Nexus One Upgrade Price Change Cometh


Well this is a positive step in the right direction for Google, who has faced a stream of criticism lately from upset customers regarding price/upgrade issues and 3G connectivity. Effective today, T-Mobile customers who purchased the Nexus One at the price of $379 will be refunded $100 dollars, or the difference between the $379 and $279 pricing. Refund eligible customers, or those who purchased the phone prior to today can expect to receive the refund within 14 business days. Those eligible to receive the refund will start being notified of this change starting tomorrow. It may not affect a large swath of buyers, but it’s a step in the right direction to better customer service for Google and we applaud this move.

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  • Ryan

    Not bad at all.

  • Russell Heimlich

    And customers who bought the Nexus One will receive a unicorn.

    • cockpitinferno

      Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself?

  • James

    But will they still make you get the stupid 500 min plan??

    • playthecharade

      This is exactly what i want to know.

      • john

        Yes, but you can call care to change it…also, the unlimited loyalty plan is considered an even more plan, so technically, if you have a single line unlimited loyalty plan, you can get this, then request the loyalty back.

    • James

      This is stupid. How the hell are family plans supposed to be able to use this phone without paying $530? This has to be one of the dumbest marketing plans ever. I’m glad the sales look horrible over the Droid, iPhone and MyTouch. They aren’t willing to market the phone to right people…Married, middle-class, 2.5 kids, white picket fence, a dog, 2 cars.

      Those are the people with a FAMILY PLAN! Not a 500 minute single line plan!

      • Carl

        Agreed. That is the only thing missing now! I’m on a family plan and an original G1 owner and I get NOTHING for the support I have given. If I got a cut for every phone I have sold (and I don’t work for Tmo) I would be able to by the N1 at full price, in cash.

      • Oce

        Apparently they only want to market this phone to single people! I’ll keep my grandfathered family plan and wait for the HD2 thank you very much Google!

  • SiR*mez

    Just got my $100 refund. Whoo hoo.

  • Al

    You have to stay with the 500 minute plan…you cant change the plan or you will be charge…I was on the phone with HTC and Tmobile together.

    • dean

      You are wrong and the reps you spoke to on the phone were wrong, sorry. Call back because you are able to change your plan, you just can’t switch back to an older plan or grandfathered plan…then they would charge a etf, otherwise you are good to go.

    • sorandkairi

      why were u talkin to HTC

  • marco

    I’m on an Even More Plus plan and I really don’t want to pay MSRP for the Nexus. Does anyone know what the eligibility requirements are? I’d love to get the phone for $279 but it doesn’t look good in my situation… $529 = I’ll pass

    • Kickstar13

      You have to be on a Even More Individual $79.99 500mins +Unlimited Text & Web to get the $279.99 2 year upgrade price or $179.99 new 2 year contract activation price

    • Quasar

      Stay on your Even More Plus plan and get the N1 at full price! Not only will you get to stay off contract, but you will save some money over two years. The contract plans are $20 more per month for the same thing you get off contract, and that extra $20 adds up to more than the cost of the phone even if you only paid $179 up front.

      • marco

        Yeah I keep hearing that buying the Nexus One for $ 529 would save me money over time but I sure don’t have that kind of money easily accessible like some other people do. Maybe I can sell my Cliq and LX 09 and see if I get close enough to $529 lol

    • sorandkairi

      when the phone “comes” to tmobile get it on the installment plan for 22 months and ur good to go

  • Usman

    So if I paid $279, will I get a $100 refund too?

    • Kickstar13

      No. Only those who paid $379 will get $100 refunded.

    • SPEN1

      Your joking right?.

  • oreo

    I don’t get it, where is the phone advertised for 379? I only see the 529 and 179 option…and I can’t upgrade yet cause I got the g1 on a 2 yr contract when it came out…

  • thechemist

    Thanks, but no thanks google. There still is just way too much drama surrounding this phone. Plus, this sounds more like a slap in the face than something good for existing customers.

