T-Mobile Offering PHP Insurance For The Nexus One


Okay so you finally have your brand spankin’ new Nexus One and if you were like most T-Mobile customers, you probably paid the $529.99 unlocked retail price. Of course such an expensive handset should definitely be taken extra care of. So thanks to our beloved Magenta, they are offering PHP (Premium Handset Protection) Insurance for both, customers that bought the phone through Google unlocked and customers that activated or upgraded with the subsidized $179.99 price tag. So the 20,000 of you that bought a Nexus One this week can protect your investment for $4.79/month. The requirement is simple. New and existing T-Mobile customers can take advantage of the PHP Insurance within 14 days of purchase. If your device needs to be replaced (and your manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the device) there will be a $130 deductible for the Nexus One. That’s pretty much it!

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  • Todd

    Kudos to T-Mobile for offering this!

  • pecoy

    someone get this insurance and “lose” your nexus then file a claim and get a replacement nexus for 130 then find your “lost” nexus one and then get the extra nexus one u got and sell it to me and ill give u 300 for it.

    • money mo

      Lol that’s halarious

      • sorandkairi

        I was just thinking about that! I can “lose” that phone.

      • TMK

        The insurance provider that T-mobile uses is very rude and stingy. You pay top dollar for your new phone, pay on insurance monthly, and add a deductible, you don’t end up with a new phone, and you receive a refurbished phone. How can they insure phones when no refurbished are in loop?

      • pecoy

        @ TMK

        i have asurion insurance through tmobile on my g1. and they have not been rude at all the times i have reported a claim. they asked me no questions whatsoever i just said i lost my phone and they sent me a new/refurbished g1 overnight. and the refurbished g1 i got looks and handles like brand new and they gave me the new packaging and everything inside as if it was a brand new one.

  • Galen20K

    FInally! Can I do it through the website or do I need to call CS?

    • Kickstar13

      I think you need to call Customer Service.

      Not sure about adding it through MyT-mobile

      • Galen20K

        oh ok, thanks! Yeah the MyT-mobile.com doesnt even recognize the Nexus one yet.

  • Crater

    I’ve called Customer Service 3 times, all 3 reps refused to add it to my Nexus One.

  • Rob

    Just called in and got it! I normally don’t go for the insurance, but since I paid the full $529 I think I’ll keep it insured for a year or so. :)

    • Galen20K

      I feel the same way, love my Unlimited Loyalty on it and wouldn’t have wanted it subsidized for any reason!

  • JASPER933

    I called T-Mobile and was informed they DO NOT offer this for the Nexus one.

  • N1 lockport

    Called twice and both reps said not available yet.

  • Josh

    Hey how’s it going guys?
    I read that most of you did not get the PHP for the $4.79. The CR indicated that tmobile does not offer this and blah blah blah that it’s up to google/htc. But, then I informed him that I read an article (this article) but didn’t indicate to him which one it was. Then he paused after i gave details about the monthly fee and the deductible price. Then he put me on hold. Came back and informed me that they do offer that (that it’s new and he wasn’t aware of it) and well now im taken care of w/ the PHP. Try it again guys, remember be respectful and courteous.

  • Keith

    Just called T-Mobile and added it with no problem.

  • sortamad

    so if you “lost” your nexus one you can get another one for 130?

  • tato22

    cool doing it now

  • money mo

    T-Mobile specifically told me (yesterday) that the were NOT offering insurance for the nexus one. Let me call them now and ask again.

  • Richard

    Anybody that purchases insurance through T-Mobile is being taken for a big ride… and the people that run this site should know that.

    Go to Square Trade and use their program. It’s FAR cheaper and much better insurance.

