Insane Price Deals Starting Tomorrow


T-Mobile is starting off the year with a bang!  First with the launch of the HTC Nexus One, then T-Mobile confirming exclusivity for the HTC HD2 in the US, and now insane deals on current handsets. With the current upgrade price changes for the Nexus One, comes even more great news. Thanks to one of our trusty tipsters, starting tomorrow T-Mobile will be offering discounts on some of the hottest handsets.

-Blackberry Bold 9700 $129.99 2yr contract
-Blackberry Curve 8520 $79.99 with 2 year contract. No Mail In Rebate
-Sidekick LX 09 $99.99 2 year contract, no MIR
-HTC Touch Pro2 $269.99 2 year contract, no MIR
-Motorola Cliq $149.99 2 year contract. No MIR
-Samsung Behold 2 $149.99 2 year contract, No MIR
-Samsung Memoir $149.99 2 year contract, No MIR
-T-Mobile Dash 3G $49.99 2 year contract, no MIR
-T-Mobile G1 $99.99 2 year contract, No MIR
-Fender Limited Edition Mytouch $179.99 2 year contract, no MIR. $449.99 full invoice price
-Samsung Comeback $49.99 after $50 MIR 2 year contract

Those are some freakin’ awesome deals! Remember, these deals are effective starting tomorrow, January 15th! Sound off in the comments!

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