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The following moves away from the typical flow of the blog for a moment, so please forgive me:

You know, it’s easy to forget sometimes how amazing we have it in this country as we know a national disaster brings about the full resources of the federal government. While we saw an awful breakdown during Hurricane Katrina, more often than not these disasters bring out the very best in what makes us proud to be American. For Haitians, this disaster is in a word, biblical.  They don’t have the resources or the infrastructure to handle something so epic and it’s often all too easy to forget how good we have it. In South Florida, it hits home just a little bit harder because there are so many people desperately trying to get in touch with loved ones, family and friends.

How You Can Help:

For those interested in helping immediately, T-Mobile customers can simply text “HAITI” to “90999” and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts.  Your donation will be charged to your T-Mobile phone bill, and one hundred percent of this donation goes directly to the Red Cross.  There is no per-text fee for this service for T-Mobile customers who do not have a messaging plan, nor will the text be decremented from messaging plans. Similarly, customers can text “YELE” to 501501 to support Haitian-born musician and featured T-Mobile MyTouch 3G artist Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti fund.  For more information, please visit

T-Mobile has also begun waiving international calling fees for all calls placed to Haiti between January 12 and January 31st. On top of that, T-Mobile customers currently in Haiti will not be incurring roaming fees during that time frame,either. T-Mobile has also pledged to donate equipment to help restore wireless service to Haiti, such as generators and phones.

Ten dollars isn’t much, its one or two day’s worth of lunch and there are people who need that money significantly more right now. Do the right thing.


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  • ruperto17

    Well said.

  • kershon

    Very well said, David. And hats off to T-Mobile for their help and support in this time of clamity. Makes me proud to be a T-Mobile customer.

  • 30014

    People just remember that one day it could be you that needs a helping hand.

  • Great to see you guys do this. I hope that we continue to help those people in Haiti and wherever else in the world the best way we can and I hope we continue to see our efforts through and through until they get back on their feet.

    Good job once again…

  • Kickstar13

    Great job T-Mobile!

    Donated $40

  • se30chris

    T-Mobile rocks.

    I to Feed the Children and Red Cross.

  • money mo

    Wow T-Mobile, that really surprised me, I can’t believe how generous you Guys are. I’ll definitely donate $50 since all these calls I’m making to Haiti will be free. (And to Wyclef, all I could say is RESPECT). ITS GIVING WHEN ITS DUE.

  • I’m glad to see that at least one of the blogs I frequent has mentioned donating for this disaster!

  • kershon

    I have been trying to make a donation since I first read about this here on TmoNews. When I send the text I get a reply that says :sorry this service is not available for my service plan. I called customer care and they are writing a ticket on it. Hopefully this gets straightened out for me. Is anyone else having problems sending the txt?

  • Richard

    Let the flaming begin… but America is in a crisis right not but as usual anytime something bad happens in the world, the world expects that we’re going to bail them out.

    I don’t know where most of you live but if it’s in a ‘bigger’ city then go downtown and you’ll see your own disaster right there… in your OWN town.

    Look at our unemployment… look at our poverty levels. Look at our families and children that are struggling and hungry.

    Look at all that and then look at your own kids that might be suffering from not having everything you wish you could give them… or your neighbors kids… or the kids down the street.

    Look at those kids here in America and tell them that you’d rather support Haiti or any other country besides your own. Just because they’ve had a disaster. When in fact NOBODY besides maybe England and a few others gave any support at all when Katrina hit our own homes.

    It’s time we step up and fix our own mess before we continue to worry about fixing everyone else’s. I don’t mean to be less than compassionate. But it’s not like Haiti means anything to this country.

    We have our own problems. And we should be compassionate about that.

  • Richard

    I’ll go one step further so you all really have your opportunity to slam me.

    Obama pledge 100 million I believe in support.

    We’ve spent millions on the war in Iraq.

    We spent millions bailing out our banking system.

    We give MILLIONS to other countries each and every year… we spend millions each year to ‘protect’ Europe and keep our armed forces over there.

    A disaster hits Haiti and it’s ‘expected’ that the American people will step up and donate to the Red Cross and other services to help those people…. and I mean expected.

    All of that and more…. yet…..

    Our education system is one of the worst in the free world. We have people suggesting that it’s not the government’s job to offer health services to their own people and want to fight universal healthcare… while people are dying and suffering and bleeding bills from the hospitals that they can’t pay.

    We still have cancer to cure.

    We have a huge drug problem in this country… and by far the most serious crime problem of any civilized country in the world.

    But people will easily throw their money away at causes and places that do NOTHING for this country but are a stain on this planet, because it’s the ‘human’ thing to do.

    Yet for most of you people… and those posting on here how sorry you are for what’s happening. You’ll drive downtown today and stick up your nose at a veteran that’s living on the streets because he can’t find a job and doesn’t have any food.

    You’ll scoff when you hear the evening news that another teenager has been killed in a gang war that probably had to do with drugs.

    You’ll overlook everything wrong with this country because it’s second nature and you think it’s someone else’s problem.

    But my God if the Haitans are in trouble… let’s run to their rescue.

    Again, don’t mean to be less than compassionate… but just think about it.

    It’s time to fix America and if that means that everyone else goes their own way for a bit and we expect them to fix themselves – if it’s not in our best interest – then that’s what needs to happen.