  • thechemist

    Thanks, but no thanks google. There still is just way too much drama surrounding this phone. Plus, this sounds more like a slap in the face than something good for existing customers.

  • thechemist

    Thanks, but no thanks google. There still is just way too much drama surrounding this phone. Plus, this sounds more like a slap in the face than something good for existing customers.

  • Since I’m eligible for an contract( through my flexpay upgrade) I will be selling my iPhone and buying my nexus one for the 279$ price. I’ve already had a chance to play around with the phone and all I can say is it is definitely worth the hype. Good going google and t- mobile, bout time you both came to your senses.

  • Ruben

    what about the people that paid the full price of $529.00 will we get a refund?

    • Kickstar13

      The price change only affects customers that bought the Nexus One through T-Mobile with a 2 Year contract.

      • Usman

        That’s why I was asking… according to that rationale, I should be eligible. I paid $279 because I signed a 2 year contract.

      • Dessert

        No. If you didn’t have internet on your plan and you upgraded your phone and added internet, then you paid $279. Those people that already had internet on their plan and wanted to upgrade their phones had to pay $379 and THEY are the ones that qualify for the $100 back.

  • Kevin

    Hey, those of us that paid full price should get something also. Maybe a sticker at least :-)

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    I wish I had waited to upgrade to this phone. But if I had waited, I wouldn’t have gotten my data for 24.99. I wish a many days I had kept my BlackBerry data for 19.99 as well. But I guess I’ll just have to save up for the Nexus One. My sister would so envy this phone over her recently purchased Hero.

  • king froman

    Not good enough. Google is still being racist. Only because I’m a young brother signing the same 2 yr contract the white gentleman is signing I have to pay 100 dollars more. No I should be paying the same 180 dollars they are paying. Google needs to be equal with their customers.

    • sorandkairi


    • JGobe

      Get the hell out of here with the racist BS. The color of ones skin has nothing to do with anything regarding a cell phone.

  • Kevin

    @ King Froman, what the hell are you talking about? SMH

  • Ben W

    and what about those who have family plans they are unwilling to part with?

    • Ben W. also

      What a surprise when reading the forum posts. Someone with the same first name and last initial as me. wow.

  • GenesisDH

    Google still failed. Drop the price to $179 for everyone contract-eligible, including FlexPay Annual and Family Plan users, and drop the no-contract price by $100 and w/ EIP on FlexPay Monthly/EM+ and you’ll start getting decent sales.

    • GenesisDH

      Not to mention fix the confounded software, hardware and signal issues.

      • RSB

        My thoughts exactly. I’m still being held to the same 2 year contract like everyone else and that extra $100 gives me nothing extra, not even an offset in my monthly payment plan like it would if I signed with a UK operator.

  • William


    Looks like I’m getting a Nexus One =]

  • taofumam

    Well this sux, I paid full price for it because i did not want to have my number changed and am on a family plan. I am so dissapointed with the G. They now seem like a regular car dealership where if you buy your car and drive it out the lot it drops in value like a tonne of bricks. Not only that, there is the problem with the 3G signal fluctuating to Edge. I have an unlocked Treo with all 3G Bars full from the same spot with the same Sim card. AND silly me i got caught up with all the hype and got my phone engraved and now i cant return it, lol (sucker me). I think we at least deserve something since the value of the phone went down.

    Well at least i say to those who are on the fence,..wait for kinks to be resolved with:
    Plan Pricing
    Service (barely any 3G)
    Customer Service
    Price of the phone
    Features (Euro version has multi-touch)


    • JLowe

      Don’t worry man, they’ll fix the service issues, no doubt. In the meantime, don’t trip on the EDGE either. I saw a guy on the bus the other day and I noticed he had a Nexus One. (Yes, I know it’s geeky, but it was like a celebrity sighting or something for me).

      Of course I asked him about the phone. He said he worked for Google (not a developer) and they hooked him up with an N1. He said his other phone is an iPhone and that ultimately he wishes he could smash them both together and it would be perfect.

