T-Mobile Offering PHP Insurance For The Nexus One


Okay so you finally have your brand spankin’ new Nexus One and if you were like most T-Mobile customers, you probably paid the $529.99 unlocked retail price. Of course such an expensive handset should definitely be taken extra care of. So thanks to our beloved Magenta, they are offering PHP (Premium Handset Protection) Insurance for both, customers that bought the phone through Google unlocked and customers that activated or upgraded with the subsidized $179.99 price tag. So the 20,000 of you that bought a Nexus One this week can protect your investment for $4.79/month. The requirement is simple. New and existing T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the PHP Insurance within 14 days of purchase. If your device needs to be replaced (and your manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the device) there will be a $130 deductible for the Nexus One. That’s pretty much it!

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