Samsung Behold 2 Sneak Peak

One of our trusty sources hooked us up with a sneak peak of the upcoming android powered Samsung Behold 2. Enjoy the video!

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  • Elias

    Hmmmm looks a little sluggish no?

  • Pedro

    @ Elias

    Yes, I agree.

  • Jeremy

    Anyone know if this has the same crappy 528 Qualcomm chip in it?

  • Luis

    hmmmm the way the ui works kinda looks good but meh idk i dont like how the android menu comes out. idk i guess nice job for samsung making the behold 2 android

  • just some dude

    not much to write home about, ill pass

  • just some dude

    plus there’s just too much going on down there with that dpad and buttons. Stick with the track ball, and remeber simplicity speaks volumes.

  • Yup, I played with it about 2 weeks ago, and it was laggy. The phone didnt even have a lot of apps installed either. A g1 and or mytouch worked way faster when scrolling and opening apps.

  • mattymatt72

    the behold has less ram or rom, I forget with then either the g1 or the mytouch, it is another crap tmobile phone. Why does sprint and verizon get the good android devices, and tmobile( who was the first selling android) get the crap leftovers, and phones no one else in their right mind would pick up. This is way in the next week or two I am moving my business to verizon. I dont mind paying a couple bucks more( and its not much guys, really) for what I want, and much better cell service. Tmobile just really is behind the times. they are an underdog, that has no chance of winning without a complete change of senior management. By By tmobile, I cant say I am sorry to go.

  • TehAndroid

    @mattymatt72 this is the behold 2 not the behold. Besides your thinking of the galaxy with this is a completely different phone. But if you really want to get the Droid on verizon have fun paying an extra $15 for exchange support. So long you won’t be missed.

  • John

    I have posted 3 videos from/about the phone that I posted on yesterday. Check ’em out!

  • Ernie

    Man just by checking this out I think I am gonna wait for the HTC HD2 :)

    It looks kinda weird with the Android tab coming in from the left… They could have just made it drop from the top.

  • -ray

    I thought the video was in slow motion at first, then I realized the phone was just laggy…

  • mssensational

    I just went to a T mobile store and asked the guy if they had a picture of the SamsungII. I turned around and he hands the phone to me. I played with it for a minute and I love the phone. I just sent back my Motorola Cliq. It sucked. Sorry Moto and Tmobile but its true. I wonder what Verizon has..Hummmmmmmm…lol

  • James


    Get your info correct..the extra $15 is for those with business contracst as it has been reported all over the net today.

    As far as the Behold 2? yawnn. Sluggish, even with the reported 800mhz surprise as Sprint Moment has the same processor and runs stock 1.5 and reviews have that device as sluggish. Once again this is gonna costs $249? More than the best Android phone, the Droid? I don’t get it Tmo. Plus im sorry as someone mentioned earlier…way too much going on..too many buttons. Kinda ruins the sleekness of the phone. Even the Moto Cliq has less buttons and this Samsung is suppossedly a “high end” price wise anyway.

  • Brent

    Seems like if the MyTouch 3G Fender Edition would ever come out it would be the best choice.

  • Wii60

    I wonder if you could take touchwiz off and go Stock android 1.6?

  • Brandon from Cleveland………. Anthony is gone!!

    Pull it together people. its the touchwiz menu coming from the left and the android menu comes up from the bottom still. To me it looks like your getting the best of both worlds……… has anyone seen the newest Droid commercial? with the equator thing from outer space. hilarious! But T-Mobile for life.

  • Ben

    I know it isn’t the same phone, but in this video below from engadget, the Samsung Moment is so much faster. Weird? Totally different specs?

  • Ben
  • JOhn

    There is no menu that comes up from the bottom. There are 4 soft buttons there that never go away (dialer, contacts, web and quick list, which lists your most used apps).

  • thank you for that little B2 nugget I needed it. I have been anticipating this phone for months now so, it’s nice to see it in action and getting some deserved love. This phone has been underrated and deserves more buzz, I think the behold name threw people off.Did anyone notice when they were swipiing between screens how it dipped down and up,it looks like Sammy incorperated some of the cubeness to the regular home screens which I thought was cool

  • NiiDiddy

    I hear while it’s not quick to respond, it’s not laggy either…whatever that means. However for me, it still lacks a larger screen. I will take the rumored 800Mhz processor anyday over the Q-528mhz I am running on the myTough3G…BUT I need a larger screen. 3.2 inches aint cutting it for me. I am sticking with my MT3G until someting better comes along soon hopefully…

  • androidfan

    I played with this phone for about an hour tonight and I have to say it is DEFINATELY NOT sluggish. My fiances mytouch is super slow and sluggish and freezes constantly. the finish and quality of the samsung is something HTC can only dream about. I loved everything about this phone and I am super picky. The camera is straight off of the behold 1 with all the adjustability of the behold/memoir. the flash is bright and the touch screen its best ive used with android. This MAY be the phone that makes me drop AT&T and my iphone and go back to Tmobile. I love that Samsung kept a lot of the features of touchwiz and molded it seamlessly into android. A match made in heaven.

  • SocietyOne

    My store received our demo today, and I played with it for the entire shift, and it was no where near that sluggish.

  • Mattymatt72

    @teh. Sorry I didn’t put in behold 2. Figured any reasonably intelligent person would be able to understand what I was talking about. You are the fan boy that most work at tmobile. I hAve beeen a customer since voicestream and have had enough of poor managent. The 15 dollars for exchangesupport does not apply sorry. Maybe you just can’t think for yourself and must spitup all the propaganga that tmobile says.

    As for the behold 2. It’s a cross between the galaxy and the galaxy lite. And again it’s a below standard device that tmobile will overprice. Facts are facts and your just an ass.

  • John

    @john, dont mean to insult you but….you have had the behold 2 for quite a while, and the only videos you’ve taken are those of your ugly face!!!, dude please step up on this and show us the juice.

    It seems like samsung uncovered on the the main issues that nonandroid users face the first time they have it: the os might be too complicated for them, so samsung went ahead and “simplified it”. By simplifying i mean those fixed menus and the cube, that basically make force you to not get lost and find the main features of the phone. However for the more experienced android user, this whole touchwhiz UI is BS!!

  • AgDon

    Got to play with the Behold II and the cliq today at a wireless show they had in our office bldg. The Behold had a better and larger display than the cliq. I liked the feel of the cliq better and the slide out querty, have no use for motoblur. The Behold & cliq both responded pretty quickly. Would be hard to decide between the two. The dummy BB 9700 phone was nice, same size as my 8900.

    Got to hold a dummy of the Imagio, Eris and Moto Droid. Really liked the Imagio, had a large display and nice feel to it, elegant looking. Eris was nice also just a little under beauty of the Imagio. The Droid was not as nice looking and did not like the keyboard, unimpressive, guess the beauty is suppose to be on the inside.
    TMO needs to get those 3 phones in their line-up.