Unlocked Galaxy Hits NewEgg

Maybe you are one of those people that has been following the Galaxy ever since it was first conceived, or maybe you are just a tad disappointed with the Behold 2 (which I think looks pretty good).  Well, while it won’t be carrier subsidized, you can pick up an unlocked Samsung Galaxy from Newegg.  The nice part, this unlocked phone should work on T-Mobile’s 3G network (crazy, right?).  Anyways, if the Galaxy is what you are looking for, and you have just under $600 to spend, then head on over and pick up your new android phone.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Jose

    Is Samsung Galaxy coming to T-Mobile anytime soon?

  • rubi76

    This is not news, it’s been on sale for a while now… you can probably find it cheaper as well. It’s confirmed to work on T-mo, so that’s great news!

  • rushmore

    Hmmm. N900 is the same price… which one to pick ;) You would have to be near clueless to go with the Galaxy in this case.

  • Eraw

    anyone notice it says 900/1700/2100 for 3G? Does that mean it’ll work on AT&T’s 3G network too? Even though it sucks..

  • Karl

    Other than form factor and 5MP camera, why would anyone get this over the myTouch? Same processor, same RAM.

    As dedicated as I am to the Android OS, rushmore is correct: I’d get a TP2 or N900 if I was going to spend that much money.

  • SEFan

    I was really hoping for the Galaxy to show up on T-Mo, but at that price I’ll get the N900.

  • JL

    Size, battery, camera, screen (which has turned out to be by far the most impressive feature), 3.5mm headphone jack and only relatively slightly higher price (off-contract) are a few of the reasons I bought a Galaxy over a MT3G. As far as the N900 and others go, the specs are nice, but I decided I would be sticking with Android and I don’t like carrying around a brick. I had an AT&T Tilt once upon a time, so I know what constitutes a brick.

  • James

    The Galaxy looks better than the Behold 2..too much going on that front for a touch screen phone..look at the Samsung Moment..it has a querty keyboard and still looks sleeker up front than either the Galaxy or Behold.

  • timmyjoe42

    Only $590? Well than I’ll take 2.
    Who can afford to buy phones at these prices?

  • timmyjoe42

    than = then.

    Stupid typos.

  • FILA

    not even worth the price. Also this just goes to show you that if this phone never gets released on T-Mobile, just because it has the 3G bands liek that Nokia N900 doesnt mean its gettin signed. Watch I make a liar out of myself by next week

    Wait for the v2 to come out next year!!

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  • Tony W.

    To Jose: The Samsung Galaxy is coming to T-Mobile, but it’s the Samsung Galaxy Lite, & it’s gonna be called the Behold II, not the Galaxy.

  • eugene

    Tony W. I’m sorry but you have no idea what you are talking about. Galaxy lite and the behold 2 are 2 completely different phones….

    I’ve been eyeing the galaxy for some time now, and I am very disappointed it has not been picked up by tmobile. I agree with JL, the N900 is nice, but I too don’t want to carry around a tank…