Congratulations To Samsung Behold II Contest Winners!

behold22_ contestwinner

Congratulations go out to Behold22, one of the winners of the Samsung Behold 2 contest and one of our forum regulars. What originally was a too good to be true contest through Samsung with hourly winners had quickly turned into speculation regarding its authenticity. Well question no more as the winners have started receiving their devices along with a lovely letter that points out the need for being a T-Mobile customer to use this device. I wonder how many people entered only to learn that they had to be with T-Mobile?!

Congratulations go out to all the winners and thanks Behold22 for posting the winning pictures on the forum!

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  • MonJackson

    Yeah but you dont have to be a tmobile customer to win and sell the phone. :)

    • T-Michael

      Exactly, winning the phone is like winning money. Ebay and craigslist are good friends to contest winners.

  • Mimi

    Re-sell? Re-gift?

  • Bill48105

    Forward to:
    1 Tasty Crow Ln
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105

    • umaluver

      dont give in yet dude. He could have went and bought one and shipped into himself and then printed up his own reciept. That reciept looks fake anyways.

      Dont let your paranoia die!!

      • Bill48105

        Oh I was thinking that but I didn’t wanna get beat down again. lol

      • 2FR35H

        Lol LMAO!

      • timmyjoe42

        Receipt, lol.

  • Tina

    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that Behold22 won a Behold II.

  • FILA

    yea but in reality, what did they really win?


  • The Observer

    hey, i won the phone AND the TV :)

  • The Observer

    i won the phone AND the tv though :)

    • 2FR35H

      You won basically $2k effin lucky lol

    • 2FR35H

      though? You basically won $2K dollars you are effin lucky lol

  • I’ve entered this contest probly over 250 times and still have not won. I want to cry when I see pictures like this. Why can’t i catch a break? I keep hoping to see them pick my screen name. Pick Derekuda please!


  • kershon

    It’s great to see the winners finally getting their phones. Congrats. I’m still trying but no luck yet. Time for a couple hours shut-eye and the punch that enter button some more. lol

  • Rstar

    i have been playing the beginning and havent won. I never win!!! sigh.

    • timmyjoe42

      I keep playing, even though I would never switch to the Behold II from my Cliq.

      • 2FR35H

        What? are you serious? why not? hmm let me guess physical keyboard?

      • timmyjoe42

        Yes, and the Cube UI looks pretty weak. I’d rather have lots of icons than a cube where I can’t even see the icons on the back.

  • derrickps3

    Thank you for putting me on the main blog i feel so special :D and to everyone else keep trying

  • h3n0g00d

    Yeah i’ve tried to win for a couple weeks now… It’s not worth losing sleep over if names like Winner123 win a phone lol…

    • khalilwllms

      HEY THATS ME LOL I WON AT 7PM ON THE 10TH lmfao ik stupid name lol but im glad i WON!

  • Mark

    Got mine today as well. Thanks for making the post so I could win this cool device.

  • Kickstar13

    Congratulations Derrick!

  • anthony in utah

    YES!!! CONGRATS DERRICK!!!! How do you like the new phone???

    • Bill48105

      I already saw it on ebay. :D

  • 2FR35H

    Ayy you guys want to know who is behind this giveaway? Santa Claus thanks SANTA! lol * waves up at the imaginary santa in the sky*

    Now all you others just behave and maybe santa will send you a behold 2 and maybe a tv if your a really good boy or girl. Remember Santa uses Android 6.0 to check his list he doesn’t even have to do it twice! He can also see if you have been sleeping or whether or not you put nuts in santa cookie. Santa dislikes nuts and if you put out chocolate milk well then be prepared to received a sack of coal >:)

  • jmeezy

    hey guys i just recieved mine in the mail!!

  • Larrin

    Ahhh OMGGG I got mine 2 days ago!!! I LOOOOVE mine!!

  • Blazin4QB

    Im still trying guys =[….congrats to those who have already won

  • gumby09

    This giveaway is impossible!! i’ve been playing since the start of the month, and still can’t win.

    • Bill48105

      NK! Either there’s a 100,000,000x more people entering now, there are some people who found a way to cheat it & win em all or there is some crack some of us are falling into because of the way we filled out the form or how we’re clicking because it seems impossible. Has anyone else from here won recently?

      • 2FR35H

        Lol cheats are illegal and get you disqualified now with that said how many email accounts do you have? enter with them all and you are bound to win.

        i was told that the entries are usually between 1k and 15k now.

        its not impossible this thing got rather popular after the legitimacy of it was confirmed.

        I have already received mine and couldn’t be happier except this damn touch screen attracting so many finger prints but that will be solved after I go to best buy later in the week and get a cover.

  • gumby09

    Exactly!! Is there something else we have to do other the enter to win???

  • gumby09

    Exactly!! Do we have to do something other then enter to win??

  • gumby09

    Exactly!! Do we have to do anything else other then enter hourly to win?

  • behold2me

    i think I’m done with this giveaway, I’ve lost all hope. Guess I’m stuck with my samsung t-619 :(

  • Rick

    I try for 5 days and nothing i am done and i am gonna keep my n900 god enough.

    • 2FR35H

      You have a N900 and you are complaining about not winning? wow…. you could just buy the phone.

  • O3broke

    LOL Winner123 i thought i won when i saw ur screen name…Too bad I won on the 12 at 2 AM!!! …And I was sleep. I woke up happy as hell!!!

  • MapQua

    Here is what The contest holders had to say

    Trouble Ticket ID: 1376
    Description: Contest Error


    Please be advised that the status on your trouble ticket
    has been changed from In Progress to Closed
    with the following comment:
    Comment: Hi,
    Your email was received the day after the contest ended – I’m not sure how we could have helped you. Since the 18th of November when the contest started, the site was never down. Some users had problems which we addressed when we knew about them. Firefox was a browser we tested and was used by many people. I’m not sure what the problem was, but sometimes security settings prevented contest entry.

    The contest ended on West Coast time, so it may have seemed like it supposedly ended if you are in a different time zone.
    Status changed by: Jackie Fabbri


    If you have submitted website feedback or reported offensive material, thank you. Your feedback has been forwarded to the appropriate team.

    If you have a problem with registration, please visit for more detailed help.

    If you have requested a change to your registration information, we will notify you when that change has been made.

    Information regarding prizes is available at the Rules and Prizes link at

    If you are having login or any other problems, we will follow up with you based on the nature of your problem.

    You may provide further information at . You will need your email address and the Trouble Ticket number given above.

  • MapQua


  • phuhcue

    im really disappointed in the phone.
    its slow, buggy and imo way overhyped.
    it will not save my ringtones for more than
    ten minutes. it always goes back to default
    no matter what i do.
    it constantly chirps about the memory card being unplugged.
    yesterday it erased the memory card.
    the cam is ok. the call quality is ok.
    im hoping a firware update and
    android 2.0 will iron some of this out.

  • ericktrejo

    okay so i won this on december 23rd and its been two weeks already and i STILL havent gotten my phone. I’m starting to have my doubts now :/