      He was also using his AT&T sim in his N1 so he’s only getting EDGE. He said it didn’t really bother him, because in SF AT&Ts 3G is such crap that EDGE is just as fast. He pointed at a bunch of people on the bus and said see all those people, I bet they’re all trying to use 3G. What for? I switch to EDGE and I use the network that’s not as bogged down.

  • JLowe

    Oh hell yes. I can get one now for $279. The Nexus One just became doable for me. I’ve never “adopted” any technology early, but I’m all about this one.

  • bob

    And I am still undecided between the Nexus One and the HTC HD2 which will hit the T-Mobile stores this spring (march?). I guess I can wait a couple more months.

    • JLowe

      Hey Bob, for the hell of it, here’s something I posted on this topic at the TMo Forums:

      N1 vs. HD2 (anecdote)

      I’ve been excited about the N1 for a long time now, since the very first reports of its existence came out. And, like a lot of people, I got progressively more disappointed when the rumors of its pricing came out. I stayed optimistic though, up until the announcement in Mountain View. Then I found out that it would still cost me $370 with my full upgrade discount. Then, I started reading some of the “early adopter complaints” about connectivity etc. and honestly some of the iPhone fanpeeps got to me with their android hater commentaries.

      The allure eventually started to wear off and I started looking around for the other phones. I found the HD2 and checked it out. It’s a bad ass phone. Bad ass. But, it loses like 5,750 points (against the N1) because it runs on WinMo. There were rumors it might get WinMo 7.0. For me, that earned about 3,750 points back based on the optimism that WinMo 7 will be will be a huge improvement. I decided on the HD2.

      But… then, I learned that the WinMo upgrade isn’t going to be happening until November 2010. Then, I read this Gizmodo review. Then today, literally today, as I rode the California 1 bus back from the Financial District, I looked into the lap of the guy next to me (yes, I did, don’t get carried away) to see what it was that he was (yes, I’ll say it) fondling.

      I thought to myself, “Dude. That’s it. That’s it right there.”

      I asked the guy, “Hey, that a Nexus One?”

      And it was. I saw it in real life. It was gorgeous. And fast.

      He explained that he worked for Google and they hooked him up with one. He said he likes the phone alot. He also said his other phone is an iPhone and that ultimatly, he wishes he could smash the two phones together into one phone. (Kind of unrelated, but he’s using his AT&T card in his N1, so he’s only rolling on EDGE. Nonetheless, he said AT&T’s 3G network is such crap in SF that EDGE is pretty much just as fast and sometimes faster. Btw, he had no complaints about 3G connectivity on his N1.) He said it wouldn’t be a bad idea for people to wait a little for the initial bugs/issues to get fixed or to learn more about the rumored enterprise edition.

      All this to say that I considered the HD2 because that phone is sick. But, WinMo 6.0 isn’t going to feel like a good investment to me. And besides that, I saw the light today, on the bus and this dude was fondling it in his lap.

  • Jr

    Too late, and still doesn’t make up for the lame service plan offered. Sick of getting the shaft by Tmo after being a loyal customer for the last 6 years. Counting down the days until my contract expires.

  • JLowe

    Oops, I left out the link for the HD2 review:

  • JLowe

    Oops I left out the link for the HD2 review (Gizmodo):

    • bob

      I actually read this review the day it was posted. Compared to the HD2, N1 has a better screen (AMOLED), even a smaller one (3.7 compared to HD2’s 4.3) and the Android(?) but has his downsides, the spotty 3G (, people being bounced between T-Mobile and HTC because TMO offers the service which is great and HTC made the phone which is also great. the only customer support for N1 is an online forum from google which kinda sucks having to hait for an email to solve the issue you have with the phone, whatever the issue may be.

      • JLowe

        All good points. I personall feel confident the issues with the N1 will get cleared up because they simply have to. It’s either that, or Google/TMo claims a big fail and backs out of their whole forray into the unknown with their tails between their legs, which is something I don’t see happening.

  • the only question i have is why is google betraying loyal t-mobile customers all they seem to care about is new customers for t-moble