and myspace, and that is because the iphone opens up a low-graphic log-in page, rather than the full page.
    Anyone who says T-mobile failed at making a good droid phone is wrong. All you have to do is customize and do a little homework. Don’t just pop your simcard in and download T-mobile’s recommended application pack and think that’s all the phone can do. Biggest suggestion: Taskiller.
    Bottom line: all you have to do is give your phone a little more attention, maybe even browse some more forums and ask for suggestions, and you can really capitalize on a great phone.

    • Brittmthomas

      I am looking for the green velvet pouch for mine. If you are interested in selling it on Paypal, i’d be happy to work something out with you.

  • Jane

    How much does this thing cost? I can’t find a price online anywhere. I’m considering giving it as a gift.

  • mak

    is thje fender good

  • Max

    Those of you who don’t like the My Touch are clueless with how to use it! The Fender look is awesome, but I think for the most part musicians are the ones who have the greatest interest in this phone like myself. Those of you who like your little white phones sound like punks to me. And to Adrian, what a show of low class using profanity like that!

    • Brittmthomas

      I am looking for the green velvet pouch for mine. If you are interested in selling it on Paypal, i’d be happy to work something out with you.

  • Candice

    My husband has one of these and he loves it. It does come with an app for guitar strings that you can play.

  • Candice

    The cost was $500

    • Brittmthomas

      I am looking for the green velvet pouch for mine. If you are interested in selling it on Paypal, i’d be happy to work something out with you.