    • Undertmocover

      Richard, did you even read square trades terms? They do not cover lost/stolen, only damaged AND they only cover $400 after a $50 deductible. On a Nexus One that means that you would have to come up with $180 to get a replacement for a damaged device. Thats after paying $77 in premiums. Also, getting your replacement will probably take WEEKS! T-Mobile’s Insurance covers ANYTHING (lost, stolen, damaged.) besides intentional damage, and you would have to be an idiot to tell them it was intentionally damaged. You would pay a $130 deductible and in most cases your new Nexus One would be delivered the next day. Premiums? $4.79 monthly! Let’s take a 1 year cost case here. Square Trade: 77 + 180= $257 for the one and only replacement you can get. T-Mobile: (4.79 * 12)=58 58 + 130= $188 for the first of TWO replacements you can get in that 1 year. I guess it is YOU, Richard that is getting taken for a big ride.

  • NegativeCreep

    So if I call will I get the Insurance or they don’t offer it??

  • brandon

    They have been saying no for days but i read this article just now and called for the final time and they gave it to me no questions asked, he said he just got the information so it took awhile for him to figure it all out

  • Ducter

    we might be opening up a way for tmobile to know who has a nexus, and might be opening up for that hefty data charge to be mandatory.

    • Undertmocover

      Hate to bust your conspiracy bubble, but T-Mobile already know exactly what phone you are using. Any time your phone connects to a network, it sends out it’s IMEI so the network knows what protocols the phone will support. That IMEI is translated into a make and model. This shows up on T-mobile’s systems, even a lowly CSR has access to it!


    I need this ASAP. Anybody got a screen protector for this beast yet?

  • jdog

    @ NEXUS ONE USER I should be getting mine tomorrow from Zagg it’s their Invisible Shield it cost $14.99

  • JBLmobileG1

    Ok… first off when did the insurance drop from $4.99 to $4.79? I find it odd that I am still stuck paying that little extra when that could cover some tax. If anything I’ve noticed my taxes on my phone bill went up a little which makes no sense. And on a 2nd note… $130 seems a lot for a deductable but is actually a great deal. Heck I think the G1 is that much (that or $110). If something ever happend to my phone I am pretty much paying more for it than I would be to get a new one (upgrading). At one point WalMart offered the G1 for under $50. Hopefully the deductable went down for the G1 like it did for the Razr when I owned one of them years and years ago. Still though when did the insurance drop and does anyone know if they will switch it to the lower plan? It still shows $4.99 PHP bundle when I view my plan on my phone. Its not a hugh deal but every penny saved helps especially when your getting charged extra taxes for no reason. I noticed these extra fees are for my Google Voice calls using my MyFavs. Can Tmobile even charge you extra for that since its a number in the US and not a 800 number?

    • Isael

      I Think you are paying that little extra because of the “bundle” thing. The costumer service person at TM told me that any electronic malfunction would have to go through the Google one year warranty, the PHP was not responsible for that. I read some of the terms on the Insurance website and the explain the difference. I think with bundle, you are insured if the device is defective too, if the Nexus one will be insured that is a different question, your previous device definitely was. Look at the table on this link:

  • Janey

    PHP insurance? Awesome! I’ve been looking for that. I wonder when I’ll be able to get insurance for Java and MySQL..


  • dothack


  • aaron

    IF anyone lost their phone, ordered a replacement and found their old one and wants to sell it let me know! HAHA!

    Wouldnt tmobile be able to track it by IMEI?

  • Coop

    First rep said it’s not offered and then I told her about the letter and she put me on hold and found it. But then she said she couldn’t add it and that I needed to go into a store for them to verify the device.

    Second rep asked me if I wanted the $5.99 or $4.79 insurance for my nexus one and asked me how I like it. I was sitting thinking that the $5.99 won’t work but she added it and saved it and then I told her never mind I’ll take the $4.79 one. Reason being is even if I’m paying $5.99, if I go to a store to utilize the $5.99 protections malfunction feature, I doubt they would honor it. So I would be spending extra for absolutely nothing as it clearly states that they will not cover malfunctions and to go to Google/HTC for that.

