WM 6.5 Makes Its Way To The TP2/Dash 3G, Unofficially

2010-01-07 13.44.38

So you bought the popular HTC Touch Pro 2 but are having problems living with Windows Mobile 6.1.  Well, we may just have a cure.  If you happened to be stalking around the forums (they are the happiest place on Earth, but you knew that) around 1 Eastern you may have noticed an unofficial update to the WM6.5 ROM, with HTC’s Sense UI and T-Mobile USA features (like My Faves), that could be downloaded.  Well, the should be famous T1 Connect went ahead and tried it himself, and it works.  Unfortunately, the original download link no longer has the file.  Don’t worry though, because T1 has you covered there as well.  If you shoot him a Personal Message in the forums, I’m sure he will be more than happy to send you the ROM for the TP2 and the Dash 3G.  Now, if you are worried about this somewhat shady download and update process, then just hold tight because we are hearing that the official update will be coming around the 20th of January.  Leave your love in the comments!

TmoNews Forums, with a lot of thanks to T1 Connect, oh, and everything is originally from the T-mobile Forums

And now, a brief message and some photos from the friendly T1 Connect after the break.

Update: Direct download links added.  Thanks again T1 Connect

Touch Pro 2

Dash 3G

I guess you’ve seen and read the thread by now, so here are the pics.  As you can see the myfaves, windows mobile 6.5 and all the rom info is there along with the installer.  Also the radio is the newest thing out there and is included in the official htc WM installer and not in custom ones because they cannot do radio and rom at the same time.  This rom also includes visual voicemail and the official tmobile visual voicemail that was activated for my phone via tech support.  Also myfaves are included and cannot be duplicated in a custom rom, both dash 3g and tp2 are good to go (pending on the Dash 3G, but things look good).

2010-01-07 13.43.41

2010-01-07 13.44.55

2010-01-07 13.45.08

2010-01-07 13.45.13

2010-01-07 13.45.16

2010-01-07 13.45.21


2010-01-07 13.45.47

2010-01-07 13.50.56

2010-01-07 13.43.41




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  • desennium

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rorison Meadows

    No time to install ShakeandSave, T1 Connect? :)

  • Mark

    You guys need to use MyMobiler for screen shots! Much clearer!

  • iFloss

    Who really uses the myfaves though??? =__________=
    and i’m sure there’s an installer for the myfaves just like there is a cab for t-mobile my account.

    Guys the easiest thing to do is go to XDA-Dev and start messing around with those ROM’s. My favorite ones are the Energy Rom with Sense 2.1
    Any ROM with Sense 2.1 will usually run faster if not at the same speed than one with 2.5.

    It’s not hard flashing a phone either, and it’s become even easier with the new Flashing Methods all you really need is your phone SPL’d and then a MicroSD with atleast 200mb free for the ROM, the rest is a walk in the park.

  • watbetch

    The newest radio really improves reception, it holds on to the signal for as long as possible.

    • CO_Yeti

      Good point, I’ve been too busy reinstalling cabs and setting up 6.5 I didn’t realize the improved reception. Until the upgrade I would get 1-2 bars of 3g inside my house. Now I always have full bars. Nice!

  • @Ifloss when you figure out how to put myfaves in a cooked rom please let the chefs over at xda know.

  • treo…not!

    Hey, dude, do you want your IMEI out there for the world to see?

    • Kickstar13

      I’ve edited the image.

  • Courtney

    A couple quick questions for my TP2: Which version of Sense/Touchflo 3D will this official update have, and is the my faves feature able to be deleted or deactivated?

    • CO_Yeti

      It has Touchflo 3D, sense, manila (all the same thing) v2.1 and myfavs can be deactivated like in v2.0.

      • Courtney

        Thanks! I may try a cooked 2.5 before I do the official update.

  • danska
    • watbetch

      A better one too, rapidsh!t is terrible for people without accounts.

  • Sanjay

    Love, love, love.

