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After getting approved by the FCC and then introducing itself to the public officially, the Behold 2 poses for the camera! The guys over at AndroidandMe, while they were at CTIA 2009, took the time to get a load of pics of the upcoming T-Mobile Behold 2 running Android and using Samsung’s TouchWiz interface on a beautiful 3.2 inch AMOLED screen. If you aren’t already aware of what this baby packs, here it is:

The sleek touch-screen phone is the first from T-Mobile USA to feature a 3.2-inch AMOLED screen, which provides crisper colors and wider viewing angles.  In addition, the Behold II is equipped with Samsung’s innovative TouchWiz user interface, allowing easy customization with widgets located in a slide out tray on the left side of the home screen and  providing one-touch access to a customer’s favorite and most commonly used features and applications. The Behold II offers three different home screens to drag and drop widgets onto the screen and organize the different workspaces with favorite widgets and application shortcuts. Samsung’s intuitive cube menu also provides quick access to six top multimedia features, including music, photos, videos, the Web, YouTube™ and Amazon MP3 for music downloads

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Check out all the pics here!

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  • Brent

    So, does it have the same processor as the Moment that is going to Sprint? Cause that would be cool.

  • Joe

    is this the galaxy or the galaxy lite. just wondering b/c i need a new phone and i would rather wait for the full version or is this all the US is going to get.

  • Jason

    Hello, my new phone (I will have you).

  • Kickstar13

    This is the Glaxaxy Lite.

  • JDean86

    I spy with my crystal blue eye my new phone.

    Though I might play with the Cliq first..maybe

  • onwaitinglist

    whoever can make a android/UMA phone will win my money. UMA! TMobile, did you hear us yet ?!

  • Good processor = my next phone

    My G1’s spacebar is being a bitch now :S And I’m REALLY sick of the shitty processor.

  • coeus

    Does anyone know the dimensions on this phone?

  • This is not a galaxy lite, this is basically the US version of the Galaxy

  • SEFan

    So which is it: the (finally!!!) US ver of the Galaxy; the Galaxy Lite; or somewhere in between? Not bad looking, but I need specs…

  • Chuong

    @ Simon Cabron

    It’s a rebadged Galaxy since it doesn’t have GPS (only aGPS) or 8GB built-in storage.

  • Chuong

    @ Chuong

    I mean it’s NOT a rebadged Galaxy. It’s a Galaxy Lite.

  • ralphwiggum1

    I think this is the Galaxy sans 8GB flash (unless they failed to announce this). Galaxy has a 5MP camera as does this, as well as flash (vs. Lite’s 3.2MP and no flash). The main difference reported between the two were the internal storage and camera. Since they haven’t reported any other specs, I still think it’s the Galaxy with full 8GB storage.;txt looks identical to the back of this.

  • jose tineo

    omg when does this drop……..

  • deeboy

    i will threaten tmobile when my contract is over on november so i can get this for free…..otherwise i will!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FILA

    ugly…and its a SAMMY, skip it and wait for that v2

  • Robert_x24x

    Not very exciting. Asthetically, it’s *okay*. But for being a touch only device, the screen is a bit small. Of course that’s only my personal take on it. If I were anyone still on T-Mo, I’d wait it out and see what else you’re getting. Otherwise, I’d say it’s not worth it.

  • Chris Meyers

    Its not the Galaxy Lite, it has an AMOLED screen you idiots. Do you know what AMOLED is? Ie NOT LCD, i e not Galaxy lite which has an lcd screen.

  • jose tineo

    do u think you ll be able to turn off the touchwiz and use a default android home screen

  • Patrix

    Hey incase you guys didn’t read the headline… “Samsung Behold 2…” So not only are you guys wrong about it being a Galaxy Lite, but you are wrong about it being a Galaxy, period. Have you ever heard of the original Behold?

  • Jeffrey

    Patrix has apparently never heard of rebranding.