  • jeff

    I tried to post here last night, but apparently my post was censored for some reason. T-Mobile is NOT offering insurance on these phones…period. I spoke at length to a CS rep last night about this. Some reps are adding it, but it is not linked properly internally at T-Mobile to the correct phone, and therefore claims on the Nexus One are not going to be honored.

    • GenesisDH

      Obviously that’s wrong since we see that being proved by this article as well as the numerous reports on T-Mobile’s official forums INCLUDING the FAQ posted by a T-Mobile rep on T-Mobile’s forums.

  • GenesisDH

    What irks me about this: having PHP doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a NexusOne as a replacement. They will replace 1-to-1 *if* they have N1s in their inventory. IF they don’t, then you’re looking at a lower-spec Android phone (MyT3G, CLiq, BeholdII) instead. At least with SquareTrade you’ll get cash if they can’t get you a replacement.

    The best option is to tack this baby on your renter’s or homeowner’s insurance.

  • CM

    I just called this morning after finding this post and was able to sign up for the 4.79 PHP. I tried the same about five days ago and they said it was not available. Thanks for the info!

    • Kickstar13

      No problem!

  • Why not just shop around for a Nexus One insurance specialist? You dont have to use the ones that get pushed at you by the carrier – Google it

  • Aaron

    I just got off the phone with T-Mobile trying to add the Handset Insurance for my Nexus One, here’s what they told me…

    $4.79 / month / $130 deductible, so far matches what everyone else has said, here’s the new info

    If I LOSE or DAMAGE my Nexus One, T-Mobile WILL NOT replace it with a new Nexus One, it’ll probably be replaced by a MyTouch 3G.

    I’m gonna call again tomorrow (as I have until the 28-29th to add it) and see what their answer is, just thought I’d like to post this info


  • PoPiMpG

    well the first rep i talked to couldnt even understand english so i hung up and called back…..the next rep was really tech saavy and we talked for like 10 minutes about the nexus one before i even asked about what the warranty covers…i asked for the 4.79 per month insurance like this article said, and he told me that for 5.99 per line per month it would also cover theft and if i lost it…he guarenteed me that if something happened that my phone it would be replaced with another nexus one with a 130 dollar deposit………even the tmobile corporate store said i couldnt do it, but guess what i recorded the call and they took my credit card payment for the insurance….so im GOOD!!!!

  • PoPiMpG


  • Here are the details that come up after I enter in Nexus One on Asurion’s site: http://www.phoneclaim.com/doc_list/doc_view/647-AS09018_TMO_NW_Brochure_REV?tmpl=component&format=raw

  • esco

    i have a nexus one and the main thing i was concerened with was getting insurance. I was so excited when i found out they were offering it i got it right away with no problems! heres a site if ur looking for more info on it http://support.t-mobile.com/doc/tm23694.xml



  • Ryan

    ok i work for t-mobile and this is how it works

    php warranty: $1.99 covers manufactor defects

    php insurance: $4.79 covers lost/stolen/damaged

    php bundle: $5.99 covers warranty and insurance issues

    heres the thing. all warranty claims are done through t-mobile. t-mobile does NOT support the nexus one therefore will not honor the warranty info. [b]the only thing that you should be adding is the $4.79 insurance only [/b] otherwise you are wasting your money

  • Brian_N1

    Good morning all. i just got off of the phone wit a T-mo rep. and he told me that u can get php insurance. i already have it on my G1 and that i’ve had it for yrs. he also said that it will roll over when i get my N1. all i have to do is put in my G1 sim-card and go. T-mo system will c that i’m using a N1. i didn’t want to renew my 2yr so i paid the full $529 wit an xtra batt($25). and CA tax. grand total $608.02. i ordered my phone Friday i hope to get it no later then Tuesday.

  • Maccey

    I purchased a blackberry bold 9700 it was stolen by someone at my school

    Do i have to pay to get a new phone if i reported stolen and i have had insurance for about a month or so.

  • JP

    I find it fascinating that SquareTrade is linking back to this site and using what Richard said on January 13th as an endorsement by TmoNews! Very deceitful!!!