  • xnifex

    my question: will t-mobile have 6.1 available fo us in case i try 6.5 & want to go back?

    • Shon

      xda has the original t-mobile rom for people who need to reload it.

      • xnifex

        I checked the ones they have there & they’re lower than the one on my phone.

        ROM v1.20.531.4 (51986)
        Radio v3.45.25.14

        The highest they have is this:
        RUU_Rhodium_TMOUS_1.12.531.2_Radio_Rhodium_3.44.25 .17_Signed_Test

  • Peter

    It works and looks great. So many extra stuff and improvement in performance and sound quality as well!

  • RICO

    This may sound stupid but in need in the installation process, to install this upgrade do i pug the phone and just double click the .exe file or do i had to open the windows mobile device center and then double click the .exe file

    • CO_Yeti

      Just connect the phone and run the program. Don’t worry about screwing it up, the software won’t let you… just don’t unplug the phone or turn off the computer during the update.

      • RICO


  • Odecca4

    DO you guys notive that RAM gets used up quiet a bit with nothing running? I have hotmail set up, but that about it, and i have seen RAM peak at 71%.

  • SnapDragin

    Official release is set for the 13th, go to t-mobile.com/wmupdate. All phones that are being sold as of the 20th will have 6.5 preloaded.

  • Nitaino

    Hi guys, I see some experts here some lets write some questions: Can I download the file and install it directly from my phone or Do I need my computer no matter what? Also if I need to do a hard reset, will come back to 6.1 version? Nitaino ,Las Vegas http://twitter.com/nitaino djackniel@yahoo.com Thanks 8)

  • sirjakeyjake

    OMG…seriously, about freakin’ time, and LOVING IT!

  • sashaohio

    Install this radio ver from xda developers. Your phone does need to be unlocked just hardSPLed. get it at xda developers. best radio

  • Hallo! Toller Post, ich habe mir mal deinen Blog gespeichert.

  • cinimod1000

    Could someone post a link to the SNAP file, that is NOT on Rapidshare….they really suck!!!!! Maybe Mediafire would be very helpful. Thanks

  • iFloss

    I installed the t-mo rom yesterday and hated it x_______x probably because I’m used to the newer builds and my speed tests were suspiciously lower than the ones I ran on the older radio. Strange. I’m going to downgrade the radio.

    I was getting 8.8Mbps to 9Mbps
    Now I’m getting 7.8Mbps to 8.3Mbps

    Maybe I’m a strange case.

    • rossi

      well considering your speedtests are wrong in the first place….

  • leslie

    where can i get the update for my TP2, please!!!!

  • Sanjay

    T-mobile is not perfect but they are beginning to make significant progress. I am actually glad I went to the plus plans where there are no contracts even if paying full price for phones. Now I don’t have the hassle of contracts and upgrade eligibility, etc. Also they are getting the 3G going and HSPA, etc. along with good phones. I hope they don’t let what they are good at (customer service) go downhill while focusing on these other improvements that are needed. If something happens to my TP2 or I get tired of it later, I will definitely get the HD2.

  • but this doesnt have sense weather’
    does it?

  • Jshin

    Yup sure does have sense weather right on home screen. also has cool flip clock and many many other little goodies! =)

  • Jshin

    Cant wait 4 hd2 going to make the Iphone look like a girly little toy haha iphone sucks arse compared to hd2

  • albarrios

    luv the 6.5 upgrade!!! now starting 2 c the lil “H” 4 data connection, hittin 2mbs dsl reports.

  • Btong

    Since the official one is coming out on 20 of jan, is it ok to wait for the official Win 6.5 Rom ? or is the rom here the same with the one coming out on 20th jan ? Heard rumors about other stuff that is going to be fixed on the 01/20 version. Can someone verify this ?

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  • Love the 6.5 WinMo. dont really understand what the wait was for releasing it for all carriers but its all good because TMo has it now.